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Omake (御負け, alternatively おまけ?) is a Japanese term loosely meaning extra, popularly used by anime and manga fans to describe standalone bonus material such as concept art or DVD commentaries. Where One Piece is concerned, it most often refers to the non-canon gag strips that Eiichiro Oda produces outside the regular manga.

These come in two main formats:

It is common, though not universal, for both formats to depict the characters in a super-deformed art style.

List of Omake featuresEdit

Title Format Further Notes
2000 Gold
Yonkoma Commemorates the approaching year 2000. Published in:
  • eJump (Christmas 1999)
Luffy Pirates 4-Cell Theatre
Yonkoma Consists of eight strips. Published in:
Luffy the White-Bearded
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #4-5 (Christmas 2003)
Orchestra of the Sea
Strawhat Theater Framing device for Chapter 304's Color Spread. Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #4-5 (Christmas 2003)
  • Volume 32
Report Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Obahan Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Jing-nai Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Chopper Man
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Monster Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Space Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Red-Hair of Class 3 - Sea Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Märchen Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
License Revoked
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #6-7 (New Year's 2009)
Family Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Ed Sullivan Show
Strawhat Theater Published in:
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #3-4 (Christmas 2009)
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #3-4 (Christmas 2010)
Detective Loomes
Strawhat Theater Published in:
  • The 15th Log: Thriller Bark (February 2011)
Chopper's Luck-Laugh
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #5-6 (New Year's 2012)
Circus Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
  • The 19th Log: Marineford (November 2012)
RPG Time
Strawhat Theater Published in:
  • The 20th Log: Ace (December 2012)
A Buggy Christmas
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #4-5 (Christmas 2013)
This Bit Ain't Going In
Yonkoma Published in:
  • Weekly Shonen Jump #5-6 (New Year's 2016)

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