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One Piece King Battle is a mobile online beat 'em up game released only in China. It was produced by Toei Animation and independently developed by Aofei Games. An alpha of the game was first released October 21, 2016, with the full game launched May 5, 2017.[1] Service for the game was terminated November 15, 2018.[2]


In One Piece King Battle, players take the role of the protagonist and fight their way through the series' arcs, which are broken up into chapters. The game features over 50 characters with 100 skills from the series, and players can freely choose who to play once they have unlocked characters. Players can summon supports and perform dynamic combos.


The game's interface is dictated by which ship the player sails in, starting with Luffy's ship. Spots in the ship are dedicated to character selection, players' current VIP Level, and the amount of Belly and rainbow gems they have. VIP Level determines player rewards; the higher the level, the better the rewards.

At the bottom of the ship interface, there is a place to enter different towns, which are inhabited by merchants, chefs, and craftsmen among other NPC characters. Players can also see other players gathered in town via online.


Because the story progresses in chapters, players must beat each to continue to the next town. After achieving "three stars" in a level, players will receive extra rewards for completing it again, like character experience, character fragments used to exchange for a new character, rainbow gems, Belly, ingredients, and coin pieces.

Some special missions can be played to specifically farm for character fragments. Missions correspond to different characters and can be played up to three times a day, until players raise their VIP Level to unlock more plays.

Other missions are focused on BOSS fight, which can be fought with a two-man team. During these fights, a prompt to click the screen can be triggered to deal significant damage to an enemy. However, clicking incorrectly can damage a player the same amount.


The game has two crafting-based NPC options: Chef (厨师) and Craftsman (工匠).

The Chef NPC can use ingredients players collect from missions to create food with specific recipes, including fish dishes, meat dishes, and staple foods. Characters can get different rewards by eating different types of food. The use of food is divided into different classes: experience, skill, project upgrade, etc. Food is important for character training, as well. Every time food is made, the Chef has a chance to make a more advanced version with condiments and seasonings.

The Craftsman NPC can make coins using collected coin pieces. Characters can equip coins to increase their attributes, improve their battle power, and activate special class effects.


The game features different minigames, called Events (精彩活动).

Food Carnival (食材嘉年华) is a fruit-cutting style game where players try to collect ingredients within a limited time. Rewards corresponded with players' scores, so higher scores guaranteed greater rewards. The game had simple, normal, difficult, and elite difficulties. The minigame could be played three times a day and would reward players with different ingredients, primarily meat and seafood.

Trials of Manhood (男子汉的试炼) is a combat game where players choose three characters to complete a challenge. If the player dies, they can choose to continue and unlimited number of times. The game has 100 levels that get progressively more challenging as players progress. Each level also has increasing Belly rewards. At the beginning of each day, the game resets. Ranks are also recorded every day, and players that rank in the top 50 after passing Level 10 are rewarded with a large amount of Belly.

Pirate Siege (海盗围城) is a tower defense style game where players need to defeat incoming enemies within a limited time and protect a barrel. If players can hold back the enemies within the time limit, they win. The game can be played two times a day and rewards players with coin pieces.

Challenge of the Strong (强者的挑战) is combat game where players challenge three levels, each with a BOSS at the end. It can be played three times a day. The game is divided into easy, normal, difficult, and elite difficulties based on player level. The level's BOSS corresponds to the difficulty and rewards players with emblem pieces.

Arena (竞技场) is a PVP game that offers 10 free challenges per day. Players can increase their ranking by defeating opponents with the goal of claiming the throne of the strongest. The higher the ranking, the higher the reward. Winning challenges earns Arena Points, which can be exchanged for various rewards in the Arena Store.

Joyful Elimination (欢乐消除) is a three-matching game with the goal of matching colors within a time limit to get a high score. Earning points can reward players with advancing cooking materials like seasoning. It is similar to Puzzle & Dragons.

PVP is a combat game where players can fight other players online in either 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. Players can improve their ranking and earn rainbow gems by playing.

Character System

Players can unlock characters by collecting character fragments. When enough are collected, they can be synthesized to obtain a character and use them in battle. Collecting additional pieces of the same character can be used to raise their rank, determined by the number of stars they possess. Each star-raising can raise the level cap of the character, and players can continue to upgrade characters after. Character attributes and growth value are improved with each rank increase. Character ranks include D, C, B, A, and S.

Characters can also be upgraded with exclusive items by clicking the exclusive item button in the directory. Doing so also consumes strengthening stones in addition to the exclusive items.


Each pirate ship has a runway players can use to train their characters. Training improves all of the characters' attributes. The number of runways can be increased by consuming rainbow gems, allowing more characters to train at once. Players can also speed up training by eating food and becoming a VIP. To quickly improve a certain attribute, players can consume Belly and food to improve it. When the runway training time is over, the increased attribute will be improved.


Skills are divided into PVE and PVP skills. For PVE skills, each character can use three ordinary skills and one special skill. Skills become available when characters are levelled up, and unlocking skills can open up new ones for players to unlock. The ordinary skills consume blue action power, while the special skill consumes accumulated anger.

PVP skills are different from PVE skills and require skill points to enhance. Characters' skills can be upgraded by eating fish food and gaining skill points from the directory screen, which can be used to improve their skills' damage output.

Emblem System

At the bow of the pirate ship interface, each ship has five exclusive emblems. Each has specific properties, and upgrading the emblems affects all of a player's characters. Emblems are divided into five kinds: life, general attack, general defense, technical attack, and technical defense. Each can be obtained by completing a difficult challenge.

Coin System

Coins are used to improve equipment. There are five kinds of coins: life, physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, and magic defense. Each coin corresponds to a different part of the human body (brain, arms, and legs). Strengthening each part is essential to improving a character's physical abilities and development of their Devil Fruit abilities. "Devil Fruit abilities" correspond to either an actual Devil Fruit ability or a character specific trait, like swordsmanship or weaponry.

There are also seven types of secondary attributed: body, will, faith, toughness, strikes, and blows. These can be seen in the lower right corner of each coin.

Coins also have set effects, which are based on the coin's secondary attributes. They require different numbers of coins with the same attribute to activate their effects. Stacking more can improve skills even more, like using two physical attack coins to improve strength even more.

Like characters, coins have five total grades: D, C, B, A, ad S. Higher grades have greater main and secondary attributes.

Unused coins can also be recycled. By recycling low-grade coins, players can get materials to craft high-grade ones. After recycling, players can tap the crafting button to craft coins.

When coins decompose over time but can give players fragments for higher quality coins. Depending on the decomposed coin, fragments' secondary attributes can be different. Missions also drop coin fragments, and the higher difficulty of the mission, the higher rank of coin fragments that drop.

Binding System

The binding system is used to strengthen the connection between characters. Different characters have a variety of binding attributes. There are two types of bonds: character bonds and group bonds.

Character bonds will only be activated if a certain character is on the battlefield at the same time, and these can also be activated by equipping certain coins. Group bonds are activated as long as a player has a certain character. When that character is upgraded, the bond strengthens. The properties of each bond are different, and they can be checked in the directory.

Daily Play

Voyage Log (航海日志) gives players 16 task objectives each day, and completing each will grand corresponding task rewards. The number of completed tasks can also be increased by receiving stage rewards, one of which is a treasure hunt.

Players also get rewards for signing in every day. Each day grants one normal and one VIP spot on a reward grid, and players can choose which square in the grid they check when they sign in. Each grants a different reward. Once all of the squares have been checked off, a new grid appears. Sign in rewards include ingredients, materials, Belly, rainbow gems, power stones, emblem pieces, and a chance to go on a treasure hunt.

Treasure Map (藏宝图) is a system that allows players to hunt for treasure and claim rewards. Treasure hunting on the desert island consumes Belly, and players can go on five free treasure hunts per day. Each free treasure hunt must be separated by a 1-hour interval. Treasure Island treasure hunt consumes rainbow gems and offers one free treasure hunt every 24 hours. Every 10 times players go on a treasure hunt, they are guaranteed a character card. Treasure hunt rewards include food and character fragments in addition to the cards.

Achievements (成就) are divided into five major categories: character, adventure, challenge, life, and wealth. When players achieves a certain achievement conditions, they receive achievement rewards. Achievements are also recorded in the overall player server, and players are ranked in a total achievement points system. Players can get Belly, food, and character fragments from achievements.

Social System

The game can scan for nearby players through a radar, and players can use it to find and add friending. Successfully connected friend can view basic information about each other. Friends can also chat together.

Players can also chat with player around the world.[3]


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