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One Piece Live Attraction is a stage show held at Tokyo One Piece Tower based on the story of One Piece. The event first premiered in 2015.



The story of the Live Attractions take place on Tongari Island.

One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery TourEdit

The first show ran from March 13, 2015 until April 10, 2016.

​One Piece Live Attraction 2Edit

The second show ran from April 23, 2016 until April 9, 2017.

One Piece Live Attraction 3: PhantomEdit

The third show show has been running since April 29, 2017. The final performance is scheduled for April 7, 2019.[1]

One Piece Live Attraction: MarionetteEdit

The fourth show is scheduled to debut on April 24, 2019.[1]


One Piece Live Attraction Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour
One Piece Live Attraction: Welcome to Tongari Mystery Tour.
One Piece Live Attraction 2
One Piece Live Attraction 2.
One Piece Live Attraction 3 Phantom
One Piece Live Attraction 3: Phantom.
One Piece Live Attraction Marionette
One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette.


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