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The One Piece Complete Collection (ONE PIECE 総集編, Wan Pīsu Sōshūhen?, also known as Log Books or Logs after their numbering scheme) is an alternative publication format for the One Piece manga, meant primarily to help new fans catch up on the series backstory as quickly and economically as possible.

In format and design, these Collections are essentially Weekly Shonen Jump volumes that focus exclusively on One Piece. Each compiles at least twenty chapters of the manga, interspersed with advertisements, interviews, and other exclusive bonuses (partly to compensate for their lack of tankōbon extras, such as the SBS and Usopp Gallery Pirates).


Like Jump, the Complete Collections are printed on B5-size pages of recycled paper, and keep most color art intact (unlike the smaller tankōbon volumes, which use higher-quality paper and grayscale most color art). Their bonus features include posters signed by Eiichiro Oda, supplemental postcards, and special tankōbon-sized dust-jackets.

The Complete Collections also follow a more irregular release schedule than the tankōbon; typically, five or six are released in monthly succession, followed by a years-long hiatus to allow the manga proper to accumulate more material. During the early 2000s, they were periodically re-released, with advertisements (internal and external) updated accordingly. But otherwise, logs characteristics remain unchanged, even the selling price.

Logs 1st to 10th[]

The First Log was issued in early 2005 (shortly after Shueisha's report that One Piece had sold 100 million tankōbon volumes faster than any previous manga). After a period of time to gauge interest, the Second through Seventh Logs were released as a monthly series, covering the storyline up through the Arabasta Saga.

In early 2008, a second monthly series was issued, beginning with the Eighth through Tenth Logs (originally announced as part of the first series, but dropped for unknown reasons) compiling the Sky Island Saga. These were followed by a re-release of all ten Logs in chronological order, ultimately segueing into the Eleventh through Fourteenth Logs (see below).

Near the end of 2009, a third series—this time bimonthly—was issued to coincide with the premiere of One Piece Film: Strong World. This series focused solely on re-releasing the first ten Logs, with no new materials besides updated advertisements.

Title Price Tag Number of Pages Covered Chapters Release Dates Cover
The 1st Log ¥780 914 p. ch. 1-41 April 1, 2005
First Log Book
July 1, 2008
December 1, 2009
The 2nd Log: Sanji ¥580 580 p. ch. 42-68 November 30, 2005
Second Log Book
August 1, 2008
December 15, 2009
The 3rd log: Nami ¥580 562 p. ch. 69-95 December 30, 2005
Third Log Book
September 1, 2008
December 26, 2009
The 4th Log: Grand Line ¥650 720 p. ch. 96-129 January 30, 2006
Fourth Log Book
October 1, 2008
January 12, 2010
November 19, 2010
The 5th Log: Chopper ¥580 562 p. ch. 130-155 February 28, 2006
Fifth Log Book
November 1, 2008
January 26, 2010
November 19, 2010
The 6th Log: Arabasta ¥580 552 p. ch. 156-181 March 31, 2006
Sixth Log Book
December 1, 2008
February 9, 2010
The 7th Log: Vivi ¥700 778 p. ch. 182-218 May 2, 2006
Seventh Log Book
December 26, 2008
February 23, 2010
The 8th Log: Skypiea ¥580 572 p. ch. 219-245 April 10, 2008
Eighth Log Book
January 31, 2009
March 9, 2010
The 9th Log: God ¥680 688 p. ch. 246-277 May 10, 2008
Ninth Log Book
February 28, 2009
March 23, 2010
November 26, 2010
The 10th Log: Bell ¥580 572 p. ch. 278-303 June 10, 2008
Tenth Log Book
April 1, 2009
April 6, 2010
November 26, 2010

Logs 11th to 20th[]

The Eleventh through Fourteenth Logs were released in mid-2009 (as part of the second series), compiling the Water 7 Saga. After this (and the third series), production lowered as a whole, with only a few scattered re-releases of previous Logs and singular releases of new ones.

In early 2011, the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Logs were issued, compiling the Thriller Bark Saga. Roughly eighteen months later, these were succeeded by the Seventeenth through Twentieth Logs, which compiled the Summit War Saga and completed the manga's pre-timeskip material. Subsequently, the series went on hiatus for nearly five years.

Title Price Tag Number of Pages Covered Chapters Release Dates Cover
The 11th Log: Water Seven ¥680 648 p. ch. 304-333 May 1, 2009
Eleventh Log Book
The 12th Log: Rocket Man ¥680 680 p. ch. 334-365 June 1, 2009
Twelfth Logbook
The 13th Log: Nico Robin ¥740 718 p. ch. 366-398 July 1, 2009
Thirteenth Log Book
The 14th Log: Franky ¥860 866 p. ch. 399-439 August 1, 2009
Fourteenth Log Book
November 26, 2010
The 15th Log: Thriller Bark ¥560 518 p. ch. 440-463 February 4, 2011
Fifteenth Log Book
The 16th Log: Brook ¥580 564 p. ch. 464-490 February 22, 2011
Sixteenth Log Book
The 17th Log: Sabãody ¥660 662 p. ch. 491-522 September 14, 2012
Seventeenth Log Book
The 18th Log: Impel Down ¥570 554 p. ch. 523-549 October 12, 2012
Eighteenth Log Book
The 19th Log: Marineford ¥500 458 p. ch. 550-573 November 9, 2012
Nineteenth Log Book
One Piece Extra Log 1 "Strong World" ¥1200 516 p. - December 4, 2012
Strong World Extra Log Book
The 20th Log: Ace ¥520 478 p. ch. 574-597 December 14, 2012
Twentieth Log Book

Logs 21st to 28th[]

In mid-2017, to commemorate the manga's twentieth anniversary, a new monthly series was issued for post-timeskip material. This series consisted of the Twenty-First through Twenty-Eighth Logs, compiling the Fish-Man Island Saga and the Dressrosa Saga.

Most notably, each of these Logs has contained a handwritten message from Eiichiro Oda, sharing (much like the earlier One Para series) behind-the-scenes trivia.

Title Price Tag Number of Pages Covered Chapters Release Dates Cover Eiichiro Oda Comment
The 21st Log: 2 Years Later ¥745 590 p. ch. 598-627 June 23, 2017
Twentyfirst Log Book
21st Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Characters who played unexpectedly big roles (1)
To be honest, I have lots of such characters, but if I have to choose one, it must be VIVI!! No, she was Miss Wednesday. At first she appeared as an agent of Baroque Works, but I didn't think more about her. But, one time I drew Miss Wednesday with her hair down, and found, "Ohh she looks like a princess!"

I got the plan of the Alabasta Kingdom arc a while before. And then what will it be like if this girl would be the princess of Alabasta? The Alabasta arc started like that. For that reason, still beloved by fans, the character, Nefeltari Vivi was born. Serialization is WONDERLAND

Translation: edogawa_river

The 22nd Log: Shirahoshi ¥680 540 p. ch. 628-653 July 28, 2017
Twentysecond Log Book
22nd Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Characters who played unexpectedly big roles (2)
Rob Lucci had many highlight scenes, you know. To tell you the truth, Water 7 arc was a story to let shipwright join Straw Hats.

Franky joining them and Straw Hats saying goodbye to Going Merry in the finale were the only events I determined to draw before the arc started. First of all, I intended to throw my audience into confusion. I drew Franky in a way that allows audience to hate him. I made many shipwrights appear.

After drawing various characters, I wondered, "Whom should I make a villain?" OK. Let's draw this weird guy with pigeon as a villain! Yeah, he is Rob Lucci!! Manga serialization is a wonderland. Move forward where you now consider interesting!!

Translation: sandman

The 23rd Log: Punk Hazard ¥616 492 p. ch. 654-677 August 25, 2017
Twentythird Log Book
23rd Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Characters who played unexpectedly big roles (3)
I haven't finished ONE PIECE yet despite the 20-year-serialization. The main reason is these guys (Shichibukai).

At first, I intended to finish ONE PIECE in 5 years. It was supposed to be a story to fight against pirates called Yonkou. However, I came up with the idea of Shichibukai... I just thought, "It would be badass if these characters showed up". Then as you can see, it caused this long serialization!!

Why didn't I make them Gobukai or Nibukai!! (TN: "Go" means 5, "Ni" means 2 and "Shichi" as in Shichibukai means 7 in Japanese.) I thought 7 was a cool number!! That being said, I don't regret it since I drew what I wanted. ...I'm regretting a bit!!

Translation: sandman

The 24th Log: Smile ¥616 480 p. ch. 678-700 September 22, 2017
Twentyfourth Log Book
24th Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Anyway, the work was difficult - color illustration
I can't forget the color spread in which many Marines gathered for ONE PIECE Film Z. I'm not totally sure why I decided to draw it, but I remember saying, "I wanna draw this". I just thought, "It would be enjoyable to imagine and draw many Marines in their youth", but it turned out to be really hard work. First of all, I told my 2 editors to make copies of all panels in all volumes where Marines are included since of course I didn't remember all of their faces. Then, the editors sent me copies as thick as Kojien, I believe it was hard work for them since the copy even covered some Marines who spoke only a few words. After checking if the editors missed some panels, I drew how Marines looked like 20 years ago. It was really hard and interesting work since I was busy due to weekly chapters and supervising Film Z.

...Wait, it seems I haven't focused on telling about the theme of this column yet, right?

Speaking of hard work, it's really hard to draw patterns of Kimono like I did in Kabuki color spread. On top of that, There are many rules for Kimono we don't know. Well, whatever. I don't feel good to say repeatedly, "It was hard work". Actually, they weren't hard work at all !!

Translation: sandman

The 25th Log: Dressrosa ¥756 622 p. ch. 701-731 October 27, 2017
Twentyfifth Log Book
25th Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Characters who played unexpectedly big roles (4)
One day, I read a book and found a photo about Drum Rock. If I remember correctly, Drum Rock is located in Canada. The rock looked cool, so I drew an island called Drum Island with a mountain called Drum Rocky. Thus, so-called Chopper arc started. Chopper arc started without specifying the detailed design of Chopper. I keep in mind that I should draw what I want to draw in those situations, like "Snow is beautiful", "I've created a midriff-baring old female character!".

Anyway, when I had trouble deciding how I should wrap up Drum Island arc, I found a book about environmental pollution. According to the book, yellow snow falls in some cities due to dust from factories. I thought, "Oh, snow can be colored in some cases. If pink snow fell on Drum Rocky, it would look like a real cherry blossom tree. Wait... Dr. Kureha wears a cherry blossom T-shirt. Wait... The shape of Chopper's hoof is similar to cherry blossoms. Wait... Does it mean I can wrap up Drum Island arc thanks to cherry blossoms??"

In short, the finale scene of Drum Island arc was created just by luck. That "mountain" had greater highlight scene than I expected. It was so lucky that I drew the mountain in that specific shape. Manga serialization is a wonderland!!

Translation: sandman

The 26th Log: Memories ¥670 536 p. ch. 732-757 November 24, 2017
Twentysixth Log Book
26th Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Characters that were hard to design

Hancock and Shirahoshi. It really bothers me to make designs of beautiful women since the amount of female faces I like are limited considering the long serialization of ONE PIECE. I can make designs of male characters as many as I want. I can draw various female characters' faces such as Amazon Lily women, but things are different when it comes to "beautiful woman".

I hyped up my audience that Hancock is incredibly beautiful although I didn't specify her detailed designs before she appeared. It means I had to convince my audience of Hancock's beauty once she actually appeared in manga. I managed to find a solution about what kind of face the most beautiful woman in the world would have. I was relieved to see Hancock became a popular character.

However, I hyped up my audience again thoughtlessly that Mermaid Princess is as beautiful as Hancock!! One more female character as beautiful as Hancock..!? Actually, I'm kind of a person who can expect my potential in the future. Then, I produced a beautiful character named Shirahoshi. She was the first woman during my more-than-10-years-serialization whose eyebrow was downward-sloping!! (the eyebrows which make her look like as if in trouble) I hadn't drawn a woman like Shirahoshi since I love strong-willed women, but I enjoyed the drawing process of Shirahoshi, thinking, "She looks nice than expected."

Now then, I should make a beautiful woman appear in "there" in the future...!!

Translation: sandman

The 27th Log: Law ¥594 459 p. ch. 758-781 December 21, 2017
Twentyseventh Log Book
27th Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Characters who played unexpectedly big roles (5)

I have to mention Law. Actually it's not too much to say that all Supernovas have more highlight scenes than I imagined. I created Supernovas right before the chapter where they got introduced. None of them existed in my plot notebooks before that chapter. I was in desperate situation, worrying, "At this rate, Sabaody arc will not be interesting enough." Then, inspiration for 9 Supernovas came to my mind unconsciously. I should have reduced the number of Supernovas since they were too many, but after all, I made all of them appear in manga!! I'm really surprised they survive till now since I thought about half of them would drop out of tough New World already.

They are worst!! They are the worst generation, indeed. I imagined Kid would become an important character, but...Law!! I didn't imagine he would become such an important character. Weekly serialization is a wonderland.

Translation: sandman

The 28th Log: Lucy ¥518 367 p. ch. 782-800 January 26, 2018
Twentyeighth Log Book
28th Log Oda Comment
Comment Translation Topic: Which characters would you like to go into detail about if you had enough time?
Well, there is a helpful means named "cover story" in ONE PIECE for that purpose... Anyway, there remain some characters I want to go into detail. It would be interesting if I focus on Marines. I can come up with a magnificent story about Garp. I'd like to draw some relationship and talks between him and Akainu, Aokiji, Smoker, Hina, Koby who joined Marines one after another, Cipher Pol and Roger.

It would also be interesting if I focus on Revolutionary Army, mainly Dragon. Why do they intend to make a revolution? With what belief? How did they meet? The story about Luffy's birth would be interesting. Many of those stories would be serious.

All of the stories about their lives lead to Luffy!! OK!! I'll draw Luffy!!

Translation: sandman


Main article: One Piece Omake

Interestingly, one of the features that most of the Logs share are the publication of some omakes, a Japanese word meaning extras or bonus. Those extra comics are three-page ones that tend to parody other genres.

These side comics were drawn when Oda was given three sheets of blank paper by his editor and told to draw anything.

Together with two other omakes published separately, the omakes originating in the Logs were later compiled into Straw Hat Theater. The omakes released from the 2nd to 7th Logs were also adapted in episodes 279-283 in October 2006. The omake originating in the Logs:

The Chopper Man franchise later expanded into multiple anime episodes and spin-off mangas.

Translation and Dub Issues[]

While the Complete Collection format has been adopted by a few markets outside of Japan (such as France), it remains foreign to all English-speaking regions.

From 2010 on, VIZ Media has offered a quasi-substitute in the form of Omnibus editions. These compile three tankōbon volumes into one—matching the typical Complete Collection in length—but are otherwise identical to the tankōbon, sharing none of the Complete Collections' features or formatting.

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