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One Piece Party 2 is the second volume of One Piece Party, including chapters 6 - 10.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket's cover displays many characters in different poses, as listed below. The author's name is written in black, and the title is in green and crimson.

On the front of the book it shows Luffy, Ace, and Sabo all standing together. The background is a map of the One Piece world.

Ace is on the spine, wearing a bad disguise and proudly showing Luffy's Beli30,000,000 bounty poster.

The cover illustration inside the book displays Luffy and Usopp in kabuki face paint , with the title displayed above them.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
OPP Volume 002 Intro Image

I am doing this with a feeling of respect.

Pleased to meet you.


Chapter 6[]

Davy Back Fight
Foxy, allied with Law and Cavendish, challenge the Straw Hat Pirates for a 1-match Davy Back Fight consisting of Groggy Ring, with the winner receiving gold and an all-you-can-eat buffet from the winner. Foxy and Luffy are the "balls" on their respective teams, with their teammates being Law and Cavendish for Foxy, and Sanji and Zoro for Luffy. The Straw Hats finish by winning the match.

Chapter 7[]

Stray Zoro
Zoro falls asleep on the Thousand Sunny, and after an accidental journey including Sea Kings and Orlumbus, wakes up imprisoned on Amazon Lily. After impressing Boa Hancock by not being turned to stone, defeating an invading Caribou, and being revealed as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Kuja successfully send him back to the Sunny with a backpack full of love letters for Luffy.

Chapter 8[]

The Fire Doesn't Go Out
While hunting for Blackbeard, Ace encounters Brownbeard attacking Foodvalten, one of Whitebeard's territories. Allying with Marco, who's come to stop Brownbeard, Ace quickly takes him down. They throw a celebration for the defeat of Brownbeard, and Ace has a small discussion with Whitebeard, where he pretends to be a random citizen of the island. Brownbeard then informs Ace that he's heard rumors of Blackbeard attacking Drum Island, and, after being informed of Luffy's exploits on Whisky Peak with Baroque Works and Nefertari Vivi, he decides to visit Drum and Arabasta.

While on Drum, he meets Kureha, who informs him that Baroque Works works under Crocodile. Worrying for Luffy's safety, Ace rushes to Arabasta, and after a meeting with Robin, decides to eat at Spice Bean, where he confuses Demaro Black for Luffy. The story then progresses fairly normally until Ace gives Luffy his Vivre Card, at which point Luffy responds by giving Ace his drawing of Nami Fish-Woman.

Chapter 9[]

Guest on the Sunny
Bartolomeo visits the Thousand Sunny, amazed at everything around him and constantly star-struck by the Straw Hat Pirates. Eventually, he thoroughly cleans everything and buys all their grass, before leaving.

Chapter 10[]

5th Match!!
Law tries to tell a funny story to the Straw Hat Pirates, though only Luffy finds it funny. Annoyed by this, Law challenges Zoro to tell a funnier story, which he arguably does (ie, more people laugh). Law then challenges the Straw Hats to different challenges, including a race against Sanji, which Sanji wins; a rock-paper-scissors contest against Chopper, which Chopper wins; an art contest, against Usopp, which Law wins (though it's only because Bepo is judging); and a sumo match against Luffy, which Luffy wins. Depressed at his losses, Law is comforted by Zoro, who points out that all the Straw Hats are eternally grateful to him because of how he was able to save Luffy during the Marineford War, before they all go to sleep.


Title Pages
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 704 of Volume 71 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 560 of Volume 57 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 175 of Volume 19 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 799 of Volume 80 2
String 2
Bath Time 2
Courage, Law Black Ranger! 2
Addition 1
A Hard to Carry Heritage 1/2
Killer's Water Games 1/2
In Fashion (Back Cover)* 1



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