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One Piece Grand Cruise is an interactive, virtual reality game released in May 2018 in Japan, North and South America, and Europe.[1][2] A demo of the game is available at Tokyo One Piece Tower.


The unnamed protagonist and the Straw Hat Pirates fighting the Kraken.

Players are able to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates in a variety of ways, including fighting with them, visiting rooms of the Thousand Sunny, and having conversations with the crew. For example, players can train with Zoro or help the crew fight the enemies. In conversation, characters' reactions will also change based on the options you select. The game also includes summer and winter experience formerly exclusive to Tokyo One Piece Tower.[2]

Players can interact with Sanji in the kitchen, with Zoro on the ship's deck to train, and with Chopper in his medical offices to watch his examinations.

During combat, players will operate cannons to shoot at enemy pirate ships and large enemies like the Kraken. Shooting enemies will give players points. Players will also use the cannon to choose which Straw Hat Pirates will complete actions like attacking enemies or deflecting projectiles.

In the Tokyo One Piece Tower demo, eight players can play simultaneously. It is unknown if these features will be available in the console version.


The only playable character is an unnamed first-person protagonist. Players can interact with all of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Enemy Characters


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