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Three Thousand Sunny dioramas have been released by Bandai.

One Piece Cool~! Pirate Ship of Dreams: Thousand Sunny (ワンピース すっげェ~!夢の海賊船 サウザンド・サニー号 Wan Pīsu Sugge~! Yume no Kaizokusen Sauzando Sanī-gō?) was released in May 2008, at ¥399.[1] It includes all of the Straw Hat Pirates who joined up to Franky.

Ship of Dreams 1a.png
Standard diorama box
Ship of Dreams 1b.png
Structure of standard diorama

A deluxe version of the diorama was released in November 2008, at the price of ¥2499.[2] Commemorating the addition of Brook to the crew, it includes his figurine with the rest of the Straw Hats. The diorama is plated, unlike the original.

Ship of Dreams 2a.png
Deluxe diorama box
Ship of Dreams 2b.png
Structure of deluxe diorama

Luffy Pirates! Thousand Sunny of Dreams (ルフィー海賊団参上!夢のサウザンド・サニー号 Rufi Kaizoku-dan Sanjō! Yume no Sauzando Sanī-gō?) was released in October 2009, at ¥399.[3] It is nearly identical to the original version, but it includes Brook and there is a slight variation in color.

Ship of Dreams 3a.png
Standard diorama (with Brook) box
Ship of Dreams 3b.png
Structure of standard diorama (with Brook)


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