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One Piece Live Attraction: Marionette is the fourth installment of the One Piece Live Attraction, a stage show performed in Tokyo One Piece Tower. It was performed from April 24, 2019 until March 8, 2020 when the park was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and then reopened until July 31, 2020. With the closing of Tokyo Tower, it is the final installment of the Live Attraction to be played there.

When Caesar Clown uses marionette (マリオネット marionetto?) gas to enslave the residents of Tongari Island, the Straw Hats and Ann must deal with not only him, but their friends that he turns into enemies. In addition to his new gas, Caesar has a powerful ally lurking nearby.

A special broadcast of Marionette was streamed worldwide on YouTube on March 8, 2020 to bring the show to audiences who were unable to see it due to the park's closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.[1] An English-subbed version was streamed on YouTube on May 5.[2]

Plot Summary

Ann begins performing a concert when, halfway through the first song, another resident of Tongari Island runs on stage and begs her to run to safety. He is then sprayed with marionette poison gas, a kind of gas created by Caesar Clown to control Tongari Island's residents. The controlled resident charges at Ann and captures her, but Sabo appears and confronts Caesar. Caesar uses the controlled resident to fight Sabo, who dodges all of the resident's attacks. Caesar sprays the resident again with his gas, tricking Sabo to push the resident out of the gas and get sprayed himself. Now with Sabo in his grasp, Caesar prepares to defeat Luffy, and he and Charlotte Cracker (who is offstage) argue about who will take their revenge first.

The Straw Hat Pirates—save for Robin, Franky, and Brook—wander Tongari Island when Ann runs into them, begging for their help. Luffy asks her to use her power to show him meat, and she almost does before the rest of the crew reminds her that she had asked for help before getting distracted. She is about to tell them about Sabo when a wave of fire fires toward them. They all dodge it, and Sabo approaches them. He attacks Luffy, who does not want to fight him, but while the Straw Hat Pirates fight Sabo, Caesar sprays Zoro. Zoro begins to fight Sanji, and Usopp and Ann send Chopper through a secret passageway for him to return to the Thousand Sunny and develop and antidote for the gas. During the confrontation with Zoro and Sabo, Caesar also sprays Sanji and Usopp. Now controlling three Straw Hat crew members and Sabo, Caesar overwhelms Luffy with all four. The four prepare to attack Luffy all at once, despite Nami begging them to stop, and Luffy has an idea. He has Ann create a projection of Vinsmoke Reiju, who removes the marionette poison gas from Sabo and the others.

Caesar does not admit defeat and brings out Cracker, whose Biscuit Hei attack the crew and Sabo. Cracker clashes with Zoro, Sanji, and Sabo. Chopper calls Nami and Usopp on a Den Den Mushi from the Thousand Sunny and tells them that he finished the antidote and blew up Caesar's laboratory with Gaon Cannon. Cracker sends his Biscuit Hei to stop Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp, who are unable to break through their tough exterior. Nami uses Rain Spark to soften them and orders her crewmates to eat the biscuits. Zoro and Sanji destroy a number of the soften soldiers with Senhachiju Pound Ho and Diable Jambe Bien Cuit: Grill Shot. The three then begin eating the broken, softened biscuits. Meanwhile, Luffy and Sabo fight Caesar and Cracker, and when the latter two get into a dispute, Luffy and Sabo defeat them with Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum and Moeru Ryusoken: Kaen Ryuo.

With Caesar and Cracker defeated, the crew, Ann, and Sabo reunite, and Usopp spreads Chopper's antidote among the island's residents. Sabo, Zoro, and Sanji ask Luffy to return to them the damage they did to him, but Usopp does not, claiming he was unconscious. Luffy refuses, and when he and Zoro get into an argument about it, Nami hits them both. Sabo comments on how scary Nami is, and Ann says how nice it must be to have friends. The crew reassures her that she and they are friends, and Luffy announces that they will have a feast to celebrate friendship. The crew, Ann, and Sabo sing a song together before going their separate ways, ending the show.


Character Voice Actor Stage Actor(s)
Monkey D. Luffy Mayumi Tanaka Seiya Shimo/Shun Hojyuama
Roronoa Zoro Kazuya Nakai Takumi Nagatsuka/Kaoru Yamamoto
Nami Akemi Okamura Rii Tachibana/Chihiro Saito
Usopp Kappei Yamaguchi Yoshiki Sankoda/Yuma Hasui
Sanji Hiroaki Hirata Hayato Senbiki/Masashi Nagano
Tony Tony Chopper Ikue Otani N/A (Chopper is a puppet)
Ann Saori Hayami Runa Kojima/Itsuki Hashimoto
Sabo Tōru Furuya Miyu Okitsu/Seiya Tominaga
Caesar Clown Ryūsei Nakao Taisei Mori/Yoshimitsu Ebina
Charlotte Cracker Takuya Kirimoto Shohei Tsujimoto/Shinpei Fujita
Vinsmoke Reiju Michiko Neya Misaki Kimura (video appearance)

Staff List

One Piece Premier Show: Marionette
Director Worry Kinoshita
Composition & Screenplay Yusuke Hori
Music Shunsuke Wada
Choreography HIDALI
Co-Director Masayuki Sato
Stunt Masanori Tomita
Lighting Yuki Sugahashi (balance,inc.LIGHTING)
Sound Yosuke Oki
Video Naho Oshika
Technical Direction Yuhi Sekiguchi (balance,inc.DESIGN)
Costume Makino iwao Junko
Hair and Makeup Hirona Nakamaru
Assistant Director Kyoko Kishi/Tsuyoshi Aida
Stage Manager Yoshiyuki Hori
Control Program Takeshi Inoue
Stage Sets Osamu Karasaki
Props Atelier Khaos
Laser KAST
Wireless LED Items PIKABON
Puppet Studio Nova
Superviser SHUEISHA Inc.

Toei Animation

Production Cooperation Cube
Production Nelke Planning


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