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One Piece Color Walk 3 Lion is a book that contains, in particular, the Color panels between Chapter 175 and Chapter 284. They are displayed in order of appearance from April 16, 2001 to August 4, 2003.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 I once got a media request that said, "Please tell us about a tough period in your life or an instance of failure."

I turned them down.

"I'm sorry. I've never suffered failure, so I have nothing to tell you."

Wow. I want to punch that guy. Is that what you thought too?

The truth is, I might have had such an experience in my past. (I did.)

When I was just starting out, I would draw and draw, but the manga I was most proud of never got praised, and I felt my pride being battered.

There might have even been a time that I couldn't move for a week. (There was.) I don't want to tell people about the painful times in my life, but I'll tell you what my editor at the time said, because it really helped me out, and it might come in handy for those people who are struggling to find success now.

He told me, "I've never seen someone work as hard as you and not get rewarded for it eventually."

I cried.

Now I've got my third art book out. Thanks for all the encouragement.


Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 198 The princess takes a holiday. This would be a lovely day to relax in peace and quiet. Rahh, eeek, splash! It's not going to happen when you're adventuring with pirates.
Chapter 201 At the time that I drew this, the world was going a bit crazy. The news was full of reports about wild happenings in countries around the globe. So I drew some doves. Yeah!
Chapter 213 Nothing hits the spot after cooking a meal like a good smoke. The sound of the waves arrives on the sea breeze. The gulls cry: squack, squack, oink, squack, squack, oink... Pigs?!
Chapter 221 On a pleasant afternoon, the great inventor is about to unveil the most devastating alarm clock of the century. Looks like he'll have a chance to test it right away.
Chapter 226 A little tea break after shopping all over town. Once they're done, it's back to that one shop to take a second look at that one outfit, then the other one, then... "What do you mean we'll have even more bags to carry?"
Chapter 241 At the top of the craggy mountain was a patch of beautiful flowers. Out comes the bold, legendary bird, Red Peep. Now to capture its glory in a sketch... Hey!!
Chapter 246 Striking a karate pose does not make one an expert in karate. The man dressed in holy white is engaged in a nap. In forty seconds, he'll be fighting the guy with the nose.
Chapter 284 "As soon as they get the chance, they drop right to sleep. And look at you! Are you trying to get ripped in your sleep? All right... Oh, I'll take three teaspoons of sugar and two of milk! All right, check this out. I'll attach goofy noses to your glasses while you sleep."

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