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The One Piece DeQue figure series were several sets issued only in Japan by Unifive during 2002 and in early 2003. It has spanned through 4 waves, 3 regular waves of about 14 figures and 2-3 secret figures each, and a special wave named ~Episode Memories~. Figures were sold at about ¥100 each.

The characteristics of this series were that figurines were only 6 cm tall and were designed to work with building block sets, for instance Lego, Bandai's Mega Bloks and the likes. Figurines had special accessories and a base. The secret figures were called Mysteries in promotional materials.

Note: DeQue was a copyright name actually used by Unifive as a global line encompassing several animated series, like One Piece and Gundam.

Series 1

The 1st series was centered around Captain Morgan Arc and Buggy Arc. It featured 14 characters and 2 secrets, child Luffy and Gaimon.

Series 2

The 2nd series dealt with Captain Kuro Arc and Baratie Arc. It also featured 14 characters but this time with 3 secrets, Mihawk, Merry (Kaya's butler) and Fullbody.

Series 3

The 3rd series was about Arlong Park Arc, holding again 14 characters and 2 secrets, Dr. Nako of Cocoyasi Village and Commodore Pudding Pudding.

~Episode Memories~

This wave featured the Straw Hats as children and their mentors or loved ones through 6 sets of 2-3 characters, totalling 13 figures. Each set contained two figures and a small number of additional items, and had a special name:

  • Yearning 憧れ: Luffy and Shanks. Also contained Shanks' Sabre and the Sea King Lord of the Coast.
  • Bonds 絆: Nami and Bell-mère. Also contained a flintlock rifle gun, oranges and a carry picking basket.
  • Pride 誇り: Usopp and Yasopp. Also contained Usopp's slingshot, Yasopp's flintlock handgun and an apple on a table.
  • Promise 約束: Zoro and Kuina. Also contained three Katana swords and two training equipments.
  • Oath 誓い: Sanji and Zeff. Also contained a bag, a fish and a knife.
  • Convictions 信念: Chopper and Dr. Hiriluk. Also contained Hiriluk's case, Chopper's bag, a mushroom, vials and a needle.

Limited Editions

Apart from the regular waves, Unifive had released some limited edition figures.


The famous Easter Egg character Pandaman was released in 2002 as a standalone.


Special Version Present - Luffy & Zoro Set

Maybe accompanying the 1st series, Unifive released a special set of 2 characters, Luffy and Zoro, that weren't sold but only used as promotional materials. It's unknown if there were other similar special sets.


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