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One Piece Color Walk 7 Tyrannosaurus is a color walk volume. It was released in Japan on July 4, 2016.[2]

The color illustrations are published in higher quality due to using a new printing technology. It also features an interview between Eiichiro Oda and Masaya Tokuhiro, a Japanese manga artist that Oda once assisted.[2]

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 When there's a fight going on, and one side says "I win!" but the other doesn't budge, insisting "No, I haven't lost," then the fight isn't over. But if one side says, "That's it, I've lost!" then the winner is automatically crowned.

The relationships between apprentices and teachers is kind of similar in the manga world today. Just because you worked as someone's assistant doesn't make you their apprentice. It's the moment that the assistant calls the artist "Sensei" that you are teacher and apprentice.

I have three teachers, and each one has taught me valuable lessons that make me who I am today. An apprentice is an eternal loser. For all of my life, I will never match my teachers.

This is my seventh collection of color illustrations. Thank you for all of your support!!


Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 598 We shot past the years Luffy and the crew spent training. Now we're meeting up to resume the adventure two years later. A new act begins! I hope this one was familiar for you. I depicted Luffy's growth by composing this piece with the same structure as the spread from chapter 1.
Chapter 642 If Fish-Men and Humans lived together on the seafloor, what culture would result? Luffy and the gang are taking the Fish Bus on the Water Road to the Mermaid Beach.
Chapter 618 I drew this one when I was obsessed with collecting Dominique Gault's miniature-town buildings. There's just something nice about a balloon seller, isn't there?
Chapter 622 This was around the time of the terrible earthquake in eastern Japan. I drew it hoping to remember the dead and pray for rebuilding.
Chapter 612 The Straw Hats are venturing down a river. Watch out! There's a waterfall up ahead! But the sharks come charging up the falls and smash the boat! No turning back; we've got to save our friend in the big one's mouth! Whatever happens, Luffy's always having fun.
Supernova Timeskip This piece was a reader's request. I didn't look before I leapt on this one! I hadn't considered the designs of the Worst Generation after the two-year time skip! But I decided, "That's okay. I'll just draw them all together!" And so I did.
Chapter 651 Toshio Asakuma's chilled-out animal figures are just the best. I was already a fan, and my wish came true when we got to do a collaboration. A bunch of animals are passing themselves off as the Straw Hats! This was very exciting for me.
Chapter 676 A major metropolis has been pillaged! The city is all abuzz! The sirens are howling and the police are running about, but it's all for naught. The thieves are toasting to their successful getaway in the sky above.
Pirate Recipes Full Cover Believe it or not, Sanji put out a book called One Piece: Pirate Recipes. He's the star, so the rest of the crew can't show their faces! The glimpses of them are all very much in character.
Chapter 693 The new generation are teaming up in the New World! If you don't want to fight, get out now while you can!
Chapter 699 A fierce dragon attacks the countryside. But a wandering band of knights brings it down.
Leader: "Hey! Give us all your food in return!"
Mystery Woman: "And all your treasure too!!"
One Piece Ten Straw Hats It looks normal in this art book, but the original piece was drawn at four times this size, in fact. It was for an exhibit called One Piece Ten. This was very fulfilling to make.
Jirocho Sangokushi Art An illustration for a DVD box set of the Jirocho Sangokushi movies, designed in collaboration with Studio Ghibli's Toshio Suzuki. *Mr. Suzuki drew the title calligraphy.
Color Walk 7 Sleeping Mermaid Collection Package illustration and rough sketch of S. T. Dupont's Sleeping Mermaid Collection pen and lighter.
Jutter Weekly Shonen Jump 45th Anniversary Mascot Character "Jutter" design
Pharaon Saikyo Jump Mascot Character "Pharaon"
Wish Mark Bookmark illustration for bookstore-centric disaster relief fund "Wish Mark"
Wingman Art by Eiichiro Oda Illustration of Wingman for Masakazu Katsura's 30th anniversary art book
OP newyorktimes ad Note: Shown next to a compilation of all the Sanoku ThanX Project individual advertisements.

All advertisements for One Piece's 300 million copies sold celebration project: "Crossing Japan! OPJ47 Cruise newspaper hijack!" Advertisements ran in newspapers in all forty-seven prefectures of Japan between November 1 and 20, 2013. Also appeared in New York Times on November 21 and Taiwan's China Times on November 22. This campaign received the 2014 Japan Newspaper Advertisement Award.
Luffy x Takuya Kimura A dream collaboration of Luffy and the actor Takuya Kimura for Takuya Kimura x Men's Non-No Endless.


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