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One Piece Party 7 is the seventh and final volume of One Piece Party, comprising chapters 31 - 34.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The dust jacket's cover displays many characters in different poses, as listed below. The author's name is written in orange, and the title is in purple and pink, with a green outline.

The front of the book shows the Straw Hat Pirates, minus Jinbe, dressed as high school delinquents, with Tama in front. A map of the One Piece world is in the background.

Koby is on the spine.

The cover illustration inside the book displays the Straw Hat Pirates asleep in a circle on a grassy field. The title is displayed at the top.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
OPP Volume 007 Intro Image

It was a very valuable experience for me to be able to use Oda-san's important characters with a generous heart like Luffy's.

Truly, thank you very much.


Chapter 31[]

One Piece High School!!
In an alternate reality where each pirate crew represents its own high school, the Straw Hat Pirates live as high school delinquents. However, they are quickly pitted against the Donquixote Pirates, and, allying with the Heart Pirates and Kid Pirates, endeavor to take them down, eventually triggering a high school recreation of the Dressrosa Arc. However, this version is notably different, with characters who are supposed to be dead instead being alive, such as Ace and Donquixote Rosinante.

Chapter 32[]

Little Robin and the Mysterious Park
While running with Ace and Sabo on Mt. Colubo, Luffy falls down a hill, suddenly appearing in an empty clearing. Slowly, the Straw Hat Pirates (minus Jinbe), all as children, begin to appear in the clearing. After introductions, Franky builds a jungle gym, and the kids begin to play together. Robin theorizes that they are trapped in some sort of space-time dilation, though the rest of the crew ignores her. Eventually, Alvida appears and attempts to kidnap Robin to turn her in to the Marines for her Beli79,000,000 bounty. However, the crew are able to defeat her, and they all return to their proper timelines, with Luffy swearing to make them join his pirate crew when they are adults.

Chapter 33[]

Usopp, Caught in Impel Down
Usopp is caught in Impel Down after jumping too high on a Midori Boshi: Trampolia and launching himself into the prison. He is trapped on Level 1, where he receives aid from Demaro Black to escape the prison. However they eventually end up on Level 6, and out of desperation release Donquixote Doflamingo. Eventually, both Black and Doflamingo sacrifice themselves to help Usopp escape, and he is able to make it out with help from Franky, who had come to rescue him.

Chapter 34[]

Straw Hat Luffy
During a sudden Coup de Burst to escape a Sea King, Luffy hits his head and loses his memory. Morgans accidentally discovers Luffy's amnesia and publishes a story about it, prompting allies from Luffy's past to visit and Big Mom to begin an attack on the idle Sunny. The Straw Hat Pirates defend against the assault, and with help from Bartolomeo, Luffy regains his memory, allowing them to push back the Big Mom Pirates.


Title Pages
___ Crocodile who ___ to ___ in one hundred days 1
Zoro is popular? 2
Cipher Pol High School Fair 1
After-class Karaoke 2
Revision 1
Odd Jobs 2
Summer Break Projects 2
Endless Blood - Pulled from Chapter 648 of Volume 66 2
Ecstasy 1
"Suspension Bridge Effect" 2
If I ever return... 4
The end of the voyage 4
Jinbe joins the Straw Hat Pirates! 2
Untitled (Back Cover)* 1



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