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One Piece Color Walk 1 is a book containing the Color spreads between Chapter 1 and Chapter 100. They are displayed in order of appearance from the year 1997 to 1999.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Intro Image Color Walk 01 When I was a child, I was drawing for fun received praise for a picture. I became overblown with confidence and declared that I was going to become a manga artist. At that time, I wanted to become the best at drawing pictures. I believed that the person who draws the best is the best manga artist.

When I was in middle school, I drew a photo-realistic picture for a drawing competition that I was extremely satisfied with. I thought I would surely win the grand prize, but ended up receiving a secondary prize. The drawing that won the grand prize was an energetic piece that seemed like something a middle school kid would draw.

When I was 17, I created my "own style" in order to become a manga artist. This also satisfied me very much. But the only reaction I received from others was that "it's a different kind of picture." I learned that there is no such thing as an appropriate level of drawing skills, and from this realization, I lost sigh of what I needed to do to become a manga artist.

When I was 19, I received my first fan letter. Somebody I didn't even know complimented the work I made. I was very happy. Then, I remembered the essence of this art form. The ability to create something that people would enjoy. I draw manga for all the people who will read it. But even now, I sometimes draw things for only my own satisfaction and that might not necessarily translate to the readers.

But that is that. And as for my silliness, chonmage. (Viz: pardonnez-moi.)

Thank you so much for purchasing this book.


Monochrome Talk: interview with Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) by Eiichiro Oda.

Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 1 As long as there is treasure and the sea, pirates will appear. There is one thing that they want. Twenty-two years after the dawn of "The Great Pirate Age," the legend finally begins on the sea. This is that story.
Chapter 7 Only those who understand him can appreciate it. Monkey D. Luffy is very bad at drawing. Actually, in this picture, Luffy is trying to draw a portrait of Zoro. Luffy just can't draw; it looks just like a skull and crossbones. I hope nobody points out that the fact that Luffy can't draw was not established at this point in the story.
WSJ 1997 50 Poster When I was small, I learned about the mythical creatures called "dragons" in a picture book. In that story, there was a striped dragon.
Chapter 12 Luffy, Zoro, and Nami.

Finally, the main components of the story are together. This illustration represents that moment for me.
One Piece Color Walk 1 Pages 36-37 The thing that I wanted to draw in this picture was the shadow of the fence. That's about it.
Chapter 28 This is an illustration from a contest in which Weekly Shonen Jump readers submitted ideas for pictures, and the grand prize winner's work was redrawn by me for actual use in the magazine.

To tell you the truth, I still don't understand why Luffy and the others' faces are on the vegetables.

But the drawing that was sent had a good atmosphere. If I recall correctly, it said something like "Tonight's dinner is curry."
Chapter 52 This is the climax during the middle of the story at "East Blue." The Krieg Pirates attack restaurant Baratie. Nami suddenly runs away. The greatest swordsman in the world appears and Zoro challenges him to a duel. One bad thing leads to another. When I was drawing this I was thinking, "It's just like in the real world."
Chapter 61 Working on a farm seems great. I'm sure it's a difficult job for people who are actually farmers, but what's important is society's image of a farm: laid-back and peaceful.

Right now, it is 11:47 a.m. It's almost lunch.
Chapter 70 The week that I received a color job, I found an old samurai book at a used bookstore.

Of course you have to draw samurai.
Volume 8 Coloring in Color Walk 1 After Luffy leaves the village, one person joins the crew, then another, and finally all five are together.

At last, it starts to look like a group of pirates.

Before the series started, the plan was for Luffy to smoothly assemble his crew. But it's okay.

BE HAPPY. Take it easy.
Chapter 79 I wanted to draw a picture in a Wild West style.

But in this world, the United States of America (probably) does not exist.

The setting is probably a barren land, located somewhere in the West Blue.
Color Walk 1 Early Pirate Drawing "I see the island!!"

This is an old drawing of pirates that I made without really thinking too deeply.

Even though not much went into it, I used one of the outfits for the main character of the pirate manga that I later created. I named him Luffy for some reason.

Instead of forcing myself to create a story, I just used the image of pirates I had imagined in my mind since I was a small kid.

Their adventure begins now because the island has appeared.


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