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One Piece Color Walk 2 is a book that contains, in particular, the color panels between Chapter 100 and Chapter 175. They are displayed in order of appearance from April 4, 1999 to April 9, 2001.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Intro Image Color Walk 02 Does art tell you something?

Does manga advocate something?

As a matter of fact, I don't put any messages in the manga I draw. If I draw a story, the themes emerge all on their own.

I do my utmost to find an answer in what I come up with, but each reader is entirely free to decide what he or she takes away from the story. So I don't send messages.

But, hmm.

It's not as if I don't have anything to say. If I were to add some words of my own to the chapter I draw every week in the manga, they would be, "Live another week with good cheer and vitality."

That's all.

Thanks for your support.


Villain concept

Some villains' concepts from the time the Straw Hats entered the Grand Line.

Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 100 It had been two years since the serialization started and the anime was announced in this issue. This was the one hundredth chapter and the title was "The Legend Has Begun." I thought, "How cool!"
Chapter 107 I kind of like trash heaps. Sometimes you value stuff that others don't want.
Chapter 111 A night of the full moon. An ancient ruin serves those dark shadows well.
Chapter 117 Giants are big and kind. I didn't want it like that! The big guys are strong and violent. I'm sure that's how giants would be if they existed.
Chapter 128 The best part of this piece is Karook the super spot-billed duck in the middle. Why aren't you flying?! Well, he is a duck.
Chapter 140 I want to eat hot dogs cut to look like octopuses too... I wonder what the people of the past used that giant telescope to- I want to eat hot dogs!
Chapter 147 A caballo vamo'pa' I mar! It means "cross the sea" in Spanish. I'm pretty sure I looked it up.
Chapter 156 Skeletons of giant creatures are what adventure is all about. This giant beast ruled these parts in the past. In this land where these creatures no longer exist, the wind sure is strong now.
Chapter 175 I had just returned from a trip to America when I drew this. I was inspired by Native American fashion. The rabbit... has nothing to do with anything.


  • The cover illustration was adapted into the anime's 13th ending, Dreamship.


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