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One Piece Film: Red is the 15th One Piece movie, which was released on August 6, 2022. The film was first announced on November 21, 2021, in commemoration of Episode 1000's release.[2] Eiichiro Oda served as a general producer and supervisor for the film.[2]


The story is set on the "Island of Music" Elegia, where Uta, the world's greatest diva, holds her first ever live concert and reveals herself to the public. The Straw Hats, pirates, Marines and fans from across the world gather to enjoy Uta's voice, which has been described as "otherworldly". However, the event begins with the shocking revelation that Uta is the daughter of Shanks.[3]


The Straw Hat Pirates travel to the island of Elegia where a famous singer named Uta will have her debut concert. Uta performs her opening song "New Genesis" and Luffy goes on stage to reunite with her, revealing that the two of them know each other because Uta is the daughter of "Red-Haired" Shanks. They met 12 years ago when Shanks was docked at Dawn Island, but one day he returned without her, claiming she had left to pursue a career as a singer.

Some Big Mom Pirates then attempt to kidnap Uta because the Empress wants her Devil Fruit, but Uta easily subdues them through her power brought by the Uta Uta no Mi, singing "I'm Invincible". Her power allows the user to create things through music, so when she sings everybody falls in her traps. Afterwards, Uta tells Luffy that he should stop being a pirate, as she is going to make this concert last forever and create a world with only happiness and peace. When the Straw Hats resist the idea, Uta attacks and captures all of them while singing "Backlight"; only Luffy manages to escape as a result of being rescued by Trafalgar Law and Bartolomeo. Meanwhile, the Five Elders are monitoring the concert from Mary Geoise. They view Uta's power as a great threat to the world, and they wonder if she's a member of the Figarland Family. Marine Fleet Admiral Sakazuki orders a convoy of battleships led by Admirals Kizaru and Fujitora to go to Elegia and subdue her.

As Luffy's group are being pursued by Uta and other concertgoers, they enter Elegia's castle where they meet Gordon, Uta's adoptive father and former king of Elegia. Gordon reveals that he took in Uta after Elegia was destroyed 12 years ago, an incident attributed to Shanks and his crew, who by all accounts plundered the island for its treasure and abandoned Uta. Gordon raised Uta to be a great musician and kept her sheltered from the outside world, but when she attained worldwide fame through a new model Livestream Den Den Mushi, she began to learn of the suffering inflicted by pirates on a great number of her fans. Uta then arrives forcing Luffy's group to escape, and Gordon pleads with her to not carry out her secret plan. However, Uta reveals she found an inscription of a song that can unleash a great power and immobilizes Gordon.

Luffy's group comes across members of SWORD, Koby and Helmeppo, and agents of CP0, Blueno and Kalifa who are operating undercover for the World Government. Koby reveals that the Uta Uta no Mi allows Uta to send people into a dream known as the Uta World by singing to them. They and everyone else who watched the concert are already trapped in this dream world, whose reality is completely controlled by Uta. The Uta World ceases to exist whenever Uta falls asleep; however, Uta has been consuming a mushroom called Wake-shrooms that keeps her awake at all hours and drastically shortens her lifespan. If Uta were to die, everyone in the Uta World would be trapped there forever. In the real world, the Marines fleet arrives at Elegia to find the concertgoers all sleeping. They block their hearing to nullify Uta's voice as she sings "Fleeting Lullaby", but she assumes control of the concertgoers to overwhelm the Marines and remove their hearing blockers. Rob Lucci informs the Five Elders know that Uta has mere hours left to live and that if she dies, 70% of the world's population watching the concert in streaming would be trapped.

The Straw Hats manage to free themselves and head towards the castle to find a weakness in Uta's power. In the library, Robin discovers that there is a way to make the worlds converge by summoning Tot Musica, a demonic entity whose existence spans both worlds. If Tot Musica is attacked simultaneously in both worlds, those in the Uta World will return to reality. Uta resumes her concert in the dream world, but her audience begins to resist the idea of living in her world forever. Growing more and more unstable, Uta transforms all of them into inanimate objects. Luffy then confronts Uta and is told by Gordon that he has been joined by Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates in the real world.

Shanks tries to help Uta, but Sakazuki orders for the Marines to fire on her without regard for the concertgoers, forcing Shanks and his crew to go on the defensive. Slipping into delirium from the wake-shrooms, Uta sings the forbidden "Tot Musica" song summoning the demon by that name. When Luffy tries to stop Uta she tries to kill him, but Gordon takes the blow instead. He reveals that Tot Musica was actually the one who destroyed Elegia 12 years ago after Uta accidentally summoned him, and Shanks left Uta on Elegia afterward so she could pursue a singing career without being a wanted pirate. Despite this confession, Uta ends up being consumed by Tot Musica as it moves to consume both versions of Elegia, easily overpowering the pirates and Marines. However, Usopp is able to attain a mental link with his father Yasopp via Kenbunshoku Haki, and this allows the two of them to coordinate simultaneous attacks between the forces of both worlds. Shanks remembers the moment when he found Uta as a baby inside a treasure chest on a pirate's ship, adopting her. He thinks it was destiny because he was found by Gol D. Roger in a similar way. After a long and arduous battle, Luffy and Shanks strike the finishing blows to defeat Tot Musica in the same moment. However, since it has already consumed everyone on Elegia, those in the Uta World do not return. Uta rejects an antidote from Shanks to cure the effects of the wake-shrooms in order to sing "The World's Continuation" and to bring everyone back from the dream world. In her final moments she confesses she wanted to make people happy in a dream world without pirates but that still she wanted to see Shanks again. The Marine forces move to seize her, but Shanks repels them with his Haki. As the Marines retreat, Shanks and Uta reconcile as father and daughter.

Luffy wakes up on the Thousand Sunny after his crew has already departed Elegia. He is able to see the Red Force sailing away and looks on at the crew standing over a coffin, presumably containing Uta's body. In the ending credits, Uta's childhood song "Where the Wind Blows" is heard and various characters over the world listen. In the post-credits scene, Luffy sits on top of Sunny and tries to speak to it while reminiscing of Uta. Luffy and his crew continue their adventure as he proclaims his dream to become the Pirate King.

Related Episodes[]

Uta's Past Arc[]

Main article: Uta's Past Arc

This anime filler arc covers Luffy and Uta meeting for the first time as children during the Red Hair Pirates' stay at Foosha Village 12 years ago.

The Legendary Log! Red-Haired Shanks![]

This special episode recaps the main events about Shanks and shows various characters waiting for Uta's concert.

Uta's Special[]

This three-part manga tells the story of Uta creating her songs.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Monkey D. Luffy Mayumi Tanaka Colleen Clinkenbeard
Roronoa Zoro Kazuya Nakai Christopher R. Sabat
Nami Akemi Okamura Luci Christian
Usopp Kappei Yamaguchi Sonny Strait
Sanji Hiroaki Hirata Eric Vale
Tony Tony Chopper Ikue Ōtani Brina Palencia
Nico Robin Yuriko Yamaguchi Stephanie Young
Franky Kazuki Yao Patrick Seitz
Brook Chō Ian Sinclair
Jinbe Katsuhisa Hōki Daniel Baugh
Shanks Shūichi Ikeda Brandon Potter
Uta Kaori Nazuka
Ado (singing voice)
Amanda Lee
Gordon Kenjiro Tsuda Jim Foronda
Eboshi Yuki Yamada Orion Pitts
Hanagasa Soshina Dallas Reid
Kaginote Seiya Josh Martin
Romy Chise Niitsu Megan Shipman
Yorueka Yuki Kaji Justin Briner
Sunny-kun Houko Kuwashima Lisa Ortiz
Benn Beckman Aruno Tahara Sean Hennigan
Lucky Roux Jin Domon John Burgmeier
Yasopp Michitaka Kobayashi Jeff Johnson
Limejuice Kenichi Ono Jessie James Grelle
Bonk Punch Kotaro Nakamura Josh Martin
Monster Bin Shimada J. Paul Slavens
Building Snake Issei Futamata Aaron Roberts
Hongo Hikaru Midorikawa Ricco Fajardo
Howling Gab Jouji Nakata J. Paul Slavens
Rockstar Shirō Saitō
Trafalgar Law Hiroshi Kamiya Matthew Mercer
Bepo Yasuhiro Takato
Reina Ueda (Mini)
Cris George
Bartolomeo Showtaro Morikubo Tyson Rinehart
Koby Mika Doi Micah Solusod
Helmeppo Kōichi Nagano Mike McFarland
Momonga Shinichiro Ohta Kent Williams
Issho Ikuya Sawaki Charles C. Campbell
Borsalino Ryōtarō Okiayu Ray Hurd
Sakazuki Fumiko Tachiki Andrew Love
Rob Lucci Tomokazu Seki Jason Liebrecht
Blueno Seiji Sasaki
Kumiko Watanabe (Mini)
Mark Fickert
Kalifa Naomi Shindō Shelley Calene-Black
Five Elders Keiichi Noda
Masato Hirano
Kenichi Ogata
Yasunori Masutani
JB Edwards
Randy Pearlman
Kurt Kleinmann
Doug Jackson
Michael Johnson
Charlotte Linlin Mami Koyama Pam Dougherty
Charlotte Katakuri Tomokazu Sugita Jonah Scott
Charlotte Perospero Yūya Uchida Aaron Campbell
Charlotte Oven Masafumi Kimura Jason Marnocha
Charlotte Brûlée Yūko Mita Rachel Robinson
Charlos Chafurin Jason Kane
Narrator Mahito Ohba Bill Jenkins
Uta Bull Travis Mullenix[4]
Tot Musica Carl G. Brooks

Theatrical Release Dates by Country[]


  • Japan: July 22, 2022 (World Premiere)[5]
  • France: August 6, 2022[6]
  • China: August 21, 2022 (Beijing International Film Festival)[7]
  • Netherlands: September 5, 2022[8]
  • Australia: September 15, 2022 (Crunchyroll Expo Australia)[9][10]
  • United States: October 6, 2022 (New York Comic-con)[11][12]
  • Saudi Arabia: November 1, 2022 (AMC Cinemas KAFD)[13]
  • Kuwait: November 2, 2022 (Cinescape Al Kout)
  • United Arab Emirates: November 2, 2022 (Roxy Cinemas)


Region Release Distributor Ref(s)
Japan August 6, 2022 Toei Company [14]
France / Belgium (Wallonia) /
Luxembourg / Switzerland (French-
speaking region) / Morocco /
Tunisia / Algeria / Mauritius /
August 10, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in French) Pathé Films [15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]
Djibouti August 11, 2022 [24]
Benin / Burkina Faso / Cameroon /
Republic of the Congo
/ Democratic Republic of the Congo /
Guinea / Ivory Coast / Madagascar /
Niger / Senegal / Togo
August 12, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in French) [27]
Taiwan August 19, 2022 [28]
Hong Kong / Macau August 25, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in Cantonese) Neofilms [29]
Thailand August 25, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in Thai) Dream Express [30]
Laos August 31, 2022 [31]
Singapore September 2-4 and 10, 2022 Odex [32]
Malaysia September 3-4 (fan's screening) / September 22 (general release)
(subbed in English, Simplified Chinese and Malay)
Belgium (Flanders) September 7 (subbed in Dutch) Periscoop Film [34]
Netherlands September 9, 2022 (subbed in Dutch) Persicoop Film [8]
Indonesia September 16-18 (fan's screening) / 21 (general release) Odex [35]
Philippines September 17 and 18, 2022 (subbed in English and Chinese) [36]
Brunei September 22 (general release)
(subbed in English, Simplified Chinese and Malay)
Cambodia October 6, 2022 [38]
India / Sri Lanka October 7, 2022 (subbed in English) PVR Pictures, Odex [39][40]
Pakistan October 7, 2022 (subbed in English) Odex [41]
Germany / Austria October 13, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in German) Crunchyroll [42]
Bangladesh October 14, 2022 (subbed in English) Odex [43]
Nepal October 14, 2022 (subbed in English) Apple Entertainment, Odex [44]
Romania October 14, 2022 (subbed in Romanian) Bad Unicorn [45]
Belarus October 27, 2022 (subbed in Russian) CoolConnections,
Piece of Magic Entertainment
Kazakhstan [47]
Kyrgyzstan [48]
Moldova [48]
Croatia November 2, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 3, 2022 (general release)
Piece of Magic Entertainment [48]
Denmark November 2, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 3, 2022 (general release, subbed in Danish)
Greece November 2, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 3, 2022 (general release, subbed in Greek)
Iceland November 2, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 4, 2022 (general release, subbed in English)
Sweden November 2, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 4, 2022 (general release, subbed in Swedish)
Serbia November 3, 2022 (subbed in Serbian) [51]
Czech Republic November 3, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 4, 2022 (general release, subbed in Czech)
Estonia November 3, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 4, 2022 (general release, subbed in Estonian)
Latvia November 3, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 4, 2022 (general release, subbed in Latvian)
Lithuania November 3, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 4, 2022 (general release, subbed in Lithuanian)
Portugal November 3, 2022 NOS Audiovisuais [52]
Bahrain / Egypt / Iraq / Jordan
/ Kuwait / Lebanon / Oman / Palestine /
Qatar/ Saudi Arabia / Syria /
United Arab Emirates
November 3, 2022 Front Row Filmed Entertainment [53][54][55][56][57][58][59][60]
Spain November 3, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in Spanish and Catalan) SelectaVisión [61]
Argentina / Bolivia / Brazil /
Chile /Colombia / Costa Rica /
Dominican Republic / Ecuador /
El Salvador / Guatemala / Honduras /
Mexico / Nicaragua / Panama /
Paraguay / Peru / Uruguay /
November 3, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in Spanish & Portuguese) Diamond Films [62]
Australia / New Zealand November 3, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in English) Crunchyroll [63][64]
United States / Canada November 4, 2022 (subbed and dubbed in English)
Ireland / United Kingdom Anime Limited [65]
Bulgaria November 4, 2022 Piece of Magic Entertainment [48]
Poland November 4, 2022 (subbed in Polish) [66]
Italy November 7th & 8th 2022 (subbed in Italian)
December 1st, 2022 (general release, dubbed in Italian)
Anime Factory [67]
Norway November 16, 2022 (preview screenings) /
November 18, 2022 (general release, subbed in Norwegian)
Piece of Magic Entertainment [48]
Mongolia November 23, 2022 Odex [68]
South Africa November 25, 2022 (subbed in English) [69]
Turkey November 25, 2022 Filmarti [70]
Vietnam November 25, 2022 Tagger [71]
South Korea November 30, 2022 SMG Holdings [72]
Israel December 1, 2022 (subbed in Hebrew) Odex [73]
Cyprus December 3, 2022 (fan's screening) /
December 8, 2022 (general release, subbed in Greek and English)
Odex [74] [75]
Finland January 20, 2023 Oy Cinema Mondo Ltd [76]



The official teaser poster.
Film Red Official English Teaser Poster
The official English teaser poster.
One Piece Film Red Second Poster
A poster of Uta.
One Piece Film Red Second Poster English
The official English version of the poster.
One Piece Film Red IMAX Poster
IMAX poster.
Film Red Luffy Poster
A poster of Luffy.
Film Red Zoro Poster
A poster of Zoro.
Film Red Nami Poster
A poster of Nami.
Film Red Usopp Poster
A poster of Usopp.
Film Red Sanji Poster
A poster of Sanji.
Film Red Chopper Poster
A poster of Chopper.
Film Red Robin Poster
A poster of Robin.
Film Red Franky Poster
A poster of Franky.
Film Red Brook Poster
A poster of Brook.
Film Red Jinbe Poster
A poster of Jinbe.
Film Red Shanks Poster
A poster of Shanks.
Film Red Gordon Poster
A poster of Gordon.
Film Red Law Poster
A poster of Law.
Film Red Bepo Poster
A poster of Bepo.
Film Red Bartolomeo Poster
A poster of Bartolomeo.
Film Red Koby Poster
A poster of Koby.
Film Red Helmeppo Poster
A poster of Helmeppo.
Film Red Momonga Poster
A poster of Momonga.
Film Red Issho Poster
A poster of Issho.
Film Red Borsalino Poster
A poster of Borsalino.
Film Red Sakazuki Poster
A poster of Sakazuki.
Film Red Blueno Poster
A poster of Blueno.
Film Red Kalifa Poster
A poster of Kalifa.
Film Red Five Elders Poster
A poster of the Five Elders.
Film Red Benn Beckman Poster
A poster of Benn Beckman.
Film Red Lucky Roux Poster
A poster of Lucky Roux.
Film Red Yasopp Poster
A poster of Yasopp.
Film Red Limejuice Poster
A poster of Limejuice.
Film Red Bonk Punch Poster
A poster of Bonk Punch.
Film Red Monster Poster
A poster of Monster.
Film Red Building Snake Poster
A poster of Building Snake.
Film Red Hongo Poster
A poster of Hongo.
Film Red Howling Gab Poster
A poster of Howling Gab.
Film Red Rockstar Poster
A poster of Rockstar.
Film Red Katakuri Poster
A poster of Katakuri.
Film Red Oven Poster
A poster of Oven.
Film Red Brûlée Poster
A poster of Brûlée.
Film Red Eboshi Poster
A poster of Eboshi.
Film Red Hanagasa Poster
A poster of Hanagasa.
Film Red Kaginote Poster
A poster of Kaginote.
Film Red Romy Poster
A poster of Romy.
Film Red Yorueka Poster
A poster of Yorueka.
Film Red Animal Band Poster
A poster of the Animal Band.
Film Red Back Dancers Poster
A poster of the Back Dancers.
Film Red Musical Note Warriors Poster
A poster of the Musical Note Warriors.
Film Red Bull Poster
A poster of a bull.
Film Red Sunny Poster
A poster of Sunny-kun.
One Piece Film Red US Release Poster
US Release Poster.

Concept Art[]

Luffy Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Luffy in a festival costume by Eiichiro Oda.
Luffy Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Luffy in a battle costume.
Zoro Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Zoro in a festival costume.
Zoro Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Zoro in a battle costume.
Nami Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Nami in a festival costume.
Nami Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Nami in a battle costume.
Usopp Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Usopp in a festival costume.
Usopp Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Usopp in a battle costume.
Sanji Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Sanji in a festival costume.
Sanji Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Sanji in a battle costume.
Chopper Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Chopper in a festival costume.
Chopper Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Chopper in a battle costume.
Robin Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Robin in a festival costume.
Robin Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Robin in a battle costume.
Franky Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Franky in a festival costume.
Franky Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Franky in a battle costume.
Brook Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Brook in a festival costume.
Brook Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Brook in a battle costume.
Jinbe Film Red Festival Concept Art
Concept art of Jinbe in a festival costume.
Jinbe Film Red Battle Concept Art
Concept art of Jinbe in a battle costume.
Uta Concept Art
Concept art of Uta.
Uta Child Concept Art
Concept art of Uta as a child.
Shanks Concept Art
Concept art of Shanks.
Gordon Concept Art
Concept art of Gordon.
Sunny-kun Concept Art
Concept art of Sunny-kun.
Jellyfish Pirates Concept Art
Concept art of the Jellyfish Pirates.
Romy and Yorueka Concept Art
Concept art of Romy and Yorueka.


Film Red Volume 104

Volume 104's alternate cover

  • This is currently the highest-grossing One Piece film at over 15 billion yen, having surpassed One Piece Film: Z's previous record of 6.87 billion yen in only 10 days.[77]
  • This is the first film since One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase to have its title revealed when it was first announced.
  • The director of this film, Gorō Taniguchi, previously directed the OVA One Piece - Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack, which came out in 1998—24 years before this movie was set to release, and over a year before the release of the first episode of the anime.
    • The OVA's titular antagonist, Ganzack, has a cameo appearance in this movie.
  • This is the first movie to feature Jinbe as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Uta was created due to Oda being tired of drawing legendary old men (presumably referring to characters like Shiki, Z, Gild Tesoro, and Douglas Bullet who headlined four out of the last five movies) and wanting to develop a major female character instead.[78]
  • The events of the film, while not canon, would likely take place after the Wano Country Arc, given that Jinbe is part of and sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates, and the group demonstrates most of the abilities they revealed or acquired during that story arc. They have also previously defeated and are acquainted with Big Mom's children and their powers.[79]
    • However, this movie shows Big Mom as still being an Emperor and alive & well, despite being presumed dead, along with Kaidou, by the world after being defeated in Wano.
    • Additionally, a member of the audience refers to Luffy as the Fifth Emperor, instead of one of the Four, and Koby and Pudding have not yet been kidnapped by the Blackbeard Pirates.
  • This is the first One Piece film to be screened in IMAX Theaters.[80]
  • This is the first film to have an accompanying album, Uta no Uta: ONE PIECE FILM RED, sung by the main character releasing a couple of songs before the film's opening day.
  • The movie marks Blueno and Kalifa's first appearances in the story since CP9's Independent Report.
  • This is the first movie to feature the Five Elders, the Big Mom Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates.
  • Two of Uta's soldiers hold lances to the throat of a kneeling Luffy visually mimicking the execution pose of Roger.
  • Luffy's Gear 5 form is seen for a brief moment - a short zoom into his face, a quick shot from behind, and a distant view of his body.
  • Lisa Ortiz, the voice of Chopper from the 4Kids Entertainment dub of the series, makes her return to the series as the voice of Sunny and several background roles.
  • Three special booklets were distributed at the cinema in Japan: Volume 4000000000, Volume 4/4, and Volume 4000000001.
  • One of the special rewards distributed in cinemas in Japan was an alternate cover of Volume 104, of which 500,000 were given. The cover depicted Shanks and young Uta and Luffy, and was drawn by Eiichiro Oda.[81]


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