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One Piece Party 3 is the third volume of One Piece Party, including chapters 11 - 15.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket displays a multitude of characters in different poses, as listed below. The author's name is listed in black, and the title is listed in orange and turquoise.

On the front of the book it shows the Straw Hat Pirates with switched bodies due to Jinkaku Ishoku Shujutsu, wearing the clothes of their respective personality.

Police Officer Senor Pink is on the spine.

The cover illustration inside the book displays Luffy with a crown and map, and Chopper next to him. The title is above them.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
OPP Volume 003 Intro Image

It's a gag manga, so I hope you can look at it with an open mind.

Pleased to meet you.


Chapter 11[]

Little Devil Nami
While having a snowball fight against the Heart Pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter Nefertari Vivi, Pell, and Karoo, who are in search of a legendary medicinal plant to help Nefertari Cobra. They agree to help them find it, and begin climbing a nearby mountain. However, they are attacked by Wapol, Chess, and Kuromarimo, who nearly manage to destroy the Thousand Sunny, before the Straw Hats manage to defeat them. They then finish climbing the mountain and retrieve the plant for Vivi.

Chapter 12[]

Summit War!!
Luffy, Ace, and Sabo challenge Garp to a duel to prove they can become pirates. The brothers manage to outsmart Garp and win the "Mt. Colubo Summit War", gaining free ice cream at Partys Bar.

Chapter 13[]

Let's Go to Ryugu Palace!!
The Straw Hat Pirates recreate the story of Urashima Taro, though it quickly devolves into the foiling of a kidnapping plot enacted by Hody Jones, who's trying to conquer Fish-Man Island once again by killing Shirahoshi. They save the kingdom, winning the Tamatebako, which they discover houses Smoker.

Chapter 14[]

Summer Vacation
The Straw Hat Pirates go to a vacation island, intent on finally relaxing. They participate in multiple activities, including swimming, bug hunting, watermelon splitting, beach volleyball, barbecue, Kimodameshi, fireworks, and homework. Throughout the trip, they meet up with Heracles and Wadatsumi, who join them for the activities.

Chapter 15[]

Trafalgar Strikes Back
Annoyed at the treatment he receives from the Straw Hat Pirates, Law sneaks aboard their ship while they're sleeping and uses Jinkaku Ishoku Shujutsu on them, switching their bodies. The Straw Hats wake up the next morning to find Luffy in Franky's body, Zoro in Chopper's body, Sanji in Zoro's body, Usopp in Nami's body, Nami in Brook's body, Robin in Luffy's body, Chopper in Robin's body, Franky in Sanji's body, and Brook in Usopp's body. They decide to go ashore and try to find Law, though they are stopped by Yarisugi and Jerry. They quickly dispatch of them and enter the town, trapping Law and forcing him to switch them back to normal, as well as switching himself with Duval.


Title Pages
Go! The Choppers 1
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 95 of Volume 11 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 571 of Volume 58 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 273 of Volume 29 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 6 of Volume 1 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 798 of Volume 80 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 580 of Volume 69 2
Cavalry Battle 4
He Never Says It... 1
A Probable Future 1/2
Two Makes a Pair! 1/2
A Precious Photo (Back Cover)* 1


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