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One Piece Party 4 is the fourth volume of One Piece Party, including chapters 16 - 20.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket's cover displays a multitude of characters in different poses, as listed below. The author's name is written in black, and the title in yellow and crimson.

On the front of the book it shows the Straw Hat Pirates being crushed by Luffy using Gomu Gomu no Fusen. A map of the One Piece world is the background.

Rob Lucci with a cat mask is on the spine.

The cover illustration inside the book displays Luffy holding a generic pirate flag. The title is displayed above him.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
OPP Volume 004 Intro Image

I'm happy when people say things like "The guy who draws this (One Piece Party) is stupid."

It's even better if you say it while using a whip to beat me.

Pleased to meet you.


Chapter 16[]

Tsukkomi Usopp
While teaching Robin how to perform a successful tsukkomi, Usopp is swept aboard a Marine ship and brought to a top-ranking meeting with Fleet Admiral Sakazuki and other high-ranking Marines. After displaying his aptitude for tsukkomi and getting promoted all the way to Admiral, with the moniker "Golden Pegasus", he is revealed to be a pirate by Smoker and is chased out of New Marineford, with Koby replacing him as the "God of tsukkomi".

Chapter 17[]

Two Gold Balls
The Straw Hat Pirates win a lottery, allowing them and Law an all-expenses paid visit to Kyuka Island, guided by Moda. They are ambushed by remnants of Baroque Works, but are saved by Dorry and Brogy, who also won the lottery.

Chapter 18[]

Sword Training
After being thrown to Kuraigana Island by Bartholomew Kuma, Zoro asks Dracule Mihawk to train him as a swordsman disciple. Stalling for time, Mihawk makes Zoro perform a set of menial tasks, which Zoro misunderstands to be indirect training.

Chapter 19[]

Treasure Island!!
The Straw Hat Pirates receive a map and a key to an island called Kuma, also known as Treasure Island, which supposedly houses the legendary treasure "Fabulous Marvelous". They set out towards the island, fighting their way through Crocodile and sets of Marines to obtain the three other keys and, after solving a puzzle only they can solve, manage to open the treasure chest. However, instead of the "Fabulous Marvelous", they find a group of Okama who have been trying to track down Sanji since he left the Kamabakka Kingdom.

Chapter 20[]

Luffy and Zoro
Luffy and Zoro get ambushed by Marines while buying supplies, and after falling down a mountain, end up handcuffed together with Seastone handcuffs. It's revealed that they have been trapped by Monet and Vergo, and they try to fight them off with the help of Rebecca. Bartolomeo and Cavendish arrive as backup as well, but end up handcuffed to the Straw Hat duo as well. Eventually, Rebecca is able to use her Backwater Sword Dance to throw Monet into the ocean, weakening her and allowing Rebecca to take the handcuffs' key and open them. Luffy quickly deals with Vergo, and they return home.


Title Pages
Go! The Choppers 1
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 719 of Volume 72 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 782 of Volume 78 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 594 of Volume 60 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 820 of Volume 82 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 556 of Volume 57 2
Good Manners 1
The Magma-Log of Admiral Sakazuki 1
One Piece 1
Red Crab Pirates 1/2
Emotions 1/2
Vivi? (Back Cover)* 1


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