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One Piece Magazine is an irregular mook publication focusing on One Piece, including several "behind the scenes" information. The first three volumes were produced in celebration of the series's 20th anniversary in 2017.[1] A year later, the publication began to be produced indefinitely with new volumes releasing 2–7 months apart.



  • Luffy X Adventure: Following the Treasure of Captain Kidd
  • Zoro X Training: The Forging
  • Nami X Fashion: Fashionable Thief
  • Usopp X Fan Art: SSBS
  • Sanji X Cooking: Mugiwara Kitchen
  • Chopper X Animal: Monster Illustrations
  • Franky X DIY: Pirate Carpenter
  • Brook X Music: Brook Broadcast Station
  • One Piece Quiz, written by Kenji Kamiki
  • Each issue includes a part of a special story.
  • Each issue includes at least one bonus item, commonly a wanted poster, with their last known bounty value.

The [Character] X [Topic] naming scheme was dropped starting in One Piece Magazine Vol.4, though the actual sections sometimes remained.

Beginning with the sixth issue, each magazine is themed around a specific topic. These topics can be as direct as "Wano Country Arc", or as abstract as "the power of words."

Recurring Content

Vol. Manga & Novels Bonus Item(s) Monster Illustration Real Pirates
Devil Fruit Showcase
#1 Luffy's wanted poster Momoo
  • File 1: Sir Henry Morgan
  • File 2: Edward Teach
  • File 3: John Rackam
#2 Ace's wanted poster Laboon
  • File 4: Bartholomew Roberts
  • File 5: François l'Olonnais
  • File 6: Anne Bonny
  • File 7: Mary Read
#3 Sabo's wanted poster Oars
  • File 8: Sir John Hawkins
  • File 9: Sir Francis Drake
  • File 10: William Kidd
#4 Law's wanted poster Zunesha
  • File 11: Flying Dutchman
  • File 12: Floating barrels
  • File 13: Legendary sea creatures
#5 Zoro's wanted poster Dragon  
#6 Nami's wanted poster  
  • File 14: Bermuda Triangle
  • File 15: World's first undersea exploration
  • File 16: Islands of women around the world
#7 Usopp's wanted poster Nola  
#8 Sanji's wanted poster Big Father
  • File 20: Privateers
  • File 21: Pirates' food situation
  • File 22: Sailing ships from the Golden Age of piracy
#9 Chopper's wanted poster Island Eater
  • File 23: Jolly Rogers
  • File 24: Pirate weapons
  • File 25: Ships' doctors in the Golden Age of piracy
#10 Robin's wanted poster Surume
  • File 26: Pirates' hobbies
  • File 27: The Pirate Code
  • File 28: Pirates and slavery
#11 Franky's wanted poster Bananawani  

Brook's wanted poster
Special Episode "Luff" special booklet

#16 Ace (One Piece episode A) One Piece Card Game Card    
#17 Oiran Yamato One Piece Card Game Card    

The Drawing Of Your Dreams!

The Drawing Of Your Dreams! (夢の一枚, Yume no Hitohira?, VIZ: Dream Illustration[2]) is a series of fan-requested art made by Eiichiro Oda at the beginning of each One Piece Magazine issue, beginning in volume 4 and so far only excluding volumes 12, 15, and 17. Each issue also includes the concept art and early sketches of the illustration.

Some of these images would later become figurines as part of the One Piece Magazine Figure line. Volume 16's illustration was included as a One Piece Card Game card in volume 17 as a purchase bonus.

Due to the user-suggested nature of the segment, example prompts are included when asking for requests:[3]

  • What if Nami, Hancock, and Reiju built a women-only girls' ship?
  • Luffy and Sabo activate a new combination technique!! Gomu Gomu & Mera Mera no 〇〇!!
  • What if the Devil Fruit Luffy ate was the Shiro Shiro no Mi...!?
#04 #05 #06
One Piece Magazine Vol.4 Drawing Of Your Dreams One Piece Magazine Vol.5 Drawing of Your Dreams Roronoa Zoro Gomu Gomu no Mi
Katakuri and Luffy meet around a merienda. Ace, Sabo, and Luffy, having become Marines, endure Garp's training. Zoro ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, but he has trouble controlling his power, which Rayleigh finds amusing.
#07 #08 #09
One Piece Magazine Vol.7 Drawing of Your Dreams One Piece Magazine Vol.8 Drawing Of Your Dreams One Piece Magazine Vol.9 Drawing Of Your Dreams
If Crocodile accepted Doflamingo's proposal to work together, to start... a clothing line?! Chopper and Hiriluk take advantage of the sakura bloom to hold a toast, accompanied by a marinade of vegetables with sakura petals. We want to see "Wano Country" versions of Ace and Sabo!
#10 #11 #13
One Piece Magazine Vol.10 Drawing Of Your Dreams One Piece Magazine Vol.11 Drawing Of Your Dreams Three Sword Style Nami
If Vivi was a samurai commander from medieval times. What if... Hancock, user of the Goro Goro no Mi, used X Million Volts: Beautiful Power on Luffy, who's immune to lightning? What if... Nami was a Three Sword Style swordswoman?
#14 #16 #18
One Piece Magazine Vol.14 Drawing Of Your Dreams Yamato oiran One Piece Magazine Vol.18 Drawing Of Your Dreams
What if... Luffy had the power of the Fude Fude no Mi? What if Yamato was Wano Country's top oiran? What if!! Kaidou and Big Mom spent their youthful days together!?


Vol.6 sold 63,093 copies within first three weeks.[4][5][6] Vol. 7 sold 58,323 copies in two weeks.[7][8][9] Vol.12 sold 42,000 copies within the first week.[10]


Chapter 851
The Color Spread of Chapter 851.
OPM 20th Poster
The complete poster from all three volumes.
  • Each of the first three volumes included a double page part of a celebratory poster for the 20th anniversary of the series. In that poster, the Straw Hats wear the clothes they wore on the Color Spread of Chapter 851.
  • Each of the first three volumes included four months of a birthday calendar of the characters whose birthday has been revealed up to Volume 85 release.


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