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One Piece Party is a comedic manga spin-off of One Piece, written and drawn by Ei Ando. The series ran in the bi-monthly Saikyo Jump magazine from December 2014 to February 2021.[1][2] The series has also been licensed for release in France,[3] Germany,[4] Italy,[5] and Spain.[6]


In every chapter, the post-timeskip Straw Hat Pirates meet up with new and old characters and have adventures with them. Unlike the main series, there is no overarching plotline, and every chapter is a self-contained gag story. Characters and elements from throughout the manga and movies may appear or be referenced, but many of the stories are original.


One Piece Party has two original characters, who appear in one chapter each, as detailed below. None of them are considered canonical.

King - Chapter 14
A giant squid who inhabits Natsuyasumi Island. He fought the Straw Hat Pirates during their vacation before he was grilled and eaten.
Trip - Chapter 25
The young son of Drip, who genuinely believes that his father is the pirate Sanji. He unexpectedly visits the Thousand Sunny to visit his father during work, and the Straw Hat Pirates pretend that Drip is the cook to avoid disillusioning him.


One Piece Party Volume 1
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 1 October 3, 2015[7] 184 ISBN 978-4-08-880552-8
  • 001. Legendary Meat - Conflict Deathmatch!! (伝説の肉 争奪デスマッチ!! Densetsu no Niku - Sōdatsu Desumatchi!!?)
  • 002. Nami and Robin Kidnapping Incident (ナミとロビン誘拐事件 Nami to Robin Yūkai Jiken?)
  • 003. Momotaro Luffy (桃太郎ルフィ Momotarō Rufi?)
  • 004. Find Gold!! (黄金を探せ!! Ōgon o Sagase!!?)
  • 005. Hero (ヒーロー Hīrō?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 1.png

One Piece Party Volume 2
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 2 July 4, 2016[8] 192 ISBN 978-4-08-880732-4
  • 006: Davy Back Fight (デービーバックファイト Dēbī Bakku Faito?)
  • 007: Stray Zoro (はぐれゾロ Hagure Zoro?)
  • 008: The Fire Doesn't Go Out (火は消えない Hi wa Kienai?)
  • 009: Customers on the Sunny (サニー号にお客様 Sanī-gō ni Okyakusama?)
  • 010: 5th Match!! (5番勝負!! Go-ban Shōbu!!?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 2.png

One Piece Party Volume 3
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 3 August 4, 2017[9] 184 ISBN 978-4-08-881199-4
  • 011: Little Devil Nami (小悪魔ナミ Ko Akuma Nami?)
  • 012: Summit War!! (頂上戦争!! Chōjō Sensō!!?)
  • 013: Let's Go to Ryugu Palace!! (竜宮城へいこう!! Ryūgū-jō e Ikou!!?)
  • 014: Summer Vacation (夏休み Natsuyasumi?)
  • 015: Trafalgar Strikes Back (逆襲のトラファルガー Gyakushū no Torafarugā?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 3.png

One Piece Party Volume 4
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 4 June 4, 2018[10] 184 ISBN 978-4-08-881507-7
  • 016: Tsukkomi Usopp (ツッコミウソップ Tsukkomi Usoppu?)
  • 017: Two Gold Balls (金の玉は2つ Kin no Tama wa Futatsu?)
  • 018: Sword Training (剣の修業 Ken no Shugyō?)
  • 019: Treasure Island!! (宝島!! Takarajima!!?)
  • 020: Luffy and Zoro (ルフィとゾロ Rufi to Zoro?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 4.png

One Piece Party Volume 5
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 5 March 4, 2019[11] 184 ISBN 978-4-08-881776-7
  • 021: A Town Which Only Has Children — Captain of Captains — (子供しかいない街 — キャプテンのキャプテン — Kodomo Shika Inai Machi — Kyaputen no Kyaputen —?)
  • 022: Sea Train Murder Case (海列車殺人事件 Umi Ressha Satsujin Jiken?)
  • 023: Germa 66 (ジェルマ66ダブルシックス Jeruma Daburushikkusu?)
  • 024: Graque (グラクエ Gurakue?)
  • 025: Chef Sanji (料理人サンジ Ryōrinin Sanji?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 5.png

One Piece Party Volume 6
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 6 April 3, 2020[12] 184 ISBN 978-4-08-882155-9
  • 026: Chapter of Training in the Ninja Classroom (忍者教室で修業でござるの巻 Ninja Kyōshitsu de Shūgyō de gozaru no Maki?)
  • 027: For Whom the Bell Tolls (誰が為に鐘は鳴る Ta ga Tame ni Kane wa Naru?)
  • 028: Gag Manga Style Loguetown (ギャグ漫画風 ローグタウン Gyagu Manga-fū Rōgutaun?)
  • 029: Yuru-chara Content (ゆるキャラ コンテスト Yuru Kyara Kontesuto?)
  • 030: Chopperman for the New World (チョッパーマン for the new worldフォー ザ ニュー ワールド Choppāman fō za nyū wārudo?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 6.png

One Piece Party Volume 7
Title Release Date Pages ISBN
Volume 7 February 4, 2021[13] 192 ISBN 978-4-08-882623-3
  • 031: One Piece High School!! (ワンピース高校!! Wan Pīsu Kōkō!!?)
  • 032: Little Robin and Mysterious Park (小さなロビンとふしぎ公園 Chīsana Robin to Fushigi Kōen?)
  • 033: Usopp, Caught in Impel Down (ウソップ、インペルダウンに捕まる Usoppu, Inperu Daun ni Tsukamaru?)
  • 034: Straw Hat Luffy (麦わらのルフィ Mugiwara no Rufi?)
Cover character(s)

One Piece Party Volume 7.png

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