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One Piece Party 5 is the fifth volume of One Piece Party.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket's cover displays a multitude of characters in different poses, as listed below. The author's name is listed in pink, the title in blue and yellow.

On the front of the book it shows Drip, Demaro Black, and Fake versions of Germa 66 mimicking art of the Whole Cake Island Arc. The background is a mostly empty cartography graph.

Kuzan is featured on the spine.

The cover illustration inside the book shows the Straw Hat Pirates (minus Jinbe) in custom outfits standing in front of the Thousand Sunny. The title is displayed above the image.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
OPP Volume 005 Intro Image

I have a younger sister who loves "One Piece", and it seems she wants to meet Oda-san at least once. A while ago she asked me "Will Oda-san come to big brother's funeral!?".

No, no. Before wondering if he'd come or not, you've already determined the order?


Chapter 21[]

A Town Which Only Has Children - Captain of Captains
Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Law land on an island after receiving a distress call. There, they are shocked to see only children, and are quickly approached by the child versions of Sai, Baby 5, Cavendish, Rebecca, Leo, and Wicca. They explain that Ain has been turning everybody on the island into children using the Modo Modo no Mi, though they're unsure as to why. The Straw Hats and Law decide to defeat her to restore everybody to their adult forms, and form a ring so that she can't sneak up on them. However, she turns herself into a child, allowing her to de-age the group. Notably, Law gets de-aged to a baby instead of a child.

After replacing their clothes, they set off to track her down. Soon, they meet children Smoker and Tashigi, and after a brief skirmish, child Sabo. They agree to work together to restore everyone to their proper age, and Zoro observes that Tashigi looks even more like Kuina than usual. Child Pudding then briefly arrives, before the Straw Hats and allies set off again. While searching the island, they see child versions of Monet, Donquixote Doflamingo, Sugar, Crocodile, Daz Bonez, Rob Lucci, Kalifa, Blueno, Kaku, Jabra, Spandam, Scratchmen Apoo, Killer, Eustass Kid, Basil Hawkins, Monkey D. Garp, Sengoku, Dracule Mihawk, Perona, and Kumae. Finally, the rest of the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates arrive on the island, with Koala and the G5 Marines in tow.

As they explain the problem to the newcomers, they also see child versions of Wyper, Kamakiri, Braham, Raki, Aisa, Boa Hancock, Boa Sandersonia, Boa Marigold, Marguerite, Salome, Marco, Izo, Vista, Jozu, Charlotte Perospero, Charlotte Daifuku, Charlotte Oven, Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Cracker, and Charlotte Brûlée. Eventually, the Straw Hats come to a plan to lure Ain out by attracting her to Brook's singing. She falls for it, and explains her reasoning: She wanted to run a daycare island, and concluded that this was the best way to get children. They begin fighting, she summons the Super White Bear, a giant PX-Z made up of 9 normal ones inside a giant suit. Trying to fight it, Luffy enters Gear 4: Boundman, but is unable to stabilize his bouncing due to his smaller size.

Suddenly, child Ace arrives, allowing the three brothers to do a combo attack with two Mera Mera no Mi users and Red Hawk, defeating the Super White Bear. At the same time, child Donquixote Rosinante appears, and quietly talks to baby Law. With Ain defeated, everyone returns to their original age, and they have a quick discussion on how nobody saw Ace except for Luffy and Sabo, confusing them.

Chapter 22[]

Sea Train Murder Case
On the Sea Train, Kalifa and Conductor Brook find Iceburg's body in a pool of blood. Usopp and Sanji, a pair of detectives called the Usonji Brothers, decide to investigate the case. However, it is quickly hijacked by Luffy, a famous detective, his assistant Nami, and his cat Chopper, as well as the Lazy Detective Kuzan. They quickly establish that he must have been murdered between midnight and 2am, via poisoning. However, the door was locked, and the only key was in Iceburg's pocket. Kuzan notices that Iceburg seems to have been written ル ("Lu" in Katakana).

Kalifa then recounts the events of the previous night. She had dinner with him, leaving at one in the morning. Both her and Brook saw him, but that was the last time anybody saw him alive. They next interview Franky, Robin, and Zoro. However, the three of them were drinking all night. Luffy comes to the conclusion that he's solved the murder: Zoro dressed up half his body as Robin and positioned in front of a mirror, so it appeared as if she was in the room. Robin then went to Iceburg's room and tickled him to death. However, Nami quickly shuts him down, stating that among other things, Iceburg's door was locked and Robin couldn't get in even if the theory was plausible.

However, this prompts Robin to reveal that around 1:30am, she heard a loud crash from Iceburg's room. This allows Nami and Kuzan to establish the time of death: 1:30am. Brook then rushes into the room, announcing that the murderer has struck again. They follow him to find Crocodile's body with blood leaking out of his mouth. However, Kuzan notices that it's just ketchup, and Crocodile has simply passed out from his distaste of it.

They decide to interrogate the next group of people, Lucci and Kaku. They state that they were playing cards with Kuzan and Paulie, which Kuzan confirms. Luffy decides that he's discovered the murderer again, saying that Kaku took Usopp's sleeping body as a mannequin of himself and used the power of the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe to slide Iceburg into a wall, killing him. Usopp mentions that he wasn't even on the train last night, and Usopp counters that Lucci used his beard to smack Iceburg to death, explaining the "Lu" on the wall. However, Nami counters again, mentioning that Iceburg died from poisoning.

Lucci recommends that they interrogate Kalifa, but before they do that, they decide to investigate the last passenger, Kokoro. Her and Kalifa confirm that they spent the night together from when Kalifa left Iceburg until 3:00 in the morning. Suddenly, Usopp bursts in, revealing that the glass in the window on Iceburg's door comes off, allowing someone to put things back in the room. They come to the conclusion that somebody with the power to extend their arms must have poisoned Iceburg and placed the key back in his pocket through the window. This leads them to believe that Luffy is the murderer, using the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. This is supported by the "Lu" written on his wall.

With Luffy caught, Nami begins complaining that they still don't know how he actually poisoned Iceburg. Kuzan mentions that someone might have poisoned him in advance, and just waited for the poison to kick in. At the same time, Luffy gets mad at Chopper for not bringing him food, mentioning how he's Luffy's pet and should do what he says. This inspires Nami to come to a new conclusion as to how Iceburg died, and they let Luffy go.

After bringing all the passengers, with the exception of Crocodile, to the train's dining hall, Nami explains her new theory. She states that Kalifa actually poisoned Iceburg before leaving his room, and placed his corpse back at his desk to trick Brook. Once Brook left, she returned to the room and used the power of the Awa Awa no Mi to loosen the desk and chair, causing it to collapse at 1:30am, creating the crash. to return the key to Iceburg's pocket, she tied it to Tyrannosaurus, lured him into Iceburg's pocket through the window using a nut, and pulling a string to untie it from his body, dropping it into Iceburg's pocket. The ル on the wall was actually meant to be the English letters "ILS", for "Iceburg's Loyal Secretary."

Everyone celebrates that Nami has solved the case, when Iceburg asks Paulie who's death got solved. They suddenly realize that Iceburg has been in the dining hall for all of Nami's explanation, and he wasn't dead at all. Iceburg then explains that he actually got a nosebleed from picking too deep into his nose, and as it was a new blood loss record, wanted to record the amount: 1L. After apologizing to Kalifa, Nami angrily hits Iceburg, causing a new nosebleed with a new record of 2L.

Chapter 23[]

Germa 66
Zoro wakes up on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, seeing a letter from the rest of the Straw Hats that they went shopping and left him to watch the boat. He decides to clean the boy's room, finally making it organized, when Yonji knocks down the door. He states that he's looking for an orange-haired girl, but Zoro says he doesn't know who he means. He asks if Yonji means "someone with black hair, who's tall and always smiling", and after Yonji says yes, reveals he was talking about Brook.

Zoro then describes someone who's "always well-groomed, wears an open shirt and just underwear." Yonji says he would like them, with Zoro revealing he was describing Franky. Yonji gets mad, telling Zoro to bring him to the orange-haired girl, and Zoro leads him to a trapdoor to the Sunny's below deck, closing it above his head and sitting above it. Yonji angrily jumps out, and as he yells at Zoro, the other two Vinsmoke boys arrive.

Zoro admits that he knows somebody not in the Straw Hats they could meet, describing them as someone with "long blond hair, a mask, and slightly opinionated." They agree, and he reveals that he was describing Vinsmoke Judge. Angrily, they ask if he even knows who they are, stating that they represent Germa 66, though Zoro doesn't recognize the name. The brothers demand that he brings them to Nami, as they want to bring her with them back to Germa, though Zoro refuses, starting a fight.

The brothers switch into their Raid Suits, distracting Zoro with their nudity. Zoro complains, prompting the brothers to begin flashing him as a distraction. They begin to charge an attack, but Zoro hits them with 108-Pound Phoenix, interrupting their attack and prompting them to complain about his breaking the rules of fighting. Zoro then begins preparing another 108-Pound Phoenix, though the brothers interrupt him Black Bug, prompting him to make the same complaint as them.

Zoro then hits with 360 Pound Cannon, but they block with a Clone Wall. A swarm of Clones then appear on the ship, and the brothers begin boasting, stating that it's obvious Zoro would be weak, as he's friends with Sanji. Zoro asks if they've ever tried Sanji's cooking, and when they say they haven't, he decides that they don't even deserve to make him use his swords, switching to No Sword Style.

He lunges at Yonji, grabbing his hands and headbutting his head, temporarily knocking him unconscious. He then emulates the Clone Wall, blocking Niji's Henry Needle with Yonji's face. Throwing Yonji into the air, he jumps and knees his jaw, followed by grabbing his arms and pulling them behind his back, nearly breaking them. Back on the ground, Zoro switches into Ashura, still without swords. He quickly defeats the Clones, and forces the brothers to the ground. Suddenly, Judge arrives, ordering them back to Germa.

As they leave, they insult the Sunny, and Zoro retaliates by hitting Germa's giant snail with the Gaon Cannon. As Germa leaves, the Straw Hats return, and Zoro wonders who the brothers even were. However, Zoro quickly sees something is wrong with Sanji, pulling off a wig and revealing Yonji. The real Sanji then returns to the deck, flanked by Ichiji and Niji dressed as him. They quickly tie up the three brothers, and Reiju arrives to pick them up, apologizing for the trouble they caused.

Chapter 24[]

Cobrasa (Cobra), King of Arabasta, gives the level 1 Hero Luffy the quest to defeat the Demon King Crocodine (Crocodile) before he can plunge the world into chaos. As well, he captured the Princess of Arabasta, Nefertari Vivi. Chaka then directs Luffy to the Robida (Robin) Tavern to recruit some allies.

Upon arriving at the tavern, he recruits Gaimon, and prepares to leave. However, Robida forces him to recruit other people instead, ending up with Zoro, a level 1 Fighter, Nami, a level 1 Sorcerer, Sanji, a Level 1 Pervert Martial Artist, and Usopp, a level 1 Liar. They leave to get XP and level up, encountering the Frog Croa-Croa (Miss Father's Day), the Baby Bye-Bye (Mr. 9), the Slime Ho Ho Ho (Mr. 7), and the Panther Poing (Miss Monday).

The team arrives at Katorea, their first village. They go to the inn and meet the innkeeper, Broon (Brook). After giving them their room, Broon offers Sanji a night of "bang bang" for adults, who accepts. In a dark room, he gropes two soft balls, before Broon turns on the lights and reveals that Sanji has been groping Gaimon's cheeks.

The next morning they decide to go buy new gear, and Luffy reveals that he sent Sanji to do all the team's shopping with their Beli200,000. He returns with a "risquini" (a string bikini) for Nami, who refuses to wear it, and they leave the town. Before leaving, they are directed toward Erumalu, a nearby dungeon, by Koza. They quickly get overwhelmed, all dying in the dungeon with the exception of Luffy, and Koza sends him to the the priest, Frankys (Franky).

He offers to revive the team, but it will cost Luffy Beli1,000 for Zoro, Beli1,000 for Sanji, Beli900 for Nami, and Beli5 for Usopp. However, as Luffy has no money, Frankys offers to pay it all himself, and revives them, as well as giving them equipment that will allow them to avoid all the dungeon's traps.

The team returns to the dungeon, facing off against new monsters. They meets the Golem Four (Babe), the Old Woman Mole (Drophy), the Skull Paint (Marianne), the Bomb Armor (Gem), the Ghost Kilo-Kilo (Mikita), the Candle Death (Galdino), the Demon Slasher (Daz Bonez), and the Sea Urchin Killer (Zala), though the team quickly beats them. Advancing, they meet the Madwoman Cyclone (Bentham), who gets beaten by Nami after flashing the rest of the team while in her form. They finally reach the end of the dungeon, gaining the Orb.

After training to increase their level, they approach the End of the World and meet Grandpa Chopper, Dean of the Legend. They reveal their new levels (Luffy: 78, Zoro: 75, Sanji: 75, Nami: 70, Usopp: 73) and their new classes (Luffy: Glutton and Grand Hero, Zoro: Expert in Three Sword Style, Sanji: Paladin of Women, Nami: Beautiful Sage, Usopp: Champion of the Quickfire Lie). Chopper reveals that the Hero must now pull the Goldy Rojan, the sword of the Greatest Hero.

They notice that many Heroes have tried, and failed, to pull the Sword, including Hawkins (Magician Hero), Drake (Dino Hero), Bonney (Gluttonous Hero), Urouge (Monk Hero), Bege (Gangster Hero), Law (Hero of the Dead), Apoo (Long-armed Hero), and Kid (Captain Hero). Luffy realizes that instead of pulling the Sword, he can just break the rock, and proceeds to break the stone using a pickaxe. He then proceeds to the Orb's podium, placing it down and summoning Pell, the Legendary Falcon.

Arriving at Rainbase, Crocodine's Castle, Nami summons a rain cloud above Crocodine's head as a counter to his power of the Suna Suna no Mi. However, he pulls out an umbrella, blocking the water from hitting him. In retaliation, Nami summons a wet dog, and, feeling bad, Crocodine moves the umbrella to cover the dog instead, allowing himself to be hit by the rain. The team then hit him, knocking him down.

Crocodine enters his true form, a Bananawani Dragon. However, Luffy quickly dispatches of it, saving the Princess Vivi and accessing a treasure chest. Upon opening the chest, however, they discover that it is actually Gaimon. Vivi returns to Alubarna Palace, and Nami asks Cobrasa for Beli1,000,000,000 as a fee for saving the Princess.

Chapter 25[]

Chef Sanji
The Straw Hats are on the Thousand Sunny, debating whether or not they would become the strongest pirate crew if they had 100 Zoros due to the Zoro Zoro no Mi. Suddenly, a child walks on board, looking very similar to Sanji, and claiming to be his son. Sanji returns to the ship, confused at who the 5-year old could be. Drip then arrives at the Sunny, acknowledging the child, Trip, as his son. He brings the Straw Hats into the Sunny's kitchen and explains that he's been lying to his son about being part of the crew, begging them to play along for a day. They agree, and Sanji takes the name Goji, the apprentice of Drip (who's using the name Sanji).

After playing with Trip for a bit, Drip and Sanji return to the kitchen to make lunch, though in reality Sanji will be doing all the cooking. Trip explains to the rest of the Straw Hats how Drip explained everything about them to him, including how Drip single handedly took down Crocodile, Gecko Moria, and Donquixote Doflamingo, as well as his epithet of "Warlord Killer." He also explains how Nami and Robin supposedly fawn over him, though Nami refuses to, and stops Robin from, showing Trip.

Before eating, Trip forces the crew to say Grace, and once they begin eating, Drip is shocked at how good Sanji's cooking truly is. Trip states that he wants to be a chef like his dad, and when asking Sanji for recipes, gets overwhelmed by the amount of instructions and moves on. Drip and Trip finally leave, with Drip saying that he'll be returning soon to take his post on the crew back.

As they walk home, they encounter Lip Doughty and Albion, who are angry at Drip for getting them arrested. They begin to beat him, and when Trip tries to intervene, him as well. However, Sanji shows up, quickly defeating them and returning Trip's recipe book, which he forgot. He tells Trip not to fight with hands, to preserve them for cooking, and warns Drip not to betray his son by giving up in front of him. He then returns to the Sunny, telling them to come back someday and he'll be glad to feed them.

The next day, all of the Fake Straw Hat Crew members, with the exception of Demaro Black, have come with their children; Manjaro has one, Chocolat has one, Mounblutain has three, Nora Gitsune has one, and Cocoa has one. Turco is also there, though he has no children shown, and Drip has returned with Trip.


Title Pages
Go! The Choppers! 1
Cootubers 4
The Onigiri Salesman 4
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 903 of Volume 90 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 165 of Volume 18 2
Bonus Episode - Pulled from Chapter 68 of Volume 8 2
Birthday Cake 2
"D-Boys" 1/2
Virtual Den Den Mushi 1/2
Left Alone to Watch the House 1/2
World Premiere! What's Underneath the Other Mask? 1/2
Rounded Route (Back Cover)* 1/2

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