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One Piece Donjara is a mobile table game released on June 5, 2014.[1] Service for the game has since ended.


One Piece Donjara is based off the game Donjara, a kids version of mahjong, which is played with a set of tiles. Donjara has fewer types of tiles, making it a simpler game than its parent.

One Piece Donjara differs from normal donjara in that it uses tiles with One Piece characters’ faces on them. Characters also can use a number of special moves from the series, like Gomu Gomu no Gattling and Oni Giri.[1] In total, there are 81 tiles in a round of the game, with nine pictures of nine types. Each tiles has a corresponding number. Certain characters have specific roles, like Devil Fruit users having a red Devil Fruit shape in the top right corner of their tiles. There are a total of 25 characters and 64 roles.[2]

In story mode, players progress through the series’ plot and recruit more characters, like the Straw Hat Pirates, Shichibukai, and Four Emperors. The game also features a ranking mode where players can replay story missions for a higher score.[1]

One Piece Donjara can connect to One Piece Moja!.[1]



One Piece Donjara App Icon.png
One Piece Donjara's app icon.
One Piece Donjara Game.png
A donjara game.
One Piece Donjara Character Selection.png
Character selection.
One Piece Donjara Special.png
Luffy using his Gomu Gomu no Gattling special.
One Piece Donjara Win.png
Luffy winning a game.


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