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One Piece Color Walk 5 Shark is a color walk volume. It includes all the material color of Volumes 40 to 50. It also contained early sketches for various characters, and it comes with a dust jacket cover.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 Art and entertainment are separate things. Art is meant to express your mind and self, while entertainment is a product created for others. I began the story of One Piece when I was 22. There was one thing I felt conflicted about when doing color work. As a matter of fact, I love muddy colors, and I really wanted to draw a super-cool, stylish piece. But I thought, "boys really like primary colors," and I forced myself to use a bright, bold palette. Now I realize that my resistance to primary colors was because I didn't want to be seen as childish, and I wanted adults to understand and accept me, all in some kind of vain expression, hoping to get people to understand who I was...

How trite.

How very trite, I realize now. I was so young. It was nothing more than the evidence that I wasn't an entertainer in the truest sense. I was going to allow my own personal desire for expression to muddy up Luffy's clothes and the world he lives in. If anything, now I love bright, beautiful rainbow colors. I wonder how many colors I can squeeze into a single piece. In the fourteenth year of my manga, have I gotten any closer to being a true shonen mangaka? This is my fifth collection of color illustrations.

Thank you for all of your support!


Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 394 Light shining into the deep forest. I saw this sight often when I was a kid, but I never stopped in my tracks to admire it. Now, I think it's just beautiful.
Chapter 405 This was a super-silly, off-the-top-of-my-head manga called "Chopperman" that I drew for a special reformatted release of One Piece. I drew it based on my memories of sentai hero shows and robot anime, and it was so fun that I went ahead and drew the characters in a color spread for the manga in Shonen Jump. I bet the readers back then were wondering, "What's happening now?!"
Chapter 422 It's the final race for the Speedsters Cup!

#34 is the Pretty Shark!
#2 is the Gangster Knife!
#1 is the Missile Dog Number One!
#6 is the Flower Jeep!

The race is heading to the final turn! Who's the greatest speedster on the sea?!

Chapter 426 Welcome to the sky pineapple party! Come visit the party hall by climbing the Long-Long Palm Trees on the island's mountain range. Up here, it's a buffet of freshly harvested sky pineapple. Mr. and Mrs. Seagullson are frequent attendees of the party too.
Chapter 449 Sometimes I get really interested in gothic fashion. There's a lot of black and pink involved. I threw in that red dragon for a bit of improved impact. Does this even count as gothic? Whatever.
Chapter 464 The concept of "cool" is a difficult one to grasp. Someone who looks 100 percent cool is cool, sure, but probably isn't someone anyone's going to life. A person with no flaws is boring, that's why. For the tenth anniversary of the manga, the pirates are trying to look cool in suits, but the wise woman Nico Robin puts a stop to that. Yeah, she gets it.
Chapter 483 The law of the sea. The law of nature. Eat or be eaten!

Zoro: "Keep it all in line, Usopp!"
Sanji: "Once that bird bites, we pull!"
Luffy: "We're having giant fried chicken tonight!!"

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