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"One Piece Music Symphony" is a concert produced by Toei Animation Europe featuring the soundtrack to the One Piece anime alongside a projection of clips from the series and movies.[1] It originally performed in Hong Kong and France in 2013 and has since played in other venues around Europe. Most of the performance featured appearances from soundtrack composer Kohei Tanaka and 'We Are!' and 'We Go!' singer Hiroshi Kitadani.

Performances[edit | edit source]

Music Listing[edit | edit source]

The following pieces were played at the London performance.[5] Unless otherwise stated, all pieces were composed by Kohei Tanaka.

  1. Kaizoku-o ni narunda
  2. Hamaguchi’s Medley - Composed by Shiro Hamaguchi (Machi e Jouriku, Laizoku, Yatta, Daishori - Mezase One Piece!, Sai Sai Saikyo - Oitsumerareta)[9]
  3. Fuyu ni saku kiseki no sakura
  4. Yurusenai Yatsu to wa tatakae!
  5. Katayoku no taka
  6. Ihen ni kizuku
  7. Ogon To Oden ~ We Are! Piano Version ~ TV BGM-M50
  8. Unan to ghanzho
  9. Dainagan kibaku!
  10. Inochigake no last battle
  11. Binks no sake
  • Intermission
  1. We Are!
  2. Nusumareta Going Merry Go
  3. Iza, okanjima e!
  4. Ore ga kiru
  5. Z o osotta higeki
  6. Luffy
  7. Soshite shinsekai e
  8. Yabo no tame no kakugo
  9. Hirake! Otasuke box
  10. Karakuri-jo o bukkowasu!
  11. Aokiji kaku katakiri
  12. Nakama no shirushi da!!
  13. Hangeki no noroshi
  14. We Go!

Reception[edit | edit source]

The London concert received positive reviews. Writing for MCM Buzz, Kay Ibrahim described the concert as "thoroughly pleasing" and that fans were "swimming in an ocean of nostalgia" during the opening pieces. Ibrahim also praised Tanaka's enthusiasm and the multiple encores, but said that there were "some missed opportunities" and pointed out that the audience was "either reluctant or embarrassed" to sing along during Bink's Sake.[5] Joshawott of Anime UK News commented that the concert was an introduction to live music for most of the audience, and described moments of the concert as "almost magical" as well as "[catching] the audience off-guard with more heart-wrenching moments". Joshawott did, however, criticize the anime projection for being noticeably out of sync with the orchestra.[4] ‎Kurunandan Jain also wrote a positive review for Japan Curiosity, calling it a "truly a magical and amazing experience" and noting that several audience members were crying during the scene of Merry's funeral.[10]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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