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One Piece Color Walk 4 Eagle is a book that contains, in particularly, the Color panels between Chapter 287 and Chapter 391. They are displayed in order of appearance from July 28, 2003 to February 13, 2006.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 I don't intentionally put messages into my work. Or so I tell people. To be accurate, I see it more as though I don't have the personal experience to call upon.

My conversation partner in this volume, Mr. Takashi Yanase, has lived such a long life that he was a baby when the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 happened.

He also took part in the great war. He's a person who actually lived through all of these historical events and periods that we only know through history class and textbooks.

So if there are people like him in this business, what can a young kid like me possibly say to the world at large? I told Mr. Yanaese, "People who have experienced these things can send messages with true weight behind them. We can't pull that off, so as an author, I feel jealous of that." And then Mr. Yanase said, "Yes, but there are many things I'd rather not remember."

Hmm! Yeah, peace and safety is best!
I've put out my fourth art book.
Thank you very much!


Cover Poll[]

Color Walk 4 Cover Poll

Cover poll result.

On page 87 the result of a poll was announced, in which Oda asked the readers which cover page they wanted to see in color. The winning cover was "The Pirate Radio" from Chapter 475.

  1. Chapter 475 (639 votes)
  2. Chapter 481 (489)
  3. Chapter 563 (382)
  4. Chapter 2 (356)
  5. Chapter 358 (354)
  6. Chapter 419 (323)
  7. Chapter 562 (256)
  8. Chapter 420 (211)
  9. Chapter 81 (197)
  10. Chapter 307 (187)

Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 287 Why does beachside ramen taste so good? The flavor's usually a bit rougher than the proper ramen joints in town, and the noodles are kind of doughy. But the atmosphere is perfect. Sanji never compromises on flavor, so I bet this "Pirate Ramen" is delicious beyond belief. Slurp... Man, I could really go for some ramen right now.
Chapter 310 I love the wa aesthetic of harmony. I must admire the Japanese dedication to detail and craft whenever I draw a kimono or samurai armor. If this were a manga scene, I'd draw the "Da-doom!" sound effect in more traditional hiragana rather than loanword katakana for a softer, more Japanese look. Here's a very Japanese version of this black-haired trio.
Chapter 327 This is a piece I drew to fulfill a reader request. It's not a "sea train," it's a "sky train." It's extremely difficult to surpass a child's sense of imagination. This was a very useful exercise for me.
Chapter 357 I thought it'd be a waste of paper to draw a giraffe vertically on these long horizontal dimensions. So instead the giraffe stretches sideways and catches a glimpse of what Nami's reading: a catalog of giraffe fur samples. After this point, the giraffe takes off running. We were in the middle of the Water 7 adventure.
Chapter 364 It's King Sea Hippo! Looks like we know what's for dinner tonight! Everybody get ready to fight! Chopper and Robin are keeping their distance; they're just here to watch. On the distant shore, Usopp's brand new "Usopp Glidecycle" takes flight!

Nami: "To the left!" Whap!
Usopp: "Look out, Luffy! Outta the waaay!!"
So, what do you suppose tonight's dinner turned out to be?

Chapter 373 At the teahouse on the cape, frogs provide a chorus for a scene of revenge. The men wait out the spring rain under the pine tree for their fateful showdown.

"Let's drink our tea when you're done," says O-Nami, as she spectates. That's an order for five cups of tea and five skewers of sweet dango dumplings. Let's trust in their safe return.

(That's probably not going to be enough dango.)

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