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This series is entirely dedicated to Tony Tony Chopper. Each part comes by a set of 3 little figures showing Chopper in some poses.

The term ready-made (組立式 Kumitate Shiki) means that no paint application but minor assembly is required.

Chopper Ready-Made Figure

Released early January 2009.

  • Cotton Candy Lover Chopper (from his Wanted picture)
  • Crying Chopper holding a poisonous mushroom (from when he tried to make a brew to heal Dr Hiluluk)
  • Drinking Chopper (from when the Mugiwara just arrived at Skypiea)

Chopper Kumitate Figures Set 1.png

Chopper Ready-Made Figure 2

Released late April 2009.

  • Chopper got Sokeging's autograph (from when Sogeking made his first appearance to the entire crew)
  • Chopper studying medicine
  • Chopper's Scope Attack

Chopper Kumitate Figures Set 2.png

Chopper Ready-Made Figure 3

Released late July 2009.

  • Chopper raising his left arm (from when the crew made the final good bye to Vivi)
  • Foxy Chopper
  • Guard Point Chopper

Chopper Kumitate Figures Set 3.png

Chopper Ready-Made DX Figure ~Rumble Ball~

ワンピース チョッパー組立式DXフィギュア~ランブルボール~
Released late November 2009 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the anime. Although this figure is part of the more global DX line, its small size (8 cm tall without the antlers) makes it more like an extension of the regular Chopper Kumitate Shiki figure line.

Monster Point Chopper Kumitate DX 2.png
Monster Point Chopper Kumitate DX 1.png

Chopper Ready-Made Figure 4

Released mid-December 2009.

  • Frightened Chopper (trying to hide himself behind a wall)
  • Angry Chopper (probably eating a Rumble Ball to change into Monster Point)
  • Crying Chopper

Chopper Kumitate Figures Set 4.png

Chopper Ready-Made Figure 5

Released early March 2010.

  • "Kanpai" Chopper (holding his grog to celebrate with the other Mugiwaras)
  • Terrified Chopper (wearing a Galley-La t-shirt)
  • Relaxing Chopper (on a deckchair with sunglasses, probably when waiting at the Sabaody Park with Brook)

Chopper Kumitate Figures Set 5.png

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