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One Piece Party 6 is the sixth volume of One Piece Party.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust-jacket's cover displays a multitude of characters in different poses, as listed below. The author's name is listed in green, the title in pink and light blue.

On the front of the book it shows the Worst Generation, minus Blackbeard, with their genders swapped. A map of the One Piece world is displayed as the background.

Dof Kage is featured on the spine.

The cover illustration inside the book shows Luffy reaching towards the camera, with the Straw Hat Pirates behind him. The title is displayed above and underneath the image.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
OPP Volume 006 Intro Image For the first story in this 6th volume, I imagined while laughing a story in which the Straw Hat Pirates, the Supernova, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea all changed their gender. But when I presented my panels worthy of the greatest masterpieces to my editor, he shelved them. (laughs)


Chapter 26[]

Chapter of Training in the Ninja
Raizo is holding a class on how to become a Ninja, but he's late. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Brook, Law, Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin wait for him. Zoro notices Raizo hiding out of the corner of his eye, and Raizo gets mad at them for not being attentive while they exclaim how great of a Ninja he is. Raizo finally begins the class, and talks about how a Ninja must be able to blend in. He remarks that Law has customized his Ninja outfit with a Corazon design, but Law responds by pointing out Raizo's unique outfit. Raizo gets mad, using "Don't Talk Back Jutsu", and Law leaves the class, with Shachi, Penguin, and Bepo following him. Sanji asks when the kunoichi, Nami and Robin, are going to join the group, and Raizo reveals that they opted-out, so Sanji angrily leaves. Next, they notice that Zoro is missing, and through Den Den Mushi with Usopp, discover that he got lost on a small rock in the ocean before getting kidnapped by a giant eagle.

With half the students gone, Raizo continues the lesson. He begins by showing them his Ninja tools, including shuriken, kunai, grenades, spike traps, a kusirigama, and poison blowdarts, with a poison powerful enough to kill someone just by touching them. Next, he iniates a race, which Luffy wins. However, Raizo notices that all the members are running like in Naruto, and the members begin wearing Straw Hat Shinobi uniforms (emulating the Leaf Shinobi), as well as being carved into Hokage Rock, though they stop when Raizo says that it may cause copyright issues.

Raizo then teaches the students to walk on water, though Brook displays that he can already accomplish that. Next, Raizo shows them how to make a fire using a stick and a plank, but Franky then displays using Franky Fresh Fire. Shocked, Raizo displays how to glide like a flying squirrel, which Luffy emulates by stretching out, and how to summon a toad, which Chopper emulates by accessing Monster Point. Raizo exclaims that they're all very high-potential students, and decides to show them a disappearing ability. He throws a smoke bomb, and the students attempt to find him.

Raizo hides in water, using a reed as a breathing tube. Luffy notices the tube and, thinking that it's an enemy, dumps the poison blowdarts into it, forcing Raizo to jump out of the water and spit them out. Raizo yells at Luffy, saying that he almost died, but decides to break for lunch, bringing out gross-tasting protein balls. Chopper then brings out protein balls that Sanji made, with beef teriyaki, seafood gratin, garlic chicken, cheese curry, basil tomato, and chocolate-covered flavors. Raizo begins eating them, shocked at the good flavors, and decides they should have the second half of the class in Sanji's kitchen.

Suddenly, Luffy senses danger with Kenbunshoku Haki, and jumps out of the way while everyone else's shadows are stolen. Looking around, he sees four reed breathing tubes sticking out of the ground, and throws poison blowdarts into them, forcing Donquixote Doflamingo, Crocodile, Gecko Moria, and Bartholomew Kuma to jump out of the ground. They reveal themselves as Ninja as well, with the names Dof' Kage the String Ninja, Croco Kage the Sand Ninja, Mori Kage the Shadow Ninja, and Kuma Kage the Bear Ninja. They also mention that Miho Kage the Falcon Ninja is missing, and we see Zoro, hanging from an eagle, run into Mihawk, Perona, and Kumashi in Ninja outfits.

Moria displays that he's caught everyone in Raizo's class in a shadow box, and Doflamingo and Crocodile reveal that they are targeting Luffy as revenge for embarrassing the Warlords in Arabasta and Dressrosa. Luffy points out that Moria, Doflamingo, and Crocodile are no longer members of the Warlords, and fails to emulate Raizo's hiding technique. Doflamingo traps Luffy in strings, but before Kuma can launch him away, Law swaps Luffy and Doflamingo uses Shambles, forcing Kuma to throw away Doflamingo instead. Law reveals that him and Sanji have returned to help, while Pudding gushes over Sanji in the background. Zoro returns in the eagle's mouth, and asks Sanji to back him up. Sanji then images Nami, Robin, and Shinobu in the bath, triggering a nosebleed that he aims at Crocodile, allowing Zoro to cut him. Moria summons zombies and absorbs their shadows, accessing Shadow's Asgard. In response, Luffy triggers Boundman, and Law shambles Moria and a log that Sanji kicked up, allowing Luffy to hit Moria with a King Kong Gun. Moria then falls onto Kuma, crushing him.

As they begin celebrating, O-Han the Snake Kunoichi appears, and after exchanging a "Nin Nin" with Luffy, faints from pleasure, as well as Sanji turning to stone. Raizo congratulates them on their work, and declares Luffy the best Ninja of the day, giving him a smaller version of his own outfit, which Luffy proudly wears. The commissioner of a nearby town comes to investigate reports of a suspicious individual on the mountain, and arrests Raizo as the only suspect. Doflamingo then appears inside Impel Down, and Magellan returns him to solitary confinement.

Chapter 27[]

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Robin, Zoro, Brook, Chopper, and Sanji watch a Knock Up Stream from the deck of the Thousand Sunny. As Brook remarks that the rest of the crew still haven't returned, we see Luffy, Nami, Franky, and Usopp climbing the Knock Up Stream on the Mini Merry II. Franky then modifies the Mini Merry to look like the Going Merry Flying Mode, as they reach the Sky Islands, specifically a vacation spot far from Skypiea, though they notice that Luffy has gone missing. There they see Conis, Aisa, and Pagaya, and Conis decides to give them pumpkin noodles from the local Pumpkin Cafe branch. However, right after she leaves, Shura, Ohm, Yama, and the Divine Soldiers appear, stating that Enel has returned from the Fairy Vearth to try the pumpkin noodles.

Panicking, Usopp uses Gan Fall's whistle, and Pierre arrives, showing that Gan Fall has already lost to the priests. Franky decides to fight Shura, to stop him from harassing the townspeople, but he gets caught by the Ordeal of String. Ohm attacks Usopp, sending Holy to attack him, and Usopp tries and fails to use Haoshoku Haki. We then see Luffy, burned and running away from Satori, Hotori, and Kotori.

Franky tricks Shura into attacking his stomach, shattering the Cola bottles inside him and putting out his Heat Javelin. This allows Franky to burn himself and the strings using a fire ball, blind Shura using Nipple Light, and fly up and defeat him using Coup de Vent. Usopp dodges an attack from the Eisen Whip, and after two Skypieans try to stop Ohm using rubber bands, decides to properly fight back, hitting Ohm with a Kayaku Boshi and then using Usopp Spell, though neither work. Finally, Usopp uses Midori Boshi:Sargasso and a Tone Dial to lure Ohm into a trap, defeating him. Enraged, Yama and the Divine Soldiers attack, but Nami swiftly defeats them using a Zeus Breeze Tempo.

Enel finally arrives, angry at Usopp and Nami for emulating god, based on their epithet and attacks, respectively. He then begins eating pumpkin noodles, which he had stolen from Conis. He decides to teach the Straw Hats a lesson, attacking them with 60,000,000 Volt Jamboule, but Luffy blocks it before it hits anyone else. Aisa had gone to find him on Pierre using a Vivre Card, after he had beaten Satori and his brothers. Enel and Luffy begin fighting, with Enel noticing that Luffy has learnt Mantra. Eventually, Enel enters a new, more powerful version of the Max 200,000,000 Volt Amaru, this time using 500 million volts, but Luffy beats him with a Gigant Bell. Finally, the Straw Hats try the pumpkin noodles and return to the Blue Sea using an Octopus Balloon.

Chapter 28[]

Gag Manga Style Loguetown
Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji arrive in Loguetown for the first time. Each going their separate ways, Luffy immediately bumps into Bartolomeo, who's visiting Loguetown. Despite Bartolomeo getting annoyed at him, Luffy just runs off, so Bartolomeo continues walking, ignoring Luffy as a weird country person. He then sees Tashigi getting attacked by two pirates, and watches with Zoro as she quickly dispatches of them, then laughs as she accidentally stabs Zoro in the foot. Leaving, he watches as Nami enters a clothing store and try on all their clothes before deciding not to buy anything. Dismayed, the shopkeeper convinces her to try on two new outfits, with the first looking like Doflamingo and the second looking like his prison uniform while in Impel Down, both of which she refuses to buy. Leaving, Bartolomeo sees the pirates from before getting ready to ambush Tashigi, but Sanji quickly stops them, with Bartolomeo's help to notice a hidden one. Finally, Bartolomeo watches Usopp buy his goggles, as well as get mistaken for Kaku the shipwright. Usopp then gets attacked by various gag characters, including a fisherman who believes him to be a swordfish, the clothes merchant who forces him to dress up as Doflamingo, Mohji who forces him to emulate water coming out of a merlion (Richie's) mouth, and Yu chasing him to try and spill ice cream on his legs, forcing Usopp to run into Smoker.

Bartolomeo leaves the interaction shocked at all the weird people he's met, and spots Zoro and Tashigi in the Arms Shop, as Zoro tries to buy new swords. Tashigi admires the Wado Ichimonji, though it's displayed in it's humanized form, and after angering Ipponmatsu, accidentally stabs Zoro's other foot. Tashigi then picks up a humanized Sandai Kitetsu, remarking that Zoro should buy it, but Ipponmatsu warns that it's a cursed sword. Zoro tests the curse by throwing it in the air, but the sword passes around his arm, and Ipponmatsu lets him take it and the humanized Yubashiri as a reward.

Bartolomeo leaves the store shocked at what he's just witnessed when he hears a cry from the town square. He watches as Buggy prepares to execute Luffy, while monologuing about how he's one day going to become a Warlord of the Sea and even an Emperor. Cabaji, Alvida, and Puggy watch from the crowd as Luffy asks personal questions about Shanks, and Buggy refers him to the Vivre Card Databook.

On an unnamed Sky Island, Enel has just finished a five year long model of the Ark Maxim, as Ohm, Shura, and Satori admire it. However, Gedatsu then enters, doing the hustle, backwards, while on roller blades. Unable to see where he's going, he crashes into Enel's model, destroying it. In anger, Enel summons lightning, and the priests jump out of the way.

Back in Loguetown, a lightning bolt comes out of the sky, crashing into Buggy and saving Luffy. Bartolomeo considers this a miracle as Luffy climbs onto Buggy's Bara Bara Car, though Buggy refuses to move. Due to the rain and wind, Smoker and his Marines are unable to properly chase the Straw Hats as they leave the island, with Bartolomeo shocked that all the people he's met are from the same crew. Dragon then gives Bartolomeo a copy of Luffy's bounty poster, sparking Bartolomeo's obsession with the Straw Hat Pirates.

On the open sea, Luffy declares that they will be entering the Grand Line, as Nami remarks that all their money is missing. Luffy then mentions that he left it on the Execution Stand so they can fix the tourist attraction where Ace's dad died, and the Straw Hats declare their dreams while angrily kicking Luffy over the head.

Chapter 29[]

Yuru-chara Content
Luffy tells the Straw Hat crew about a mascot contest being thrown by Disco, with a prize of Beli100 million, and they decide to enter. Once the contest begins, Disco explains that the judges will be crowds of children, who will vote on their favorite mascot. The first contestant is Perona, displaying Kumady, a new bear following in the steps of Kumae and Kumashi, which is loved by the children. The second contestant is Sugar, with a bear toy named Hobbybear, which the kids love as well. The third contestant is Caesar Clown, with an axolotl named Smilune. The mascot is made of H2S, and the scared the kids, so Disco eliminated Caesar for dangerous conduct. The fourth contestant was Shirahoshi, with a model of King Neptune and Hoe named Jamon. Finally, Luffy comes out as the fifth contestant, with a mascot of the Thousand Sunny named Sunny-chan.

Zoro is revealed to be inside the mascot to control it, and he forced to act out different actions to appease the children. Disco then asks Luffy what trick Sunny-chan can perform, to which Luffy replies that he can shoot the Gaon Cannon and use the Coup de Burst, both of which Zoro refutes. Nami declares that Sunny-chan can jump off a building into a tank with electric eels to break twenty roof tiles with his head, and Sanji declares that Sunny-chan can eat a tatababasco pill then perform a dance. After Sanji tries to force-feed the pill to Zoro, Sunny-chan speaks, shocking the kids and the Straw Hats, but Zoro plays it off by saying that the kids' love for him gave him the ability to speak. In the end, he performs Nami's trick, shocking the kids and Disco alike.

The sixth contestant then appears, being Tashigi, representing G-5. Their mascot is named Sakazucchi, and appears as a giant red ball with Sakazuki's face on it. Smoker is inside it, generating smoke to emulate heat coming off it. The kids are scared by it, and Tashigi leaves the stage. The seventh contestant then comes out, being the Heart Pirates. Their mascot is named Trafalmon, confusing the Straw Hats until Law, transformed into a centaur, comes onto the stage. The Straw Hats are shocked, and the kids are so terrified by him that Disco cancels the competition, without giving the prize to anyone.

As everyone leaves, we see the rest of the contestants waiting to come on stage. Daz Bonez and Crocodile wait with "Banana-Croco", Crocodile in a banana costume; Rob Lucci and Kaku wait with "It's a Giraffe", Kaku in a giraffe costume; Conis and Wiper wait with "Pumpkin", Wiper in a pumpkin costume; Basil Hawkins and X Drake wait with "Pear Tree Man", Drake in a pear tree costume; and Gecko Moria and Bartholomew Kuma wait with "Kuma", a giant Kuma head.

Chapter 30[]

Chopperman for the New World
Dr. Usodaba is mad at his inability to achieve his dreams of world domination because of Chopper Man's interference. He decides to lure Chopper Man to his hideout and to use all of his tools to finally defeat him. He sends the Dabada-gang soldiers (Killer, Bepo, Shachi, Penguin, Law, and Kid to retrieve Chopper Man. When they arrive at Chopper Man's hideout, they set up a communication line to Dr. Usodaba, and he informs Chopper Man and Namifia that he's taken a group of children as hostages, forcing Chopper Man to come to him. After quickly taking care of the Dabada-gang soldiers, Chopper Man flies himself, Namifia, and their new captives to Dr. Usodaba's hideout.

The first person they need to fight is Robiflowan, though she quickly changes sides due to Chopper Man's cuteness. Enraged, Dr. Usodaba sends out Sanjirops by promising to give him a P.O.P. of Namifia. Sanjirops has no problem attacking Chopper Man despite his cuteness, but switches sides when he sees that both Namifia and Robiflowan work with Chopper Man. Dr. Usodaba then sends out Zorokiller, who promptly gets lost in Whole Cake Island, and returns in time to meet and quickly dispose of Trakiller, a ripoff of himself. Sanjirops attacks Zorokiller after he almost harms Namifia and Robiflowan, giving Chopper Man the chance to take a bite out of Zorokiller's onigiri head, prompting Zorokiller to admit defeat out of shame.

Dr. Usodaba decides to send out "Good Mood" Devilky, a new monster-rank soldier. However, he is quickly defeated when Chopper Man refuses a bottle of cola, depressing Devilky and allowing Robiflowan to use Seis Fleur: Grab on Devilky's "treasure". The group then enter Dr. Usodaba's castle, meeting another new monster, the Chief of Staff Count Broobos. He, as well, is quickly defeated, after asking to see Namifia's panties and getting his soul kicked out of him. This allows Chopper Man's group to proceed, and forces Dr. Usodaba to use his ultimate weapon.

Dr. Usodaba leaves the castle, riding Giant Luffy Bomber. Chopper Man climbs into the cockpit, prompting Giant Luffy Bomber to try to remove him and accidentally swallow Dr. Usodaba, though Chopper Man makes it out. However, this leaves Giant Luffy Bomber without a pilot, and he goes on a rampage, unable to be stopped by Chopper Man. Namifia then reveals her own secret weapon, Garp Accident, Giant Luffy Bomber's grandfather. This stops Giant Luffy Bomber from rampaging, and both him and Garp Accident fall asleep, allowing Chopper Man to save Dr. Usodaba from Giant Luffy Bomber's stomach.

Chopper Man's group and the Dabada-gang then throw a party, announcing the dissolution of the Dabada-gang as thanks for Chopper Man's rescue and forgiveness of Dr. Usodaba.


Title Pages
Go! The Choppers 1
To us the head of Whitebeard! 4
Chonmage 1
The dregs of cootubers 6
Akainu's song 4
Meet "off" 4
Two similar brothers 1
Ghostbusters 1/2
Total submission in four seconds 1/2
Transparency vs transparency 1/2
Killer of the day 1/2
Hororonoa Zoro (♀) (Back Cover)* 1

Volume Changes[]

  • Chapter 26
    • In the Shonen Jump+ release, the chapter was paired with promotion of the sixth volume. It included a censored version of the concept art of Devilky and Count Broubon, as well as a notice of the volume releasing on Porchemy's birthday.
  • Chapter 27
    • In the Saikyo Jump release, the Knock Up Stream isn't shown, but is instead told to the reader by Tony Tony Chopper in an introductory panel. In the volume version, two pages are added of the relevant Straw Hats climbing the Knock Up Stream, and the panel of Chopper narrating is replaced by them catching their breath.


  1. One Piece Party Volume 6: Shueisha

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