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One Piece Grand Countdown (ワンピース グランドカウントダウン Wan Pīsu Gurando Kauntodaun?) was a special four-week feature published in Shonen Jump during the month-long hiatus of One Piece between Chapter 597 and Chapter 598. It contained various information about the series, such as Eiichiro Oda's concept art, recaps, interviews and quizes.

4 Weeks Left

The first segment was published in Issue 40 of Shonen Jump 2010.[1] It contains the following sections.

  • Oda-sensei's Secret Notes Published!!!! (尾田先生のマルヒノート公開!!!! Oda-sensei no Maruhi Nōto Kōkai!!!?): This contained Oda's plot draft for Chapter 1 and part of a world map sketch. The plot draft included some elements that did not make it into the final chapter, such as Makino pulling Luffy's nose and Luffy being attacked by shark at sea (similar to Romance Dawn, Version 1) instead of the Lord of the Coast.
  • New World Newspaper (新世界新聞 Shin Sekai Shinbun?): Information about various New World locations shown thus far. Divided into subsections called Grand Word (GRAND WORDグランド ワード Gurando Wādo?).
    • Grand Word 1 - Red Line
    • Grand Word 2 - Two ways to enter
    • Grand Word 3 - Sea of Chaos
    • Grand Word 4 - Sea governed by the Four Emperors
  • Grand Memorial Quiz (GRAND MEMORIAL Qグランド メモリアル クイズ Gurando Memoriaru Kuizu?): A quiz with four questions about the East Blue Saga.

3 Weeks Left

The second segment was published in Issue 41 of Shonen Jump 2010.[2] It contains the following sections.

  • Change the World (CHANGE THE WORLDチェンジ ザ ワールド Chenji Za Wārudo?): A section chronicling various changes in the One Piece world during the timeskip.
  • Successive Generations' Editors "Grand Meeting" (歴代担当"偉大なる集会グランドミーチング" Rekidai Tantō "Gurando Miitingu"?): An interview between all of Oda's past editors.
    • Generation 0 - Kushima (久島?)
    • Generation 1 - Asada (浅田?)
    • Generation 2 - Habuta (土生田?)
    • Generation 3 - Watanabe (渡辺?)
    • Generation 4 - Kawashima (川島?)
    • Generation 5 - Ōnishi (大西?): Revealed that Oda created the Eleven Supernovas in mere three hours out of concern that the Sabaody Archipelago Arc was not interesting enough.
    • Generation 6 - Hattori (服部?)
  • Grand Memorial Quiz: A quiz with four questions about the Arabasta Saga

2 Weeks Left

The third segment was published in Issue 42 of Shonen Jump 2010.[3] It contains the following sections.

  • What's New Age (What's NEW Ageホワッツ ニュー エイジ Howattsu Nyū Eiji?): A section discussing the pirates of the New Age.
    • New Age Point 1 - Previous age ends with Whitebeard's death
    • New Age Point 2 - Blackbeard obtaining the Gura Gura no Mi
    • New Age Point 3 - Rookies gathering in the New World
    • New Age Point 4 - What kind of power is Straw Hat Luffy is pursuing
  • What will happen!? The World After 2 Years!! (どうなる!? 2年後の世界!! Dō naru!? Ni-nen go no Sekai!!?): An interview between voice actors of the Straw Hats.
  • Grand Memorial Quiz: A quiz with four questions about the Sky Island Saga and the Water 7 Saga.

1 Week Left

The final segment was published in Issue 43 of Shonen Jump 2010.[4] It contains the following sections.

  • "The Final Sea: The New World Saga" Great Name Publication!!! (『最後の海 新世界編』ネーム大公開!!! "Saigo no Umi: Shinsekai-hen" Nēmu Dai Kōkai!!!?): Excerpts from the "name" (storyboard) of the upcoming Chapter 598, as well as a message from Eiichiro Oda.
  • Sailing Again: A section about the individual journeys of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • What will happen!? The World After 2 Years!!: Second part of the voice actor interview.
  • Grand Memorial Quiz: A quiz with questions about the Thriller Bark Saga and the Summit War Saga.


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