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The One Piece Infection Prevention Message from the Straw Hat Pirates is a series of animated PSAs that were made by Toei Animation and aired on Fuji TV near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Each PSA features a member of the Straw Hat Pirates (save for Jinbe) giving viewers brief advice about keeping themselves and others safe from the COVID-19 virus. The Straw Hats are all voiced by their regular anime voice actors.[1]


In the PSAs, Luffy and Robin wear their initial outfits from the Wano Country Arc, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji wear their outfits from One Piece Film: Gold, and Chopper, Franky, and Brook wear their default post-timeskip outfits from the Return to Sabaody and Fish-Man Island arcs.

"Keep Clean & Healthy" Awareness Message from the Straw Hat Pirates of ONE PIECE!

This PSA features Luffy, Usopp, Nami, Robin, Chopper, and Franky. In it, Luffy tells the audience he has a request, and proceeds to ask them for meat. Usopp and Nami then correct him, and Robin shares the intended message, telling the audience to stay healthy by washing their hands frequently and getting plenty of rest every night. Chopper and Franky then appear and affirm this while encouraging the audience that they can help prevent the coronavirus. Luffy then expresses his appreciation for his crew as well as the audience, saying that they are all members of his crew too.

Coronavirus Prevention Tips from Tony Tony Chopper of One Piece!

This PSA features Chopper. He tells the audience that he has heard about the coronavirus outbreak going on in their world and repeats the advice of washing hands frequently and getting good rest each night. He then says that, since he is a doctor, he is confident in this advice.

A Lesson in Washing Your Hands from Zoro of One Piece!

This PSA features Zoro. He starts by briefly explaining the virus' symptoms and dangers, and then repeats Chopper's advice to wash your hands and get plenty of rest. He ends the PSA by saying that prevention and discipline are essential for a swordsman.

Nami from One Piece Wants You All to Make a Promise!

This PSA features Nami. She introduces herself to the audience and mentions hearing about the coronavirus in the audience's world. She then gives the advice to wash your hands and get plenty of rest, and asks the audience to promise her that they will do this.

A Beautiful Message About Washing Hands from Sanji of One Piece!

This PSA features Sanji. After introducing himself and recapping the situation in the audience's world, Sanji instructs them to obey the advice Nami gave them. He then flirtatiously asks the beautiful ladies watching this to wash their hands as well.

Coronavirus Prevention Tips with Franky from One Piece!

This PSA features Franky. He talks about how the coronavirus is dominating everyone's thoughts and says that he will be fine as a cyborg, but this is not the case for the audience. He then tells them to make sure they wash their hands frequently so they can be strong and healthy like him.

Coronavirus Prevention Advice from Archaeologist Nico Robin of One Piece!

This PSA features Robin. She mentions how the coronavirus has become a worldwide threat and informs the audience that those infected may have a fever or even die if their symptoms are severe enough. She says she has heard that washing hands frequently is important in fighting the infection, and that getting a good amount of sleep is important too. She ends the PSA by telling the audience to do their best to prevent spreading the virus.

Coronavirus Prevention Advice from Usopp of One Piece!

This PSA features Usopp. He refers to the coronavirus as an "invisible enemy" that can cause a fever and be quickly spread among people when they get close. He says that the best way to fight this enemy is by hand washing and gargling, and tells the audience to cooperate so that the virus will be contained.

Brook from One Piece with a special message!

This PSA features Brook. He speaks with a frightened tone about the ongoing threat of coronavirus in the real world, and instructs the audience to keep washing their hands frequently without easing up. He then sings a simple song about washing one's hands, but then stops after seeing the audience has had enough.


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