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One Piece Chopper Premium Figure is a figure series by Banpresto dedicated to show Chopper in various thematic situations. The line is called Premium as figures are quite big, about 18 cm high, and are displayed within nice diorama.

As most of Banpresto figure series, Premium Figure is produced as UFO catcher prizes that can be found in Japanese game centers.

Chopper Premium Season 〜Valentine 2012〜

Chopper Premium Season Valentine 2012.png

For the first figure of the line, Chopper is seen through the Valentine's Day Japanese canons, around chocolate and biscuits as expected.

  • Release date: mid-January 2012
  • Size: 18 cm high

Chopper Premium With Laboon

  • Release date: mid-April 2012
  • Size: 18 cm high

Chopper Premium Season 〜Halloween 2012〜

  • Release: September 2012

Chopper Premium Season 〜Winter 2012〜