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Mobile phone applications related to One Piece have been created for gaming, reading, watching anime, and more. These have largely been released for modern smartphones like iOS and Android devices, with some mobile games released for cell phones that predate smart phones.

Mobile Games[]

Cat's Ogiri Sushi[]

Cat's Ogiri Sushi Icon

Cat's Ogiri Sushi.

Cat's Ogiri Sushi powered by Shueisha (ネコの大喜利寿司 powered by 集英社, Neko no ōgiri sushi powered by Shūeisha?) is an Ogiri word game where players have to fill in empty speech bubbles from Shonen Jump manga based on a theme. Once filled in, other players rate their entries. The game was released on Android and iOS devices on January 31, 2019, with service terminated on January 14, 2020.[1][2] It was published by Shueisha and developed by Nukenin, which was the Google Indie Games Festival 2018 Top 3 finalist and the Shonen Jump+ Award winner for their first "Cat" series title Cat Painter.[3] One Piece is one of 25 Jump titles featured in the game.[4]

Reading Apps[]

Japan-Only Apps[]

ONE PIECE Official Manga App[]

ONE PIECE Official Manga App Icon

ONE PIECE Official Manga App.

The ONE PIECE Official Manga App (ONE PIECE 公式漫画アプリ, Wanpīsu kōshiki manga apuri?) is the official manga app for One Piece, developed by Shueisha. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. Users can read full-color chapters using logs, which come in three types:[5]

  • Free Logs: Every day, users can earn one free log, distributed at 13:00, which allows them to read one free chapter. Users can only accumulate up to 245 free logs, and they cannot be used to purchase e-books.
  • Purchase Logs: Aside from free daily logs, additional logs can be purchased. THese purchase logs do not have a limit and can be used to purchase e-books.
  • Bonus Logs: Bonus logs can be earned by completing different achievements through minigames or events. Users can only accumulate up to 2000 bonus logs, and they cannont be used to purchase e-books.

Shonen Jump+[]

Shonen Jump+ Icon

Shonen Jump+.

Shonen Jump+ (少年ジャンプ+, Shōnenjanpu +?) is the official manga app for Shonen Jump in Japan. The app launched on September 24, 2014 and is supported by ACCESS's PUBLUS publishing platform.[6] Users can read some original Jump manga for free, as well as early chapters of additional popular series like One Piece. Those who subscribe to Weekly Shonen Jump or Jump SQ get expanded access. The app has been downloaded over 18 million times.[7]

Jump BOOK Store![]

Jump BOOK Store! Icon

Jump BOOK Store!.

Jump BOOK Store! (ジャンプBOOKストア!, Janpu BOOK sutoa!?) is an official manga storefront app for Jump. It offers weekly free chapters from Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump SQ, and Young Jump, as well as Grand Jump, Ultra Jump, Jump GIGA, magazines, light novels, and shojo manga available for purchase as e-books.[8]

The following One Piece series and publications are available on the storefront:

Mawashiyomi Jump[]

Mawashiyomi Jump Icon

Mawashiyomi Jump.

Mawashiyomi Jump (マワシヨミジャンプ, Mawashiyomijanpu?) is a geolocation manga app that lets users read free chapters by walking around to different areas on a map. One Piece is one of the series provided for free.[12]


Zebrack Icon


Zebrack (ゼブラック, Zeburakku?) is Shueisha's digital bookstore platform. It features Shonen Jump properties, including One Piece. Users can read manga for free everyday using tickets that are recharged 23 hours after use.[13]


TanZak Icon


TanZak (タンザク, Tanzaku?) is a digital light novel platform owned and operated by Shueisha. The novels are progressed sentence by sentence as readers tap their screens. Many Shonen Jump-related light novels are featured on the platform, including One Piece novel A.[14]

Global Apps[]

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics[]

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics Icon

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics.

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics is a digital manga platform that is available globally and offers unlimited access to Jump series, including One Piece, for premium subscribers. Manga is also sold by volume on the platform. The app's catalogue includes One Piece spinoffs: One Piece novel A, Shokugeki no Sanji, Roronoa Zoro Falls Into the Sea, and Vivi's Adventure.[15]

MANGA Plus[]

MANGA Plus Icon


MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA is a digital manga platform that is available globally and offers weekly free chapters of Jump series, including One Piece. Unlike Shonen Jump Manga & Comics, MANGA Plus does not have a premium tier, and only the first three and most recent three chapters are available. Most series are also available in Spanish, and some popular manga like One Piece offer additional languages.[16]

Art Apps[]


KisekaeJUMP Icon


kisekaeJUMP (きせかえジャンプ, Kisekae janpu?) is a Shonen Jump-themed customization app that launched on Android and iOS devices on March 18, 2016. It acts as a digital storefront for wallpapers and icons based on the magazine's most popular series. Service for the app was terminated on January 22, 2022, but use of purchased items is still available.

Tony Tony Chopper serves as the app's mascot and logo. The app offered free daily One Piece Chat Stickers, as well as One Piece wallpapers and icons.[17]




JUMP PAINT by MediBang (ジャンプPAINT by MediBang, Janpu PAINT by MediBang?) is an Android and iOS app for creating manga and illustrations. It is developed in collaboration between Weekly Shonen Jump and MediBang Paint, and it released in English on June 22, 2017.[18] Users can access the following features:

  • 90 free brushes, including G-pens and mapping pens
  • 800 types of tones and backgrounds for free
  • Drawing practice using panels from Shonen Jump manga, including Eiichiro Oda's One Piece
  • Lessons on manga creation from Jump's editorial department
  • The ability to enter Jump contests
  • Layers with blending modes
  • 50 comic fonts
  • Freely transformable comic panels
  • A camera for taking reference photos.

The app syncs with the desktop version of JUMP PAINT on PC and Mac, and it has cloud storage backup.[19][20]

Jump Camera[]

Jump Camera Icon

Jump Camera.

Jump Camera!! (ジャンプカメラ!!, Janpu kamera!!?) was a photography app developed by ICE Inc. and distributed by Shueisha.[21] The app was released for iOS devices on March 26, 2013. Users could take pictures using their camera and add frames, filters, and stamps to them featuring characters from Jump manga, including Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper. They could also add photos of themselves to existing art, like magazine covers or manga pages. Users could share their images to Twitter, Facebook, or LINE, as well as post them in-app to be ranked against others' art.[22]

A major update was released on June 23, 2014 to commemorate the 46th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump. Over 3,000 stamps were added for free for a limited time, until July 11.[23]

Other Apps[]

One Piece Everyday[]

Main article: One Piece Everyday

One Piece Everyday is a companion mobile app based on One Piece. Users log in everyday to get calendar stamps, learn about One Piece news and events, and earn daily rewards.

One Piece (Anime App)[]

One Piece was an anime app developed and distributed by Ellation, a subsidiary of AT&T and the umbrella company that oversaw video streaming services like Crunchyroll. It was released on July 30, 2015 on Android devices, and it was removed from app stores on January 3, 2020.

This app operated exactly like Crunchyroll but was restricted to One Piece episodes. Users had two viewing options. They could watch free episodes with advertisements. If they purchased a premium subscription to Crunchyroll, they could access ad-free episodes, stream episodes simultaneously was their Japanese release, watch episodes in high definition (HD), and watch on additional devices, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Apple TV, and Roku.[24]

One Piece (Anime App) Icon
One Piece (Anime App).
One Piece (Anime App) Launch Screen
The app's launch screen.
One Piece (Anime App) Episode Selection
The app's episode selection screen.


ZEPETO is a social app that allows users to create customized avatars and interact with others in virtual worlds. In the app, users add content to the Feed, a social media-like communiaction platform that lets them share messages, stories, and more. Other activities include photoshoots and world customization. ZEPETO features One Piece-themed avatar customization items, called Collab Item (コラボアイテム, Koraboaitemu?), including clothes, hair, and accessories as part of a collaboration between the app and One Piece brand.

Sets were released on the following dates:

Item sets Release date
East Blue February 26, 2021[25]
Wano Country May 3, 2021[26]
Arabasta July 2, 2021[27]
Water 7 September 10, 2021[28]
Thriller Bark October 22, 2021[29]
Fish-Man Island December 17, 2021[30]
Casual Items January 19, 2022[31]
FILM RED August 10, 2022[32]

ZEPETO One Piece Collab
One Piece x ZEPETO inital collab.
ZEPETO One Piece Wano Country
One Piece x ZEPETO Wano Country collab.
ZEPETO One Piece Arabasta
One Piece x ZEPETO Arabasta collab.
ZEPETO One Piece Water 7
One Piece x ZEPETO Water 7 collab.
ZEPETO One Piece Thriller Bark
One Piece x ZEPETO Thriller Bark collab.
ZEPETO One Piece Fish-Man Island
One Piece x ZEPETO Fish-Man Island collab.
ZEPETO One Piece Casual Items
One Piece x ZEPETO casual items collab.
One Piece x ZEPETO FILM RED collab.

Avatar Items[]

  • Monkey D. Luffy post-timeskip outfit
  • Shirahoshi outfit
  • Usopp post-timeskip outfit
  • Sanji post-timeskip outfit
  • Zoro post-timeskip outfit
  • Portgas D. Ace pants and fire effects
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc outfit
  • Nico Robin Thriller Bark Arc dress
  • Luffy Marineford Arc outfit
  • Boa Hancock Marineford Arc dress
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc wedding dress
  • Brook outfit
  • Luffy Long Ring Long Land Arc tattoo and pants
  • Robin Enies Lobby Arc dress
  • Zoro Enies Lobby Arc outfit
  • Sanji Enies Lobby Arc outfit
  • Ace pants
  • Tony Tony Chopper fur and pants
  • Miss Wednesday outfit
  • Miss All Sunday outfit
  • Vivi Arabasta Arc dancer outfit
  • Vivi Arabasta Arc royal dress
  • Luffy Arabasta Arc outfit
  • Crocodile outfit
  • Robin kunoichi outfit
  • O-Nami outfit
  • Tama outfit
  • Chopa-emon outfit
  • Zoro-juurou outfit
  • San-gorou outfit
  • Kikunojo outfit
  • Nami kimono outfit
  • Luffy-tarou outfit
  • O-Robi outfit
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law Wano Country Arc outfit
  • Nami East Blue Saga outfit
  • Luffy East Blue Saga outfit
  • Zoro East Blue Saga outfit
  • Usopp East Blue Saga outfit
  • Sanji East Blue Saga outfit
  • Uta dress
  • Luffy Film: Red Outfit
  • Shanks outfit
  • Off-the-shoulder Jolly Rogertop
  • Criminal long-sleeved crop top
  • Jolly Roger bomber jacket
  • Nami post-timeskip bikini top
  • Perona top
  • One Piece long-sleeved crop shirt
  • Luffy & Ace oversized hoodie
  • Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger hoodie
  • Nami Skypiea Arc bikini top
  • Straw Hat Crew crop top
  • One Piece choker neck crop top
  • Nami Enies Lobby Arc top
  • Chopper eyecatcher t-shirt
  • Luffy & Crocodile crop tank top
  • One Piece t-shirt
  • Straw Hat Pirates Wanted Posters bandeua top and sheer shirt
  • Luffy Wanted Poster t-shirt
  • Jolly Roger jumper top
  • Jolly Roger shearling coat and white crop top
  • Nami Film: Red top
  • One Piece cargo pants
  • Jolly Roger leather pants
  • One Piece loose-fitting pants
  • Nami post-timeskip pants
  • Luffy & Ace jeans
  • One Piece wrap skirt and pants
  • Straw Hat Crew cargo shorts
  • Nami Skypiea Arc cargo pants
  • One Piece high-waisted jeans
  • Jolly Roger cutoff shorts
  • One Piece joggers
  • One Piece high-waisted miniskirt and belt
  • Perona skirt
  • One Piece miniskirt
  • Nami Enies Lobby Arc skirt
  • Jolly Roger high-waisted skirt
  • Arabasta Arc high-waisted skirt
  • Nami Film: Red skirt and stockings
  • Robin Thriller Bark Arc mesh stockings
  • Straw Hat Jolly Rogers stockings
  • One Piece sheer stockings
  • Perona stockings
  • Afro Luffy foot bandages
  • Jolly Roger mesh stockings
  • One Piece high socks
  • One Piece sheer stockings
  • Marguerite right leg stocking
  • One Piece military boots
  • Jolly Roger leather boots
  • Jolly Roger platform ankle boots
  • Jolly Roger heeled ankle boots
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc wedding shoes
  • Hancock Marineford Arc shoes
  • Brook shoes
  • Jolly Roger flame boots
  • One Piece boots
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc boots
  • Robin Thriller Bark Arc boots
  • Perona boots
  • One Piece sneakers
  • One Piece sandals
  • Nami East Blue/Arabasta Arc sandals
  • Nami Enies Lobby Arc sandals
  • Robin Enies Lobby Arc boots
  • Crocodile shoes
  • One Piece Red & Blue sneakers
  • One Piece platform sandals
  • Vivi Arabasta Arc formal sandals
  • Nami Arabasta Arc sandals
  • Ace boots
  • Miss Wednesday boots
  • Miss All Sunday boots
  • Nami kimono sandals
  • Luffy-tarou sandals
  • Law Wano Country Arc sandals
  • San-gorou sandals
  • Zoro-juurou sandals
  • Tama sandals
  • Robin kunoichi sandals
  • O-Nami sandals
  • Kikunojo sandals
  • O-Robi sandals
  • Chopper hooves
  • Luffy East Blue Saga sandals
  • Sanji East Blue Saga shoes
  • Usopp East Blue Saga boots
  • Zoro East Blue Saga boots
  • Nami East Blue Saga boots
  • Nami Film: Red heels
  • Uta boots
  • Nami post-timeskip hair
  • Shirahoshi hair
  • Sanji post-timeskip hair
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc wedding hair
  • Perona hair
  • Hancock hair
  • Ace hair
  • Brook hair
  • Afro Luffy hair
  • Nami Arabasta Arc hair
  • Miss All Sunday hair
  • Miss Wednesday hair
  • Vivi Arabasta Arc princess hair
  • Crocodile hair
  • Ace hair and hat
  • Luffy Arabasta Arc hair, hat, and head scarf
  • Robin Enies Lobby Arc hair
  • O-Nami hair
  • Nami kimono hair
  • Tama hair
  • Robin kunoichi hair
  • Kikunojo hair
  • O-Robi hair
  • Luffy-tarou hair
  • Law hair and hat
  • Nami East Blue Saga hair
  • Luffy East Blue Saga hair
  • Sanji East Blue Saga hair
  • Usopp East Blue Saga hair
  • Zoro East Blue Saga hair
  • Nami Film: Red Hair
  • Uta hair
  • Shanks hair
  • Jolly Roger earmuffs
  • Jolly Roger bucket hat
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc veil
  • One Piece bandana
  • Perona hat
  • Marine cap
  • Jolly Roger cap
  • One Piece denim bucket hat
  • Luffy backwards cap
  • Jolly Roger beanie
  • Straw Hat Pirates Wanted Posters bucket hat
  • One Piece bucket hat
  • Miss All Sunday hat
  • Chopper hat and horns
  • Chopa-emon hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Nami Film: Red hat
  • One Piece choker
  • Criminal choker
  • Nami post-timeskip earrings
  • Shirahoshi earrings
  • Nami Thriller Bark Arc wedding necklace
  • Luffy necklace and barbed wire choker
  • Hancock earrings
  • Log Pose
  • Vivi Arabasta Arc princess bracelet
  • Ace bracelet, Log Pose, and arm band
  • Nami Arabasta Arc necklace
  • Ace necklace
  • Nami Arabasta Arc earrings
  • Vivi Arabasta Arc princess earrings
  • Nami Wano Country Arc Log Pose and bracelet
  • Zoro earring
  • Usopp wristband
  • Uta bracelets
  • Uta wings
  • Nami Film: Red gloves
  • Jolly Roger sling bag
  • Brook skull
  • Brook cane
  • One Piece satchel bag
  • Afro Luffy boxing gloves
  • Perfect Clima-Tact
  • Ace bag
  • One Piece sling bag
  • Crocodile hook
  • Straw Hat and tie
  • Chopper hooves gloves
  • Usopp slingshot

Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE[]

Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE (ジャンプフェスタ2021 ONLINE, Janpufesuta 2021 ONLINE?) is a virtual event app that lets users visit the virtual venue Jumpfes Island and interact with exhibits and other users. They can select an avatar, play games, and buy limited-edition products. Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE included a One Piece ride in which users sailed through iconic scenes of the manga.[33] They could also pose with a digital comic model of the Straw Hat Pirates.[34] The event was held December 19 and 20, 2020, after which the app was removed from app stores.[35]

Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE Icon
Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE app.
Jumpfes Island
The layout of "Jumpfes Island".
Jump Festa 2021 Straw Hat Pirates
The comic statue display of the Straw Hat Pirates.
Jump Festa 2021 One Piece Ride
The One Piece ride at Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE.

Niantic Project[]

Comic Experience Choppers

Multiple AR Choppers in "Comic Experience."

On November 8, 2021, Niantic announced a partnership with Shueisha to create an AR app based on the company's media properties. The app is being developed by T&S and will be available in 2022.[36]

In a demo of the app, tentatively titled "Comic Experience," players are able to scan a One Piece volume, causing a Tony Tony Chopper avatar to appear. Multiple players can play together and make their Chopper avatars interact. They can also throw cotton candy to them, and whichever one catches it will be chased by the other two. The Thousand Sunny appeared sailing overhead and used Coup de Burst to fly into the sky.[37]


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