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One Piece Moja! is a sim game released for mobile devices on June 6, 2013 on Android and July 10, 2013 on iOS.[1] It also acts as a game portal to access and share information about other One Piece mobile games.[2] Service for the game ended on November 29, 2015.[3]


As a sim game, One Piece Moja! allows players to interact with the Straw Hat Pirates, collect items, and decorate the deck of the Thousand Sunny at their leisure. Players are able to interact with friends online and visit other Thousand Sunny’s with users across Japan. Players can collect and send stamps to their friends, and meeting others will reward players with items.

Using the Shark Submerge III, players can go to the bottom of the sea to collect treasure, which contains more items use for customization.[2] Players can also ride in the Mini Merry.[1]

Some items included are treasure chests, Golden Den Den Mushi, and mikan trees.[4][1]

One Piece Moja! contains information about other One Piece mobile games, and if players have Moja and linked games, Moja measures players score rankings online. Linked games include:

The game also features a function where players will be notified of a new chapter’s release with fireworks. If players register their birthday in the app, the Straw Hat Pirates will celebrate on their birthday.[5]


Image Gallery

One Piece Moja App Icon.png
One Piece Moja!'s app icon.
One Piece Moja Menu.png
One Piece Moja!'s menu.
One Piece Moja Grabbing Treasure.png
Luffy grabbing treasure.
One Piece Moja Thousand Sunny Deck.png
The Straw Hat Pirates on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.
One Piece Moja Mini Merry.png
Luffy riding in the Mini Merry.
One Piece Moja Shark Submerge 3.png
Using the Shark Submerge III to find underwater treasure.


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