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One Piece Magazine Vol.9 is the ninth in the series of volumes of the One Piece Magazine.

Cover and Inside cover

The cover shows Luffy painting with a giant paintbrush, with a white background. Text promoting the contents of the magazine is included on the side.


The drawing of your dreams!

Ace and Sabo in Wano

A drawing made by Oda of Sabo and Ace in Wano Country. Includes the concept and sketches of the illustration.

Eiichiro Oda Design Study

Two-page expanded art of the cover, showing Luffy drawing over Oda's hand with black paint. The words "ONE PIECE MAGAZINE" are written over Luffy's line.

Eiichiro Oda's Desk

Information about 7 artists who have influenced Oda's designs, with examples of their work. The artists are:

  1. Ashley Wood
  2. Mike Mignola
  3. Jusaburo Tsujimura
  4. Tim Burton
  5. Time Bokan's Robots
  6. Simon Bisley
  7. Michel Lau

Straw Hat Iconography

Design studies on the character designs, animal designs, and technical aspects of One Piece, written by various character designers. Includes notes by:

  1. Kōhei Horikoshi - includes art and analysis of Zoro, Apoo, and Shirahoshi
  2. Posuka Demizu - includes analysis of Tararan, Sogeking, and Wyper  *
  3. Kinu Nishimura - includes analysis of Perona, the Straw Hat Pirates, and Hannyabal  *
  4. Kazui - includes analysis of Ace, Smoker, and Mihawk
  5. Kaname Fujioka - includes analysis of Chopper, Zunesha, and Strong World animals
  6. Yuri Yokomizo - includes analysis of Chopper, the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops, and small sections on various details  *
  7. Masayuri Sato * - includes analysis of Luffy, silhouettes, and hands

One Piece x Adolescence

Main page: Hungry Days
A 14-page section written by Eisaku Kubonouchi, the character designer of the Hungry Days ad campaign. Includes a two page interview, as well as concept art and sketches for the Straw Hat Pirates, Vivi, Whitebeard, Blackbeard, and many other characters. Also includes concepts of scenes, including the naming of many background characters seen in the advertisements.

One Piece Volume Production Steps

A section written by Ken Yokoyama, the cover designer for One Piece Volumes. It includes a one-page interview and a step-by-step breakdown of the creation of Volume 95's dust-jacket, starting from Oda's lineart and up to the final result. The section also includes a breakdown of changes made to scale down chapter pages to fit in volumes, the designing of the cover under the dust-jacket, and the printing process. Anecdotes about specific * volumes are included at the end.

Treatise on the Architecture of the World of One Piece

An in-depth analysis of various locations in One Piece, written by Takashi Moriyama. It includes analysis of the globe entirely, as well as specific islands, towns, and locations visited by the Straw Hats.

One Piece maniac's quiz!

A series of trivia questions about One Piece. The answers are included later in the magazine.

One Piece - Note Collection

A series of concept art drawings of various locations in the One Piece world. It includes sketches and notes on Shells Town, Arabasta Kingdom, Skypiea, Water 7, Punk Hazard, Whole Cake Island, and the characters that live within some of those locations, as well as the global map.

One Piece Novel Heroines Robin - Unscramble egg of the archeologists

Main page: One Piece novel HEROINES
The second chapter of One Piece Novel Heroines, focusing on Robin.

Devil Fruit Encyclopedia

Information about the Doru Doru no Mi and the Baku Baku no Mi is explained, and their Fruit forms are revealed.

Symposium of Straw Hat Voice Actors Volume 3 - Kazuya Nakai x Kappei Yamaguchi x Ikue Otani

A 5 page interview with the voices actors of Zoro, Usopp, and Chopper - Kazuya Nakai, Kappei Yamaguchi, and Ikue Otani

Straw Hat Kitchen

Sanji explains how to make chocolate meat stew and potato rice, as well as frozen pavlova. The section is themed around food that Chopper enjoys.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Information is revealed about One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4.

One Piece Picture Book - Laboon the Whale

Chapter 3: A new promise
Tells the story of Laboon and the Straw Hat Pirates, and ends with Laboon awaiting their return.

Monster Encyclopedia

In-depth information is given about Island Eater.

One Piece Road to Figure with GReeeeN

One Piece x GReeeeN Figure

The Japanese band GReeeeN and figurine designer Shintaro Takashi walk through the steps to creating a One Piece figurine. GReeeeN established the figurine's requirements, and Shintaro Takashi designed the figurine.

The section then includes an advertisement for a figure of the drawing of your dreams! from One Piece Magazine Vol.5, and various other One Piece figurines.

USJ One Piece Premier Summer

A multi-page advertisement for the One Piece Premier Show 2020, though the show was ultimately delayed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tokyo One Piece Tower x One Piece Magazine

An announcement of a limited time event in the Tokyo One Piece Tower, highlighting One Piece Magazine.

Colorful letters from readers

A section collecting and displaying cosplay images from readers.

Real Pirates Encyclopedia

In-depth information is given about real pirates. This issue specifically covers Jolly Rogers, weapons, and pirate doctors.

Weatheria Investigation Office

Information is given about real world weather phenomena, and how they inspired islands in One Piece, such as watermelon snow inspiring Hiriluk's sakura blossoms and silver iodide aerosol inspiring Dance Powder.

History of One Piece

A section focusing on history in the One Piece world. It is written by the archeologist Mr. A, who is secretly attempting to research Poneglyphs and other banned information. In this report, he specifically talks about important people from approximately 30 years prior, focusing on Kozuki Oden's travels with Whitebeard, Sengoku's raising of Donquixote Rosinante, Monkey D. Garp's fight with Chinjao, Kuzan's involvement in the Ohara Incident and saving of Nico Robin, Nico Olvia's research and death, and Kyros's rise to fame.

One Piece maniac's quiz! Answers

The answers to the quiz from earlier in the magazine.

One Piece Knowledge King

Main page: One Piece Knowledge King
A 2 page advertisement of the One Piece Knowledge King tournament, and announcement of 2020's winner.

Mugiwara Store

A 2 page advertisement for the One Piece Mugiwara Store.

News Coo News

Information about recent One Piece news, including sales information for One Piece: Stampede, the release of One Piece Color Walk 9 Tiger, the release of One Piece novel Law, and other miscellaneous information.


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