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One Piece Magazine Vol.2 is the second in the series of volumes of the One Piece Magazine.

Cover and Inside cover

OPM Vol. 2 Inside Cover

The volume inside cover.

The cover, the spine, and back cover feature a smiling Monkey D. Luffy preparing for a fight. The Inside cover shows the same image in a single page.


Birthday Calendar

Months November-February.

One Piece Special Episode "Luff"

The second installment of the "What if Sabo saved Luffy Ace during the Battle of Marineford".

Eiichiro Oda 8000 Word Long Interview

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Portgas D. Ace Commentary

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One Piece novel A

Main article: One Piece novel A

The Spade Pirates grow in number, adding top members Mihar and Skull while becoming more infamous. They are approached one day by Marine Ensign Isuka, who is accompanied by several warships. When they sink one of the warships, Isuka stops fighting to save her comrades, and Ace decides to save her from drowning in the process.

Nami X Fashion: Fashionable Thief

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Franky X DIY: Pirate Carpenter

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One Piece Figure modeling King

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Zoro X Training: The Forging

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Robin X History: Real Pirates Encyclopedia

One Piece X Creator Kanahei

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Chopper X Animal: Monster illustrations

File 02: Laboon

Brook X Music: Brook's Broadcasting Station

A list of songs Eiichiro Oda listened to while drawing the meeting of the Sanji Retrieval Team and the Fire Tank Pirates regarding a Pirate Alliance against the Big Mom Pirates.

1. "Across 110th Street" - Bobby Womack

2. "M-1,2" (from "Battles without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima") - Battles without Honor and Humanity Soundtrack

3. "I Gotcha" - Joe Tex

4. "Rainy Night in Georgia" - Brook Benton

5. "Boogie Wonderland" - Earth, Wind & Fire

6. "Smile" - The Emotions

7. "Soul Man" - The Blues Brothers

8. "Jungle Boogie" - Kool & the Gang

9. "Booty Swing" - Parov Stelar

10. "Dancing Planet" - Capsule

11. "St. James Ballroom" - Alice Francis

12. "Boom! Shake the Room" - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

13. "I KNOW" - The Birthday

14. "We Back on the Scene" - Rappagariya

15. "How I Could Just Kill a Man" - Rage Against the Machine

Usopp X Fan Art: SSBS Color Room

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History of One Piece Collaboration

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"D" Report

"U.A."'s point of view about Straw Hat Pirates from Water 7 Saga to Summit War Saga.

The One Piece Quiz Challenge

OPM2 Quiz Covers

Question 1 image.

  1. The two following illustrations have something in common. What is it?
    1. Both are drawn in response to the reader's request.
    2. Both are inspired by the travel destination.
    3. Both featured a scenery that I saw in my dream.
    4. Both are drawn for One Piece related events.
      OPM2 Quiz Graph

      Question 2 image.

  2. The graph below shows a "thing" related to One Piece, what does N, R, H stand for?
  3. In One Piece's volumes, there are cases where a character on the cover is replaced by Pandaman. Only once in 85 volumes, a character was replaced with Pandaman only by the back cover although it was still on the cover as well, who was it?
    OPM2 Word Puzzle

    Question 4 image.

  4. What hides behind the word puzzle?


1. A dancer, who was to be sold at the Human Auctioning House.
3. Slayed 7000 people for his family, _____ of the Wind.
6. In the anime, this Amazon Lily's character was voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi.
8. What are the letters for the word tattooed on Take's forehead?
10. A member of the Worst Generation, ___stass Kid.
11. Mansherry has the ___ ability.
12. Rumble Ball gives a Devil Fruit user who loves _____ unique transformations.
14. Priest Shura Sanjocho partner.
15. The Ancient Weapon Pluton is rumored to have the ____ to destroy an island.
18. A character with a bounty of Beli429,000,000, Baron _____.
19. Eiichiro Oda once worked under Nobuhiro Watsuki, whose masterpiece was"_____ Kenshin".
21. Another name for Flevance, where Amber Lead is extracted is the "______ City".
23. In the world of One Piece, the _____ is divided by four by the "Red Line" and the "Grand Line".
25. Oto and Kogarashi are the beloved swords of this pirate.
26. This character least favorite food is orangette.
28. A character from North Blue, 173 cm tall.
30. The name of the island in which the Germa 66 ended a war is "Broc _____ Island".
31. Sanji's dream is to find a place called "_____ Blue".
32. A character whose alias is "Black Cage".


1. What is the name of the Victory Hunter bow?
2. Usopp's favorite food is pike from an _____ island.
3. What is the cry of a South Bird?
4. The strongest form of Tekkai is called "Tekkai _____".
5. What is the name of technique Sanji use when he called "Eye!"?
7. What did Cocoa fed her fox?
9. A character whose sometimes called "Sparking Red", Vinsmoke ____ji.
11. The name of the hotel where Iceberg was supposed to meet the owner of a glass factory.
13. Franky doesn't like to have money ______.
14. A character that laghe like "Chapapapa".
16. Mihawk's sword is called the "Black Sword ____".
17. Luffy often calls Inazuma "_____ chan".
20. Scratchmen Apoo's epithet.
22. In Color Walk 4 the names of some of the scholars of Ohara were revealed. Rint, Zadie, Busshiri, Hack, Gram, Hocha... and another one?
24. In his first appearance, Vasco Shot's first line was "Toputoputopu...!!! _____".
27. A Mini-Series called "Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: _____ Baroque Works"".
28. A character who uses the power of the Nui Nui no Mi.
29. The Whitebeard Pirates 14th division commander name is "Speed ____"
30. Tree Fever can be treated by collecting "Conine" from the bark of a _____ Tree.

Answers on the magazine third volume.

Volume 1 Answers

Answers for the quiz in Volume 1:

  1. Steve Jobs.
    The words that Steve Jobs has given to inspire the Macintosh development team. "Why Join The Navy if You Can be a Pirate?". His way of living with pioneering spirit and continuing the development of challenging products may be linked to those of the pirates who lived their lives on the adventure to the end.
  2. Camie.
    While working on Takoyaki 8, Camie was wearing a Criminal T-shirt under a Doskoi Panda apron.
  3. 3. John Giant.
    Despite Dorry and Brogy being the first Giants that Luffy met, John Giant has appeared before hand.
  4. Sweet Pea.
    After helping Luffy following his arrival to Amazon Lily, Sweet Pea was seen wearing his Straw Hat. Due to the straw hat being irreplaceable to Luffy, seeing someone other than him or his crew wear it is quite unusual.
  5. Monkey D. Luffy.
    Luffy is on but three volumes covers out of the 85 volumes released, those are volumes 21, 42, and 77. That is because those covers featured the antagonist groups. On the next volume cover the Straw Hats are seen in contrast.
  6. 4. (Ne?).
    "ね (See??)" is the name of Chapter 132. It was named after Vivi's demonstration to Luffy that fighting isn't the way to plea for the citizens of Drum Island for a doctor for Nami. Luffy acknowledged his mistake by saying "You're amazing" to Vivi.
  7. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
    The Yonta Maria Grand Fleet makes the vast majority of the group. The "9" at the center represent the number of the Straw Hat Pirates. Besides Luffy's group, more than 5,600 pirates join together and became a huge fleet.

One Piece Picture Book: Light and Darkness

The Story of Luffy, Ace and Sabo.

Garage of One Piece

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Eyes of Eiichiro's Staff

Ei Andō, Author of One Piece Party, draws his assistant days under Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece Plot Note

The schematics of the Straw Hats adventure in Enies Lobby during the Enies Lobby Arc.

One Piece Character's Note Collection

The design of several characters introduced during the Dressrosa Arc, like Rebecca, Kyros' toy form, Riku Doldo III, Viola, several Dwarves, Sabo and Koala.

Rei Ooka views One Piece

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Bounty Log I

The total Bounties of enemies defeated by Monkey D. Luffy sums up to Beli2,903,000,000. Luffy's past and current bounties are also listed in this section.

Bounty Log II

A list of 67 bounty holders. Bepo, Wellington, and Mikio Itoo are omitted. Jinbe's secound bounty is listed instead of his current Over Beli400,000,000 one.

One Piece Character Column

Akainu and Aokiji.

How to Make the Strongest Business Team to Learn From "One Piece"

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A Big Fan of One Piece

A comics about a fan when a chapters/columes publishing.

News Coo

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One Piece Novel Straw Hat Crew "SANJI"

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Usopp X Fan Art: SSBS

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