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One Piece Fan Polls Best 10 Tearing (ファンが選ぶONE PIECE“涙”ベスト10!! Fan Eranbu Wan Pīsu "Namida" besuto ten!!?) are One Piece books that contain the most touching scenes in Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga. Those scenes are based on official site fan polling at 2014.[1] It also provides digital version.

The book is divided into two volumes: first volume is from East Blue Saga to Sky Island Saga, second volume is from Water 7 Saga to Summit War Saga. Each scene has fan commentary after last chapter.


First volume

  1. Vivi say goodbye to Straw Hat Pirates in Arabasta.
  2. Nami ask Luffy for help.
  3. Sanji say goodbye to Baratie's staffs.
  4. Chopper say goodbye in Drum Island.
  5. Bell-mère says her feelings to daughters.
  6. Shanks give his hat to Luffy.
  7. Zoro makes his oath after being defeated by Dracule Mihawk.
  8. Luffy rings Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell.
  9. Dr.Hiriluk's death.
  10. Pell move the bomb himself.

Second volume

  1. Ace's death.
  2. Going Merry's death.
  3. Luffy being reminded of someone important.
  4. Robin say her wish to live.
  5. Zoro sacrifices himself to protect Luffy.
  6. Bentham sacrifices himself at Impel Down.
  7. Sabo leaving his letter to Ace.
  8. Edward Newgate's death.
  9. Luffy's fight with Usopp.
  10. Rumbar Pirates's last choir.