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One Piece Film: Gold is the 13th One Piece movie, which was released in Japanese theaters on July 23, 2016. The movie was first announced following the broadcast of Episode of Sabo.[3] The title and release date of the film was revealed in the first 2016 issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The film was directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto, scripted by Tsutomu Kuroiwa, and executive produced by Eiichiro Oda, much like the previous film. Box office sales, mostly in Japan, included various memorabilia such as a special volume with extra details about the film, as well as poker chips with images of the main protagonists on them.

The film also received an ani-comic version that came out in Japan on July 25, 2016.[4]


Set in Gran Tesoro, an independent country chartered by the World Government, home of the world's greatest entertainment city where well-known pirates, Marines, and millionaires throughout the world gather in an "absolute sanctuary" that even the World Government cannot touch.

There, the Straw Hat Pirates meet the ruler of the country, the golden emperor, Gild Tesoro, who easily wins pirates, the Marines, and even the World Government over to his side with money. He is about to take action to satisfy his bottomless ambition which may result in major changes in power relationships in the New World…[5]


Arrival at the Entertainment City: Gran Tesoro[]

Gild Tesoro walks up to the top of a pillar and begins a spectacle, creating a spear out of his gold microphone and driving it into a hole, which causes the gold around him to liquefy and move around. He and Carina then sing for a jubilant crowd in a concert on Gran Tesoro. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates have reached Gran Tesoro and sail into it, wherein they are showered by gold dust. They are excited to be in the midst of this, with Nami wanting to collect all the gold dust that comes to them. They then use Coup de Burst to fly right into Tesoro's concert venue.

Film Gold tesoros powers

Gild Tesoro demonstrates his powers.

However, they are immediately approached by a very long ship commanded by the Long Long Pirates. Wanting the Straw Hats' money, the Long Long Pirates board the Thousand Sunny on a very long cannon and attack. However, the Straw Hats easily defeat them, with Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and Franky taking down Narcy, Baron, Morkin, and Nypers respectively while the others took care of the remaining crew members. Luffy confronts the captain, Long Long, as he grabs onto the mast and spins around it. Long Long brings out a machine gun hidden in his hair, but Luffy reflects the bullets back toward him as he spins toward the captain, taking him out with Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. With their captain defeated, the remaining Long Long Pirates try escaping back on their ship, but Tesoro surrounds the ship and grabs them with tendrils of gold, dragging them high up into the air. The Long Long Pirates are then encased in gold, and as fountains of gold burst all around, Tesoro welcomes everyone to Gran Tesoro.

Film Gold Straw Hats snazzy

The Straw Hat Crew get dressed up for a luxurious vacation.

The Straw Hats dock, and gaze at Gran Tesoro in awe. They are then approached by the concierge Baccarat, who reveals that they are VIP guests due to their fame as pirates. Baccarat gives them a ride in an automobile powered by turtles known as Turtle Cars, driving them to the city. They pass through the downtown area, which contains resorts and all sorts of vacation facilities and destinations, before passing into the first-class city where all buildings are made of gold. The Straw Hats become more and more awestruck at the beautiful ship, but Baccarat reveals that there are Eizo Den Den Mushi everywhere, and anyone caught cheating or stealing will be sent to an underground prison. Inside a security room, Tanaka and his assistants oversee dozens of camera monitors. They then reach a tall, golden hotel, where the Straw Hats change into fancy white outfits. Baccarat says that they can continue their VIP experience as long as they win more money, and despite Usopp being cautious about losing money by gambling, Luffy decides to continue on their unexpected vacation. They are suddenly approached by a group of small children, who are selling flowers for Beli5000 each. The Straw Hats are shocked by the high price, but the children say that they need to sell these flowers to purchase their freedom. However, Baccarat steps in and chases the children away from the VIP guests, and she resumes touring them around.

Film Gold Gold suffocation

Tesoro suffocates a resident with gold.

Meanwhile, Tesoro and Carina oversee a party of the Gran Tersoro's staff, and Tanaka emerges from the floor to report to Tesoro about the Straw Hats within the city. A drunk employee, who knew Luffy's reputation and hubris, laughs wildly at Luffy's ambitions. However, Tesoro confronts him for laughing and flicks one of his rings at the man, allowing him to change its shape and wrap the man in gold. As the man apologizes in great fear, Tesoro liquefies the chandelier above him, sending it crashing down. He hardens it as it lands, causing the man's head to be trapped under a mass of gold. Tesoro then laughs profusely, and Tanaka asks what to do with the Straw Hats. Tesoro says to let them continue playing until they lose, and Tanaka jumps back into the floor.

Film Gold Turtle race

Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper take part in a Turtle Car Race.

Baccarat takes the Straw Hats to a giant casino, and loans them a box of chips that are worth Beli20 million in total. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper then run off into a contest where the price of admission is Beli1 million, shocking Nami. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper participate in a Turtle Car Race, and as the race begins, Jimmy Myers initially leaps out to a large lead. However, Straight shoots and destroys his car, taking the lead, but due to his refusal to turn the car, he and his driver Curve drive off the track. Luffy's car passes several other competitors, but the driver in front, Whitejack, has Kiruko spray a liquid onto the track, which causes Luffy's car to skid and stop. As the Straw Hat trio recover and resume driving, Whitejack's car is forced off the track by Kent Beef Jr., but Count Times manages to maneuver in front of Beef. The Straw Hats then draw closer to Beef's car, and Pork throws a bale of hay at them, blocking their vision. The cars approach an extremely tight curve, and due to the Straw Hats' struggle to see through the hay, they careen off a cliff onto a golf course. However, as they skid around, Luffy pulls them back toward the track with Gomu Gomu no Rocket, and they fly through a Gran Tesoro logo. They then land right next to Beef and Times Count, and the three enter the home stretch neck and neck with each other. The Straw Hats manage to beat Beef and Times Count to the finish line by mere centimeters, and Nami rejoices at the profit they have made.

Film Gold Strawhats rich

The Straw Hats have success at the casino.

The Straw Hats continue winning casino games, making a profit of Beli30 million. Baccarat then offers to take them to the VIP lounge, where they have the chance to become millionaires. As the elevator approaches the lounge, Tanaka leaps through the wall, shocking the Straw Hats. Baccarat reveals that Tanaka oversees the lounge and can phase through objects with the Nuke Nuke no Mi. The Straw Hats grab hold of Tanaka, and he takes them through the wall and into the lounge. The Straw Hats are appalled to see Marines Gion and Tokikake in the lounge, but Baccarat reveals that Gran Tesoro is an independent country that welcomes everyone and is free of Marine jurisdiction. Two large men then place large dice down, and between those dice is Dice, a fearsome warrior who now works here as a dealer. Dice then tosses the giant dice into the air and grabs hold of a giant metal container, flipping it upside down and allowing the dice to fall into it. He then flips the container back upside down, and the Straw Hats are awed by Dice's immense strength. Dice then destroys the container with his forehead while holding an axe for no reason, taking pleasure at the pain of impact, and the dice values are revealed. The Straw Hats agree to take the chance and become millionaires, with Luffy betting everything, and the first roll is successful.

Film Gold Zoro golden

Tesoro starts covering Zoro in gold.

Tesoro and Carina then enter the room and greet the Straw Hats. Tesoro offers to challenge Luffy, saying that if Luffy wins, his profit will increase by ten times. Luffy agrees to the challenge and bets all his tokens; Baccarat then removes her gloves and touches him on the shoulder. The dice are then rolled again and come up as a two and a six. With Luffy having lost, Tesoro commends Baccarat on her ability. Baccarat reveals to the Straw Hats that she changed Luffy's luck with the Raki Raki no Mi, and Luffy suddenly gets a stomachache before slipping on a banana peel. Tesoro tells Luffy to hand over his chips, and the Straw Hats argue that they were cheated against, but Tesoro says the Straw Hats will have to work to repay their debt, as that is how Gran Tesoro operates. The Straw Hats realize they were tricked and prepare to fight, but Baccarat lures Sanji toward her and gives him bad luck as well, and Tanaka throws the Straw Hats into chaos by jumping in and out of the floor and shooting at them. Zoro then challenges Tesoro and rushes at him, but Tesoro encases Zoro's legs in gold and manipulates a golden dragon statue to counter his sword strike. As gold covers Zoro's abdomen and torso, Tesoro reveals that he has the power of the Goru Goru no Mi, giving him control over gold. When everyone enters Gran Tesoro, their bodies receive showers of gold, which he can use to control them. Tesoro tells the Straw Hats to repay the money they borrowed, and Nami attempts to intervene, but Carina holds a knife to her throat, and Nami recognizes Carina. Nami promises to repay the money, and Tesoro gives them until 12:00 tomorrow night to do it, or else he would kill Zoro in front of them.

Tesoro's Ultimatum: The Straw Hats' Grand Heist[]

Film Gold Carina and Nami reunite

Carina and Nami reunite.

The Straw Hats go outside, and are determined to free Zoro, but decide to eat and quell their hunger first. Suddenly, Carina runs by Nami, and Nami manages to grab her. The two greet each other, with Nami revealing that she stole a small box from Carina while she was running. Nami reveals to her crewmates that she knew Carina, as when she was an active thief Carina sometimes managed to steal the treasure first. The group goes to a diner to eat, and Carina reveals that even though she is working for Tesoro, she is really going after his treasury, which is said to contain 20% of the world's active currency. Such wealth is enough to buy a small country as well as influence both the World Government and the black market. Carina gives the Straw Hats the idea to steal from the treasury to free Zoro, though no thief has ever succeeded in stealing from it. Since they could not fight Tesoro due to his control over the gold on their bodies, they could manipulate the rules of Gran Tesoro to get Zoro back. The Straw Hats agree to this plan, although Nami wants to have Carina's key to the treasury and the two start arguing. Suddenly, the Straw Hats see a group of men harass two children named Ricca and Tempo, who had previously tried selling flowers to the Straw Hats, by breaking some plates and adding to their debt. Carina reveals that the two children are forced to work like slaves due to their parents' debt, and as one of the men tries to punch Ricca, the owner of the restaurant, Double Down, intervenes. Double Down apologizes for Ricca and Tempo, and the men kick his lowered head, warning him that all guests must smile and forcing him to smile. After the men leave, Luffy asks why they did not fight back, but Ricca shouts that there is no way to and that Luffy does not understand before running out of the restaurant.

Film Gold Koala and Sabo

Koala and Sabo listening in.

Meanwhile, Tesoro sits in a pool of flowing gold when he is approached by Spandam. Tesoro has Tanaka appear and pay Spandam a large amount of Heavenly Tribute money in order to buy his services in taking care of the Straw Hats. However, after Spandam leaves, Tesoro requests that better World Government agents be sent to Gran Tesoro as well. Somewhere else, Koala receives a call that the man they are looking for is in Gran Tesoro, and she tells the nearby Sabo that Luffy is in Gran Tesoro as well. Meanwhile, Sakazuki sits at a desk and wonders in anger why they are helping Tesoro. However, the CP0 agent in front of him states that they are not serving Tesoro. The agent takes his mask off, revealing himself to be Rob Lucci, and he says that the World Government is taking care of their own business on Gran Tesoro.

Film Gold Young Nami and Carina

Nami recalls her and Carina being captured by Mad Treasure.

In Gran Tesoro, Sanji reads a poster advertising Zoro's upcoming execution, and he tells Luffy to go to sleep so they can begin their mission the next day. The next morning, the Straw Hats wake up and try on disguises, and Nami berates Luffy, Chopper, and Brook for trying on ridiculous disguises. Later, Nami meets with Carina on a rooftop, unhappily recalling the time Carina left her to die. The two had been caught and tortured by Mad Treasure while trying to steal his treasure, and Carina offered to go and repay him with more treasure, with Nami's life on the line should she not return. She did not return, and Nami tried to get back to the treasure she had hidden away, only to find that Carina had stolen it. Carina leaves the event in the past, angering Nami as she had nearly died, and she tells Carina that if she betrays them in this mission, she will never forgive her. The two petty thieves then make a pact.

Film Gold Strawhats and Carina plan

Carina explains the plan.

As night falls, the Straw Hats stand alongside Carina in their disguises. Carina goes over the plan to the forgetful Luffy, revealing that in the Hyper Suite Room at the top of the hotel, there is Beli500 billion stored, set aside as Heavenly Tribute to maintain the favor of the World Nobles. However, the room is encased in gold, giving Tesoro control over it, and the only stairs there are heavily monitored by Eizo Den Den Mushi. So Team A, Luffy and Franky, will climb up the outside of the hotel, sneak into the giant clock, and go into the control room. There, they will disconnect the Host Den Den Mushi from the Eizo Den Den Mushi. Team B, Robin, Sanji, Usopp, Brook, Nami, Chopper, and herself, will enter through the VIP lounge. They should be able to escape inspection, and will enter another door inside the room. If they pass the security to that door, they will head toward a large corridor that leads to the stairs to the Hyper Suite Room. Once the Eizo Den Den Mushi are shut down, they can access the Hyper Suite Room with a giant golden key and the mission will be complete.

Luffy and Franky climb up part of the hotel, but the remainder of the tower does not have handholds. However, Franky shoots out plungers from his shoulders that attach to the wall, giving him and Luffy something to hold on to. Meanwhile, while the Straw Hats in Team B hide behind a pillar, Carina distracts some workers who are delivering a metal dice container to the VIP points room. While she distracts them, the Straw Hats leap into the container. Tanaka oversees the container being transported, and he allows Carina to follow after it, allowing her to rendezvous with the Straw Hats when the container is stored away. Meanwhile, Luffy and Franky rappel from plunger to plunger, trying to avoid detection inside and outside the hotel. However, as they draw closer to the clock, the plunger Luffy is holding onto slips off, causing him to fall and forcing Franky to catch him. This causes Franky's plunger to slip off as well, though as they fall, Franky uses Coup de Boo to propel both of them back up. Both of these actions cause some people in a dining room to notice them, and Franky and Luffy reach the clock, but start falling again. However, Luffy manages to grab hold of the clock's minute hand and pull him and Franky all the way up to it; they then enter the giant clock through the glass, which Tesoro cannot feel.

Film Gold owl room

Team B tries to avoid security beams.

Meanwhile, Team B runs through the hotel and approaches the door guarded by security. Robin uses her Devil Fruit powers to take out the guards, and the team enters a large hallway. The hall is being guarded by red-eyed owls which shoot red beams out of their eyes; anything living that makes contact with these beams will cause the owls to screech loudly. Being able to understand the owls, Chopper can listen their observation patterns and helps his teammates avoid the beams. The team reaches the end of the hall right as the owls all start looking towards them, and Brook is caught in the beams. However, due to his skeletal body, the owls do not register him as alive, and the team moves on.

Film Gold Luffy caught

Luffy is caught by security.

Carina contacts Luffy and Franky, who are in an air vent directly above the Host Den Den Mushi. She tells them what pipeline to attach the silver Den Den Mushi to in order to shut off the connection to the main stairway, and Luffy rappels down to it. However, he fails to stretch far enough, and is sent flying back to the vent opening. The security guard looks around to find the source of the noise but does not see Luffy. Luffy then rappels down again and successfully attaches himself to the pipe, allowing him to put the silver Den Den Mushi on it. However, he loses his connection to the air vent, and is discovered by the security guard, who raises the alarm, which Team B hears. Tanaka sees the disturbance from the control room, and footage of Luffy is broadcast throughout Gran Tesoro, which Ricca and Tempo see. Franky protects Luffy from the security guards' gunshots and fills the room with smoke, allowing them to retreat. However, Franky is suddenly stabbed through the back by a tendril of gold, and Tesoro and Tanaka enter the room through the floor.

Film Gold Luffy attacks Tesoro

Tesoro overpowers Luffy and encases his arms in gold.

Tesoro says that Luffy's intrusion is not unexpected, but he is surprised by Luffy's willingness to put Zoro's life more in danger, as he displays a monitor showing Zoro almost completely encased in gold. Luffy attacks Tesoro, but Tesoro hides behind a wall of gold before punching Luffy with a gold-encased fist. Luffy attacks again, but Tesoro performs Gon Bomba to him. Tesoro states that he is invincible here and tells Luffy that no one can succeed without money. However, Luffy tells Tesoro that he will not let him control him, which angers Tesoro as he briefly remembers parts of his past. Tesoro gives Luffy the chance to try defying him as he throws Luffy to the ground before walking away. Tanaka then drops down from the ceiling, creating a giant hole, known as Bottomless Hell, that Luffy and Franky fall into. Tesoro then ends the broadcast, referring to it as an entertainment spectacle and telling his viewers to watch for the next one. After viewing the broadcast, an emotional Ricca gives up completely on fighting Tesoro's regime and runs away along with Tempo. Tesoro removes the silver Den Den Mushi from the pipeline and tells Tanaka to keep an eye on various places in the hotel.

Meanwhile, Team B is disconnected from Luffy and Franky and is forced back through the hall by security. While escaping from security, they enter another secret hall. Inside the hall, they are suddenly approached by the World Noble Saint Camael and his entourage, and they are forced to hide behind a pillar.

The Power of Money: Taking Desperate Measures[]

Film Gold Gold room

The Golden Prison.

Luffy and Franky fall down to a massive room composed entirely of gold and containing many gold structures. They see skulls as well as emaciated people in this room, and the people offer as much gold in return for any food or water Luffy and Franky may have. However, the two of them have neither, and a small man sitting in the shadow of a structure reveals that much of Tesoro's gold supply comes from here, and he imprisons people with nothing except gold in order to torture them. Franky then recognizes the man as a famous hero named Raise Max, but the man states that he abandoned the name after suffering defeat here in Gran Tesoro. Luffy attempts to find an escape from the room and tries to free his arms from being encased in gold, but Max says that it is useless. There is only one way to free oneself of the gold sprayed onto them that allows Tesoro to control them, and that is to travel down a large pipe all the way to a tank filled with seawater. The chances of success are extremely small, but Luffy decides to take the risk, and manages to jump in the pipe and land safely. Franky tells Max that nothing is impossible, and all risks are worth taking in order to defeat Tesoro as he jumps in the pipe as well.

Film Gold Team B disguised as World Nobles

Team B disguised as World Nobles.

Meanwhile, Tesoro approaches the trapped Zoro, thanking him for giving him such a spectacle to present. However, Zoro is still confident in his crewmates, and Tesoro mocks this as he walks away. In the hotel, Team B has stolen the uniforms of the World Nobles that had passed by them and acts as though the security guards have stolen their treasure. Believing they are actual World Nobles, the security guards profusely apologize for the misconduct Usopp states that they have done, and fearfully retreat from the premises. The team removes their bubble helmets and runs through the hall to the stairs once again, making sure to hurry before they are caught.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Franky, and the prisoners that had jumped into the pipe run down the pipe as they battle a swarm of gold-colored bats. They then come to a large vertical pipe that has an extremely big and fast fan made of Seastone spinning below. Knowing there was no way they could get past that, Max advises Luffy to turn around, but Luffy is determined to keep going and leaps toward the fan. However, the fan beats him around and at one point sends him crashing into the wall, forcing Franky to stretch out his hand and rescue Luffy. Despite this experience, the injured Luffy refuses to turn back, causing Max to be moved. Max then decides to help Luffy and measures the position of the fan. He then leaps into it but is caught by one of the blades and tossed around by the sheer force of it. However, Max manages to regain his composure and hang on top of the fan blade, allowing him to crawl towards the wall. He then puts himself against the wall and holds back the fan with every ounce of his strength; seeing the fan begin to slow down, the other prisoners jump to the fan and hold it back until it is completely stopped.

Film Gold Rooftop stage

Team B falls into Tesoro's trap.

Finally, Luffy, Franky, and the prisoners reach the tank of seawater, and Team B reaches the door to the Hyper Suite Room. Carina then unlocks and opens the door, but as it opens, fireworks are immediately triggered and the Straw Hats find themselves not in the Hyper Suite Room, but on a balcony directly facing the audience and the imprisoned Zoro. Tesoro welcomes them to his spectacle, and Carina heads toward him, revealing that she had been working for him the entire time. The Straw Hats' quest was nothing more than an elaborate game set up by Tesoro, all leading to this giant spectacle. Tesoro then shows video feed of Luffy, Franky, and the prisoners trying to get seawater. Luffy manages to break open the seawater tank, allowing him and the prisoners to wash Tesoro's gold off of them. However, Tesoro opens the grates around them, causing water to flood the room and submerge them. Tesoro states that those without money cannot achieve anything, and Luffy and Franky try to escape, but eventually succumb to the water. Sanji races forward to attack Tesoro, but he summons several tendrils of gold. Sanji attempts to fight the tendrils, but he and the rest of his crewmates are eventually trapped by them, and their skin is slowly encased in gold. Tesoro then has them watch as he creates two enormous axes to execute Zoro.

The Final Spectacle: Fighting for Freedom[]

Film Gold The execution

Tesoro prepares to execute Zoro.

However, right as the axes start to swing, all of Gran Tesoro's power goes out. Tesoro and his subordinates get confused, and Nami starts laughing as she reveals that Tesoro and his crew were the ones who were tricked the entire time. The openings that once sprayed flowing gold now spray seawater, which Tanaka succumbs to. Dice protects Tesoro from the deluge, which frees the Straw Hats from their gold bindings and frees everyone on Gran Tesoro from Tesoro's control over them. Tesoro then confronts the Straw Hats, wanting to know what had happened, and Nami reveals that Carina's plan all along had been to release seawater throughout Gran Tesoro, and all of them except Luffy had known that. They then cast away their disguises in favor of leather jacket outfits, and Luffy is suddenly shot out of the main spout in the city before falling to his crewmates' location. Luffy prepares to take down Tesoro, and Zoro arrives to join the fight as well.

Film Gold Tesoro meets Stella

Tesoro remembers his lost love, Stella.

However, Tesoro's rage grows more and more as he remembers his past. He enjoyed singing, but his mother hated it. He initially was involved with criminals, but one day met a girl named Stella who was kept in a human shop. Tesoro fell in love with Stella and worked to buy her freedom, though he had already won her heart. However, a World Noble came in one day and bought Stella, and Tesoro was enslaved as well, which caused the Hoof of the Soaring Dragon to be put on his back. However, Tesoro managed to escape during Fisher Tiger's attack and replaced his mark of slavery with a star mark. He then began his rise to power, which included acquiring his Devil Fruit from the Donquixote Pirates. In a fit of rage, Tesoro blows up the hotel as massive amounts of gold rise up around the venue, and Tesoro covers everyone around him in gold as he asserts his absolute power. However, the Straw Hats manage to escape the deluge, with Franky, Robin, and Sanji flying their crewmates to safety.

Luffy vs

Luffy clashes with Tesoro inside a giant gold golem.

As the destruction settles, the Straw Hats land at the entrance of the destroyed venue, but Tesoro laughs as a giant golden arm reaches toward the Straw Hats. Tesoro then rises up as a gigantic gold golem made of the ruined central hotel, declaring himself as the god of this place and stating that the Straw Hats are nothing more than rubbish. However, Luffy is still intent on defeating Tesoro, and activates Gear 2 as he rushes toward him. Luffy activates Gear 3 as the two clash, but the power of Tesoro's new form overwhelms Luffy and sends him crashing into the city. There, Luffy is approached by Spandam, who laughs gleefully as he holds up spiked chains. The Straw Hats rush to Luffy, but Zoro intercepts a surprise attack by Dice, who is now wearing golden armor. Zoro uses his strength to push Dice back and manages to injure him, but Dice enjoys his injuries. Tanaka and Baccarat then appear with golden armor as well, and Tesoro offers to give the Straw Hats all the wealth they want as he sends his crew after them.

Ricca Intercepts Spandam's Strike

Ricca prevents Spandam from killing Luffy.

Meanwhile, Luffy is weakened and bound in place by Spandam's Seastone spiked chains, though he fails to recognize the CP0 agent. As Spandam prepares to kill Luffy with the sealed Funkfreed, Ricca suddenly rushes in and intercepts Funkfreed with his pipe. Ricca states that he does not want to live as a slave to money anymore, and Spandam laughs at this as Tesoro's men come rushing at them, saying that money is what holds power. However, Max and the prisoners arrive and take out Tesoro's men, and Max tells Ricca that they will put an end to this together. As Max's gang rushes forward, Luffy frees himself from his chains and punches Spandam into the ground, defeating him.

Meanwhile, Zoro blocks Dice's powerful axe swings before leaping up and striking the dealer in the head. Dice uses Busoshoku Haki to block the strike, though Zoro disarms him and blows him away with another attack. However, Dice leaps at Zoro, covering his entire head in Busoshoku Haki, and Tesoro grabs Zoro's swords with gold tendrils. Dice then rolls into Zoro, disarming him, and he picks up Zoro's swords as Tesoro attacks more of the Straw Hats in his new form. Meanwhile, Tanaka falls into the ground, where he jumps in and out in various locations around Sanji and Robin. He then starts shooting at them as he pops in and out, and when Sanji barely misses him, he appears behind Sanji and points his gun at him.

Film Gold Baccarat lucky

Baccarat uses her luck to overpower her opponents.

Meanwhile, Baccarat touches several of Tesoro's employees, and a pillar falls on them. Usopp tries shooting her while her back is turned, but his shot misses and hits an employee. Baccarat states that her Devil Fruit allows her to store up the luck she takes from other people and become very lucky and decides to fight with only her luck and a coin, which she throws at Usopp, Chopper, and Brook. One of the employees steps on the coin, causing his foot to break, which causes him to fall down and pull another employee's pants down, which causes that employee to shoot his arrow in shock. The arrow falls right in front of another employee, who shoots the man next to him in shock, causing the man to fire his rocket launcher. Two employees on the top of a building prepare to throw a bomb down, but they are hit by the rocket, causing the bomb to fall on Usopp, Brook, and Chopper. Baccarat continues throwing her coin at the three pirates, causing them continued pain, until Usopp finally decides to run away.

Sabo Fights Lucci

Sabo clashes with Rob Lucci to prevent him from attacking Luffy.

Meanwhile, Luffy hits Tesoro in the face with a Haki-imbued fist, but Tesoro retaliates by sending Luffy into the ground with his giant golden fist. Luffy flies underground for a bit before he jumps back up and hits Tesoro's face with Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum, though this does no real damage and Tesoro is excited to be fighting someone worth Beli500,000,000. Luffy then leaps onto Tesoro's arm and runs toward his head, but he suddenly receives a barrage of cannon fire from Marine battleships. The Marine ships, with Rob Lucci and Saint Camael onboard, continue firing on Gran Tesoro in order to destroy it, allegedly due to endangering the World Nobles onboard. However, a fiery explosion suddenly occurs on the front of the ship as Sabo confronts Lucci and the Marines, not willing to let them attack Luffy. In retaliation for the Marine attack, Tesoro shoots a golden beam from his golem's eye and destroys one of the Marine ships. Lucci is surprised by Sabo's statement and transforms into his Human-Beast Form as the two clash.

As Tesoro continues attacking the Marine ships, Luffy takes him by surprise by hitting his golem in the head yet again with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. However, Tesoro hits Luffy with Gon Inferno to send Luffy flying away in a fiery explosion. Luffy flies a long distance away and struggles to get up. Carina is left kneeling in awe at Tesoro's power, and Tesoro prepares to get revenge on her by stomping on her. However, Nami runs in and rescues Carina, intent on repaying her for what happened years ago. When Mad Treasure had prepared to execute Nami, Carina had come in with a white flag in order to lure the Treasure Pirates to her, allowing Nami to escape. Now Nami tells Carina that just like that time, they can now survive by fighting as a team. However, Tesoro grabs Nami and claims otherwise, saying only jealousy helps people succeed.

Film Gold Gear 4th Luffy

Luffy in Gear 4.

Right then, Luffy angrily yells out to Tesoro to let her go and telling him that he would not stop, which surprisingly causes Tesoro to briefly see his younger self (trying to save Stella while he was being taken away from her) in Luffy when he is trying to save Nami. However, he laughs it off and throws Nami with great force. Carina desperately tries to catch her, but Luffy wraps his arms around both of them and runs away. As Tesoro prepares to strike, Luffy calls out to Robin as he throws Nami and Carina away, and Robin catches the two with Spider Net. Tesoro then notices that his outstretched arm is encountering great resistance, and Luffy, now in Gear 4, propels himself upward, shattering Tesoro's arm. Luffy then flies upward and knocks Tesoro's golem to the ground with Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun.

Film Gold Zoro vs Dice

Zoro defeats Dice.

Meanwhile, Robin binds Tanaka with a giant arm and several smaller arms, knocking his gun out of his hand. Tanaka cannot phase through Robin's flesh, and so cannot do anything against her. Sanji then activates Diable Jambe and barrages Tanaka's face with kicks, sending him flying far away. Baccarat prepares to finish off Chopper and Brook and flicks her coin at them, but suddenly Usopp returns and fires a giant ball at her. The ball intercepts the coin but misses Baccarat, and she laughs, but Usopp fires a Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So at her. The shot makes contact and injures Baccarat, leaving her bewildered that her luck ran out. However, Usopp's first shot opens up to reveal a slot machine that Baccarat's coin had won the jackpot on, meaning that her luck had been completely spent. Dice strikes Zoro with his own swords, but to the former's shock, Zoro counters them with only his Haki-imbued arms. Zoro says that the swords alone cannot bring him down, and he uses Tatsu Maki to send Dice flying away in a whirlwind. Dice spins toward Zoro at a high speed, but Zoro reclaims one of his swords and uses Shishi Sonson, causing Dice's armor to crack up and Dice to fall to the ground, defeated though happy.

Film Gold Tesoro gold flood

Tesoro floods the ship with liquid gold.

Tesoro's remaining men, seeing their superiors defeated, run in fear, but Tesoro liquefies his golem and sends waves of gold crashing down on everyone in Gran Tesoro. He then stands on a giant mound of gold, watching in glee as he has everyone sink into liquid gold. However, Luffy manages to stay in the air as he angrily calls out Tesoro's name, and Tesoro enjoys Luffy's anger. Luffy flies up toward Tesoro, not wanting him to control his friends. As Luffy expands and retracts both of his arms, Tesoro sends a massive gold tendril flying toward him, an attack known as Gon L'ira di Dio. Luffy clashes with the tendril with Gomu Gomu no Leo Rex Bazooka and is seemingly crushed as everyone on the Gran Tesoro and Marine ships (including Lucci and Sabo who pause in their fight) are awed by the force of the clash, while Tesoro declares himself to be a god. However, Luffy is showed to still be alive, pushing against the tendril. He rejects Tesoro's statement as he breaks through the gold tendril and unleashes the finishing blow on Tesoro.

Carina Says Goodbye

Carina says goodbye to Nami.

In his moment of defeat, Tesoro remembers Stella's departure. As his massive mound of gold disintegrates, the people of Gran Tesoro cheer as his defeated body falls from the air and crashes into the Marine ship where Sabo and Lucci are fighting. Lucci orders the Marines to seize him as he departs from his battle with Sabo. However, an alarm starts beeping on Gran Tesoro, and monitors come up showing a countdown. Carina reveals that the ship is going to sink and tells everyone to escape. The escapees are initially blocked by the continued Marine attacks, but Franky arrives in the General Franky and clears the way for them. However, Carina decides to stay behind, wanting to continue luring the Marines to Gran Tesoro. She and Nami embrace, and Franky takes Nami away as the timer continues ticking.

Film Gold Carina sails away

Carina sails away with the Gran Tesoro in her possession.

The pirates, Marines, Revolutionaries, and citizens all stand and watch on their ships as the timer reaches zero. When it does, however, fireworks explode over Gran Tesoro. The Straw Hats look and see Carina standing on the top of it as Gran Tesoro sails away, and they realize that she has duped them in order to gain access to its riches. However, they laugh it away, and are forced to retreat when the Marines start firing at them. As they do so, Nami finds a letter on her person from Carina with encouraging words toward her and it is revealed that Nami did not leave completely empty handed, as she managed to swipe Tesoro's gold rings off of him. The Sunny continues sailing into the distance as it is pursued by the Marines.

Related Episodes[]

Silver Mine Arc[]

Further information: Silver Mine Arc

On their way to Zou, Luffy and Bartolomeo are kidnapped by the Silver Pirate Alliance and taken to Silver Mine. Luffy and Bartolomeo manage to escape their leader, Bill, and become entangled with Bartolomeo's childhood friend Desire, who is now part of the alliance. Bill tries to have them killed in the mines, revealing his treachery to Desire in the process. The rest of the Straw Hats and Barto Club come to Silver Mine and fight the Silver Pirate Alliance, with Luffy and Bartolomeo defeating Bill. Their battle results in Silver Mine sinking, and Gild Tesoro hears about this as Bill was forced to pay a tribute of silver to him.

Heart of Gold[]

Main article: Heart of Gold

The Straw Hat Pirates meet Olga, a girl who has escaped the island Alchemi. Alchemi was known for its metal production, and for the creation of the extremely valuable Pure Gold, but the island disappeared two hundred years ago. Olga is now being pursued by Marines, interested in Pure Gold. Gild Tesoro, who controls the black market, hears of Olga and hires treasure hunter Mad Treasure to track her down. The Straw Hats join forces with Olga in search of the Pure Gold, leading them and Mad Treasure into the stomach of the giant fish Bonbori. Luffy defeats Treasure, and the Pure Gold remains in Bonbori's possession, but the Straw Hats do acquire a Vivre Card that Tesoro gave Treasure leading to Gran Tesoro.

One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0[]

Similar to the One Piece Film: Z special, this mobile-released short leads directly to the start of the film.

On their way to Gran Tesoro, the Straw Hat Pirates enjoy a barbecue and participate in some competitive sports.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Monkey D. Luffy Mayumi Tanaka Colleen Clinkenbeard
Roronoa Zoro Kazuya Nakai Christopher R. Sabat
Nami Akemi Okamura Luci Christian
Usopp Kappei Yamaguchi Sonny Strait
Sanji Hiroaki Hirata Eric Vale
Tony Tony Chopper Ikue Ōtani Brina Palencia
Nico Robin Yuriko Yamaguchi Stephanie Young
Franky Kazuki Yao Patrick Seitz
Brook Chō Ian Sinclair
Gild Tesoro Kazuhiro Yamaji Keith Silverstein
Takahiro Sakurai (young) Dallas Reid (young)
Katy Tye (Child)
Baccarat Nanao Amber Lee Connors
Dice Kendo Kobayashi Tyson Rinehart
Tanaka Gaku Hamada Daman Mills
Carina Hikari Mitsushima Michele Knotz
Raise Max Kin'ya Kitaōji Garrett Schenck
Sakazuki Fumihiko Tachiki Andrew Love
Rob Lucci Tomokazu Seki Jason Liebrecht
Spandam Masaya Onosaka Christopher Corey Smith
Sabo Tōru Furuya Vic Mignogna
Koala Satsuki Yukino Jeannie Tirado
Kent Beef Jr. Arata Furuta Brienne Olvera
Pork Jessie James Grelle
Jimmy Myers Korokke Alejandro Saab
Long Long Wataru Takagi Chad Cline
Morkin Nadal Joel McDonald
Narcy Nobuyuki Hiyama Scott Frerichs
Reple Rena Takeda Kristi Kang
Bit Ayaka Miyoshi Kristen Lee
Kiruko Arisa Sato Jennifer Green
Arba Nanase Nishino Katy Tye
Straight Yasuhiro Mamiya Matt Shipman
Curve Ryō Narita David Trosko
Ricca Chika Sakamoto Jill Harris
Tempo Naoko Watanabe Bryn Apprill
Double Down Naoto Takenaka Taylor Harris
Whitejack Keith Kubal
Camael Masakazu Mimura Keith Kubal
Stella Gi Ryoko Madeleine Morris
Baron Kenji Nomura Greg Carson
Nypers Ken Uo Taylor Harris
Tokikake Joel McDonald
Tesoro's Mother Sara Ragsdale



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Road show advertisement.
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Art by Oda[]

Chapter 811
Chapter 817
Color spread for Chapter 817.
Chapter 829
Color spread for Chapter 829.
Shonen Jump 2016 Issue 33
For Shonen Jump cover issue 33.
Shonen Jump 2016 Issue 34
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Shonen Jump 2016 Issue 36-37
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Casual wear. Also featured in One Piece Film: Gold Episode 0:

Casino VIP outfits:

Luffy Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Zoro Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Nami Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Usopp Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Sanji Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Chopper Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Robin Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Franky Film Gold White Casino Outfit
Brook Film Gold White Casino Outfit

Black battle outfits:

Luffy Film Gold Leather Outfit
Zoro Film Gold Leather Outfit
Nami Film Gold Leather Outfit
Usopp Film Gold Leather Outfit
Sanji Film Gold Leather Outfit
Chopper Film Gold Leather Outfit
Robin Film Gold Leather Outfit
Franky Film Gold Leather Outfit
Brook Film Gold Leather Outfit

Theatrical Release Dates By Country[]

  • United Arab Emirates July 15, 2016 (Premier)
  • Japan July 23, 2016
  • Germany July 28, 2016 (subtitled)
  • Austria July 28, 2016
  • Hong Kong July 28, 2016
  • France July 30, 2016 (subtitled)
  • Belgium July 30, 2016
  • Luxembourg July 30, 2016
  • Switzerland July 30, 2016
  • Thailand August 25, 2016
  • Singapore August 25, 2016
  • Vietnam August 26, 2016
  • Philippines August 31, 2016
  • Indonesia September 7, 2016
  • Malaysia September 8, 2016
  • Italy October 27, 2016
  • Australia October 27, 2016
  • New Zealand November 3, 2016
  • Catalonia November 4, 2016
  • Spain November 4, 2016
  • France Fall 2016 (Dubbed)
  • Germany Fall 2016 (Dubbed)
  • United States January 10–17, 2017[2]
  • Mexico February 1, 2019 (Dubbed)
  • United Kingdom TBA[6]
  • Andorra TBA
  • Lichtenstein TBA
  • Monaco TBA
  • Portugal TBA
  • The Republic of Malta TBA
  • San Marino TBA
  • China TBA[6]

DVD Release Date[]

  • Japan: December 28, 2016
  • Spain: April 12, 2017
  • United States: May 2, 2017


  • Although Oda was the executive producer, he also collaborated on the script, but only specifically in the film’s climax. He drew over 30 pages of storyboard for the last 10 minutes of the movie because he wasn't satisfied with director Miyamoto’s version of the script and they had to redraw a new one for the movie using Oda's parallel intake when it comes to Luffy, Tesoro, Nami, and Stella.[7]
  • Like most other films, this movie cannot be properly set in any point of the canon story. It takes place after the Dressrosa Arc (Gild Tesoro stated that Luffy had beaten Donquixote Doflamingo and Sabo has the powers of the Mera Mera no Mi), and before the Zou Arc (since Nami is using her Sorcery Clima-Tact instead of the one she received from Usopp on Zou), however, the whole crew was not together during that time in the canon of the story.
  • Pappag, Heracles, Pandaman, Wanze, Absalom, and Gedatsu make brief cameo appearances in this movie.
  • This is the first movie to feature Heracles, Wanze, Absalom, Gedatsu, Marigold, Sandersonia, Pappag, Trebol, Diamante, Pica, Koala, Spandam, Hattori, and Rob Lucci - as well as the second to feature Sabo, Donquixote Doflamingo, Akainu, and Hancock as the four made appearances in Film: Z, although Sabo, Doflamingo and, Hancock were only shown in the credits as children.
  • Rob Lucci is shown using Busoshoku Haki. which he would later be a confirmed user in his Vivre Card.
  • This is the first One Piece film to have a theatrical release in the United States.
  • At 119 minutes, this is currently the longest One Piece film.
Straw Hat Pirates Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Straw Hat Pirates dressed as Star Wars characters.


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