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One Piece Color Walk 9 Tiger is a color walk volume that was released on September 16, 2020.[1]

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Oda's Avatar SBS Volume 62 When I was in early elementary school, I entered a prefectural art contest and won the top award: "Special Selection." The theme of the contest was "future dreams," so I drew myself riding on a gigantic stag beetle. Its eyes were shining as it flew through the city at night. It was totally awesome. When I stood on stage proudly receiving my award, I saw the other winning entries on the wall, and I was stunned.

Everyone else had drawn things like,
"Myself as an office worker."
"Myself as a nurse."
"Myself as a police officer."

Was that the point?! Once I realized the theme, I felt embarrassed of my mistake. But all of the adults smiled and praised my drawing.

Nowadays I remember their smiles more than I do my embarrassment. Well, I haven't grown up at all, and now I've put out my ninth book of color illustrations!

Thank you for all of your support!!


Notable Art[]

Image Oda's Comment
Chapter 835 There's a kind of shaved ice they sell in Kyushu called "polar bear." It's where a polar bear makes the shaved ice for you, as seen here. Only one of those statements is false.
Chapter 833 My editor requested an image with fireworks. So I drew a "Japanese summer." I have many fond memories of eating giant watermelon and watching the fireworks with flying goldfish.
Chapter 851 My editor wanted some special outfits to get people excited about the twentieth anniversary of the series. They were going to be made into figures too. I thought, "I'll draw outfits so fancy, even the figure modelers won't know what to do!" The end result was that they were super-awesome figures. Never underestimate a professional.
Chapter 878 Is it old-fashioned to stand in front of a fan and go, "Aaaaah"? Is it old-fashioned to do a watermelon-seed machine gun? The duty of an artist is to depict the culture of a time, just like they did with ukiyo-e.
Chapter 872 Every boy loves sentai heroes! Adults like them quite a lot too. You guys are just kids, you know that? And so is the guy drawing them.
Chapter 890 Representing each of the Chinese Zodiac animals with a character! The toughest ones to choose were rat and boar. I selected Mansherry because the name of her fruit (Chiyu Chiyu no Mi) sounds like a mouse (chiu-chiu). And for the boar... that's it! Gotta be her! The barreling, berserk Big Mom!
Chapter 900 I've always loved the Animal Crossing games. A new one had just come out around this time, and I realized, "Hey, I have a village full of animals too!" So I recreated it with Minks.
Chapter 902 My darling daughter baked me some delicious cookies.
Me: Look, I drew them.
Daughter: Hmm...
Apparently it wasn't a good likeness.
Chapter 916 I always want to draw bathing suits, and so I do it at least once a year! Usopp's showing off too hard. Zoro's slurping those noodles and not even bothering with the dipping broth in his hand. Who cares about guys on the beach?!

Translation and Dub Issues[]

  • In Masked Deuce's concept art, his name is incorrectly spelled as "Duece"
  • In the author's comment for Chapter 890's color spread, the word "barreling" is incorrectly spelled "barelling"


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