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One Piece Grand Quiz Battle is a mobile quiz game released on July 7, 2014. Service for the game has since ended.[1]


In Grand Quiz Battle, players select a five-unit party to fight and beat enemies in side scrolling quiz battles, with quiz questions related to the series. Each quiz contains 160 or more rotating questions. Answering questions correctly triggers the party to attack the enemies but answering incorrectly triggers enemy attacks on the party. Enemies appear continuously, sometimes until a boss appears, and players clear stages by either defeating all enemies or the boss or destroying the enemy base at the back of the stage. However, if the players’ party are driven back by enemy attacks and their base is destroyed, they lose.[1]

Each member of the Straw Hat Pirates have special moves that can be triggered with Skill Activation (スキル発動 Sukiru Hatsudō?). For example, Luffy attacks all enemies, Nami blocks enemy attacks, and Zoro can cut down answer options on quiz questions. By answering quiz questions correctly, you can fill units’ skill gauges, and once the gauge is full, skills can be activated.[1]

The base game includes Arlong Park as a free stage, while the rest are purchasable through additional packs. Additional packs also unlock new characters to play, like the Grand Line members of the Straw Hat Pirates and Shanks.[1]

Each stage consists of size stages and two extra stages. There are three difficulty levels for each stage: EASY, NORMAL, and HARD. The game also features an Endless Mode (エンドレスモード Endoresumōdo?) where quiz questions will continue to appear until the player fails. The goal is to aim for a higher score and challenge one’s knowledge.[1]

One Piece Grand Quiz Battle can connect to One Piece Moja! to compare high score rankings among players online.[1]


Playable Characters

Enemy Characters



One Piece Grand Quiz Battle App Icon.png
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle's app icon.
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Locations.png
Game's stages.
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Allies.png
Recruitable units.
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Skill Activation.png
Luffy triggering "Skill Activation".
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Crocodile.png
Battling Crocodile.
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Oars.png
Battling Oars.
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Hody.png
Battling Hody Jones.
One Piece Grand Quiz Battle Vs Sakazuki.png
Luffy vs. Sakazuki.


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