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As has become typical of long-running youth-oriented anime, One Piece has gone through a long succession of theme songs, performed by popular artists, since its debut on television. Though performed by popular singers and bands, most seem to be written specifically for the show, as nearly all of them reference treasure, the sea, or ships in some way. As of August 2, 2020, there have been 24 opening themes, 18 regular ending themes, and a number of ending themes for films and specials as well. During the show, there has also been recognizable music being played in the background (like Dvorak's New World Symphony and Schiller's Ode to Joy). Soundtrack CDs released in Japan also include a large number of "image songs" based on the series, performed either by cast members in character, or by theme song artists.

English dubs of the series have had different approaches to localizing the theme music. The 4Kids' dub of the series removed the Japanese opening and ending music entirely in favor of an original rap piece known as the "One Piece Theme"; This piece was used throughout all of their localized episodes, with the lyrics altered slightly to coincide with each new member of the crew. Funimation opted to record English versions of the theme songs, using familiar voice actors and the original instrumentals; This practice stopped with Episode 207 (and only the eighth Movie), at which point Funimation switched to using the Japanese versions (even for the "Straw Hat" version of 'We Are!'). Similarly, Odex's Singapore-based dub kept the Japanese music unaltered. In some cases, the Japanese music would be unobtainable at all for foreign releases, and swapped out with either an adjacent theme song or an extract from the original soundtrack, regardless of language options.



TV Episodes

# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes Episode Count
01 "We Are!" Hiroshi Kitadani (Ep 1-47 & 1000)
Russell Velazquez (4Kids; unused)
Vic Mignogna, Jerry Jewell (Funimation)
02 "Believe" Folder 5 Meredith McCoy 48-115 68
03 "Hikari e" The Babystars Vic Mignogna 116-168 53
04 "BON VOYAGE!" Bon-Bon Blanco Brina Palencia 169-206 38
05 "Kokoro no Chizu" BOYSTYLE N/A (Not dubbed) 207-263 57
06 "Brand New World" D-51 264-278 15
07 "We Are! (Straw Hat Pirates Version)" Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates 279-283 5
08 "Crazy Rainbow" Tackey and Tsubasa 284-325 42
09 "Jungle P" 5050 326-372 47
10 "We Are! (Remix)" TVXQ 373-394 22
11 "Share the World" 395-425 31
12 "Kaze o Sagashite" Yaguchi Mari and Straw Hats 426-458 33
13 "One day" THE ROOTLESS 459-492 34
14 "Fight Together" Namie Amuro 493-516 24
15 "We Go!" Hiroshi Kitadani 517-590 72
16 "Hands Up!" Kota Shinzato 591-628 38
17 "Wake up!" AAA 629-686 58
18 "Hard Knock Days" Generations from Exile Tribe 687-746 60
19 "We Can!" Hiroshi Kitadani and Kishidan 747-806 60
20 "Hope" Namie Amuro 807-855 49
21 "Super Powers" V6 856-891 36
22 "OVER THE TOP" Hiroshi Kitadani and Kohei Tanaka (music) 892-934 43
23 "DREAMIN' ON" Da-iCE 935-999
24 "PAINT" I Don't Like Mondays. 1005–1073 69
25 "Saiko Totatsuten" Sekai no Owari 1074-1088 15
26 "UUUUUS!" Hiroshi Kitadani 1089-Present
  1. "One Piece Theme" (4Kids)
    • Version 1: (Episodes 1-29)
    • Version 2: (Episodes 30-59) (inclusion of Sanji and Usopp in the lyrics)
    • Version 3: (Episodes 60-104) (inclusion of Chopper in the lyrics)


# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes
02 "Believe" Folder 5 N/A (Not licensed) TV Special 1
03 "Hikari e" The Babystars TV Special 2
04 "BON VOYAGE!" Bon-Bon Blanco TV Special 3
05 "Kokoro No Chizu" BOYSTYLE TV Special 4


# Title Original Artist English Artist
01 "We Are!" Hiroshi Kitadani N/A (Not licensed)
11 "Break into the Light" Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
12 "Zeal" Yasutaka Nakata N/A (Instrumental)
15 "New Genesis" Uta (Ado) N/A (Not dubbed)


TV Episodes

From Episode 279 to Episode 1070, Toei stopped animating the ending themes in order to make room for longer openings (except for Episode 590 with "We Go"- an originally opening song - as the ending song).

# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes Episode Count
01 "Memories" Maki Otsuki Brina Palencia 1-30 30
02 "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Caitlin Glass 31-63 33
03 "Watashi ga Iru Yo" TOMATO CUBE Leah Clark 64-73 10
04 "Shōchi no suke" Suitei Shojo Stephanie Young 74-81 8
05 "BEFORE DAWN" AI-SACHI Carli Mosier 82-94 13
06 "fish" The Kaleidoscope Leah Clark 95-106 12
07 "GLORY -Kimi ga Iru Kara-" Takako Uehara Caitlin Glass 107-118 12
08 "Shining ray" Janne da Arc Justin Houston 119-132 14
09 "Free will" Ruppina Kristine Sa 133-156 24
10 "FAITH" Caitlin Glass 157-168 12
11 "A to Z" ZZ Vic Mignogna 169-181 13
12 "Tsuki to Taiyo" Shela Stephanie Young 182-195 14
13 "Dreamship" Aiko Ikuta Jessi James 196-206 11
14 "Mirai Kōkai" Tackey & Tsubasa N/A (Swapped with Ed 15) 207-230 24
15 "Eternal Pose" Asia Engineer N/A (Not dubbed) 231-245 15
16 "Dear friends" TRIPLANE 246-255 10
17 "Asu wa Kuru Kara" TVXQ 256-263 8
18 "Adventure World" Delicatessen 264-278 15
19 "Raise" Chilli Beans. 1071-1088 18
20 "Dear sunrise" Maki Otsuki 1089-Present


# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes
01 "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Maki Otsuki N/A (Not licensed) TV Special 1
02 "Family" Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates TV Specials 2-4
03 "We Are! (2012 AAA Version)" AAA TV Specials 5-6
04 "Memories" Maki Otsuki TV Special 7
05 "Next Stage" AAA N/A (Not dubbed) TV Special 8
06 "Liberator" Goodbye holiday TV Special 9
07 "Black Make Up" Namie Amuro N/A (Swapped with 'We Go!') TV Special 10
08 "Destiny" Maki Otsuki N/A (Not dubbed) TV Special 11
09 "We Are!" Hiroshi Kitadani with 100 Friends TV Special 12
10 "Hope" Namie Amuro TV Special 13


# Title Original Artist English Artist
01 "Memories" Maki Otsuki N/A (Not licensed)
02 "Believe" Folder 5
03 "Mabushikute" Dasein
04 "Sailing Day" Bump of Chicken
05 "Ano Basho e" Harebare
06 "Yume Miru Koro wo Sugitemo" Kishidan
07 "Sayaendou" NEWS
08 "Compass" Ai Kawashima Caitlin Glass
09 "Mata ne" Dreams Come True N/A (Not licensed)
10 "Fanfare" Mr. Children N/A (swapped with OST)
12 "Bad Reputation" Avril Lavigne N/A (English song)
"How You Remind Me"
13 "Ikari o Kure yo" GLIM SPANKY N/A (Not dubbed)
15 "Where the Wind Blows" Uta (Ado)


# Title Original Artist English Artist
01 "Grand Line" Chie & Mar-kun N/A (Not licensed)
02 "A Thousand Dreamers" Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates

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