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One Piece Premier Show is an annual event at Universal Studios Japan based on the story of One Piece. The event first premiered in 2007. The shows feature pyrotechnics, special effects, stunt work, and mapped projections with 3D elements.[1]


The show primarily focuses on singing and dancing rather than story-telling, along with musical sections allowing for interactions with the crowd. Members of the crowd are also picked out to participate in mini games.[2]


The One Piece Premier Show features a different plot with each event.

One Piece Premier Show 2007

In 2007, the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Atoll and set for a battle against Deacon and Buggy.

Deacon and his subordinates Ox and Crown come to Atoll, a water fortress, and take control of it by force. Hidden there is a treasure at the bottom of the seabed, and among them is a glittering golden necklace. As Ox and Crown begin searching, Buggy appears to find information about the treasure. On the other side of Atoll, the Straw Hat Pirates dock. Luffy is taste-testing food for Sanji on board the Going Merry when he discovers a golden necklace among uncooked fish they had caught. The Buggy Pirates creep aboard their ship and try to tear the crew apart and capture them. When a fight breaks out between the crew and Buggy, Deacon's group joins them, and together they try to steal the treasure. The crew devises a strategy to use Nami as a decoy to corner Buggy. Buggy tries to attack them with his Buggy Balls, but Deacon stops him, concerned that they will hurt nearby birds. The Straw Hat Pirates attack buggy and leave him with only his head, hands and feet, launching him into the air. When Deacon sees Nami holding the golden necklace, his emotion changes. He reveals that the necklace was a keepsake of his mother's and that the town sinking under Atoll is his hometown, and Nami gives it to him. The Buggy Balls that Buggy had set up explode and cause Atoll to collapse. Deacon is caught in the explosion and disappears into the sea with his mother's necklace.

One Piece Premier Show 2010

Disco plans to capture Boa Hancock to make her a highlight of his Auction House. He and his subordinate Nepenta trick her by telling her that Luffy was inviting her and capture her and other members of the Kuja. Marguerite escapes from Disco's subordinates and runs into Luffy and his crew, asking them for help. Disco and his henchmen hold a special sale at the Human Auctioning House and invite World Nobles Charlos and Shalria, who are excited to see Hancock and spend a lot of money to purchase her. The Straw Hat Pirates try to save her, but Doflamingo appears and blocks them. He uses his abilities to manipulate the crew to fight each other. While Doflamingo attacks, Brook disguises himself as an auction clerk with a cape and successfully rescues Hancock, but he is captured in the process. Hancock runs to Luffy and is pleased to see him, but Doflamingo demands that Luffy exchange her for his crewmate. He manipulates Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper and Franky to attack Luffy. Ace appears to help Luffy, and they save the rest of the crew.

One Piece Premier Show 2011

In 2011, the Straw Hat Pirates hear about a party being held on an island where the Navy is based and travel to it. There, they come across Ivankov and the Kuja Pirates led by Hancock. The two begin to compete over the right to join Luffy's party, and they decide to host a Maidenheart Competition (乙女心競技会 Otomekokoro kyōgi-kai?), in which the two compete using their knowledge of the crew and their physical strength. Suddenly, lightning strikes, and Enel appears. In addition, Arlong and Spandam appear to exact revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates. Nami and Robin are taken away by the pair from the rest of the crew, and Luffy and the others chase after them. They follow them to Charlos and Shalria, who tricked Enel into capturing the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy is captured using Seastone handcuffs. Bentham, who is disguised as Sogeking, turns into Luffy helps the hostages escape. The Straw Hat Pirates defeat Arlong and Spandam and chase a fleeing Charlos. The three admirals Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru appear before them. However, Bentham disguises himself as a member of the Marines and tells that Charlos is in critical condition and needs to be escorted immediately. With the admirals gone, Luffy confronts Enel and defeats him with Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol.

​One Piece Premier Show 2012

In 2012, the Straw Hat Pirates try to save Samba Island, which was once controlled by Whitebeard, from Chameleone's clutches with the help of Marco.

The show begins with the Fake Straw Hat Crew being captured by a squad of Marines led by Sentomaru. One of the island's residents, Rio, and her brother talk about how they are looking forward to the island's annual "Samba Festival." However, the island is under the control of Chameleone, whose influence is supported by Admiral Kizaru. The islanders live their lives in fear until the Straw Hat Pirates arrive, stopping at the island to stock up on food. The crew meets Rio, and she tells Luffy about the festival's acrobatics tournament, for which the prize is the island's special Samba Beef. Rio asks the crew to save the island from Chameleone. Soon after the festival, Sentomaru's Marine unit arrives, and Usopp and Nami retreat to the Thousand Sunny while the rest of the Straw Hats fend off the assailants. Meanwhile, Chameleone sneaks aboard the Sunny to steal the crew's Jolly Roger and uses his abilities to transform into Luffy. In disguise, he attacks Nami and Usopp, and Rio, who witnesses the entire event, learns of Chameleone's scheme. Brook and Chopper return to the ship, and Chameleone, who is allergic to animals, falls into a sneezing fit, forcing himself to turn back to his original form. Now with Chameleone's deception foiled, Luffy challenges the pirate, but Chameleone transforms into Smoker and hunts Luffy down. Suddenly, Marco appears to help, as he was looking for Chameleone after the pirate killed some of his allies and disaffiliated from the Whitebeard Pirates. Chameleone turns into Ace, then Kizaru to fight them, but when Chopper appears again, he sneezes and returns to his original form once more. Luffy and Marco work together to defeat Chameleone and liberate Samba Island.

​One Piece Premier Show 2013

In 2013, the Marines investigate a number of kidnappings on Paradise Island. The Straw Hat Pirates, joined by Kin'emon and Momonosuke, sail to the island, and they encounter and flee from a squad of Marines led by Smoker and Tashigi with the help of New World idol Homey. She explains the island's famous "KANAEMA SHOW", a contest where participants compete in dance and martial arts performances for a large cash prize. The host of KANAEMA SHOW, Lambor Bukini, is a pirate in disguise, using the contest to capture people and force them to work as slaves making weapons in an underground factory. Participants who wanted to use their strength to win the contest are planned to be remodeled and turned into loyal soldiers. What's more, Caribou and Coribou are working with him. As for Homey, she was forced to gather people for the contest after Bukini captured her parents. Also investigating the affair, Trafalgar Law discovers that Donquixote Doflamingo is behind it. He uses his abilities to fight Bukini and interrupt the contest, revealing that the entire thing was a sham. After Luffy destroys the weapons factory, the others fight Bukini's minions. Eventually, Luffy confronts Bukini himself, who unleashes the full might of his Gutsu Gutsu no Mi. Jinbe arrives to help, but Doflamingo appears as well, restraining the Straw Hats and their allies with Parasite. Fortunately, Kuzan shows up and saves them, forcing Doflamingo to retreat. After Jinbe and Kuzan chase Caribou and Coribou away, Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk on Bukini, who falls into the blast furnace in the factory ruins, causing a huge explosion and liberating the slaves.

One Piece Premier Show 2014

In the spring of 2014, the plot was a reproduction of the 2010 show with upgrades to correspond to the time skip.

In the summer of 2014, the plot featured the Straw Hat Pirates and Trafalgar D. Water Law working together against the DX Marines, led by Smash and Bildy.

Volg, the fireworks master of Madatascar Island in the New World, is planning the "Super Special Seven Color Fireworks Rangoon" designed by his daughter Flora for this year's fireworks festival. However, Smash issued a ban on fireworks and required "absolute obedience" from the island's citizens. The Straw Hat Pirates arrive and are immediately targeted by the DX Marines. Unexpected pirates and other enemies, including Hody Jones, Crocodile, Rob Lucci, Eustass Kid, Buggy, and Galdino, are all subordinates of Smash. The crew gets blown away by a sandstorm created by Crocodile. Meanwhile, Luffy meets Volg and Flora and discovers why there are no fireworks on the island. With a frustrated Volg at his back, Luffy goes to save his friends. Hancock, also a subordinate of Smash, appears and petrifies Sanji. Law also appears as a member of the DX Marines. Luffy fights Smash and his Chief of Staff Bildy, while the other crew members confront Smash's "Seven Generals." The real Law appears, confusing the crew. It is revealed that Bildy has eaten the Kone Kone no Mi, a fruit that allows him to create fake doubles of other people, and that he had made the Seven Generals using it. Caesar Clown, who had been held captive by the Straw Hat Pirates, appears, and Bildy creates a fake of Oars, involving the islanders. Mihawk appears and cuts Caesar's Shinokuni in half. The crew confronts and defeats each enemy one by one. Finally, Luffy defeats Smash with Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum.

One Piece Premier Show 2015

In 2015, the Straw Hats battled the three scientist brothers (Bürst, Misutta, and Bonbon) with the help of Sabo, Koala, Kin'emon, Bartolomeo, and Cavendish.[3]

One day, the Thousand Sunny is attacked by the group Bürst Lab, led by three scientist brothers, and they kidnap Nami. The eldest brother, Doctor Bürst, aims to conquer the world with the power of science. The group takes Nami onto Marriage Greenland, an island where lovers vow their eternal faith to each other and can never leave, where Bürst is waiting. Bürst plans to marry Nami on the island. Luffy and his crew board to island and try to save Nami, but Bürst hits them with nitro bombs made with his Devil Fruit abilities. Nami also is cold to the crew, as she was brainwashed to fall in love with Bürst by the youngest brother Bonbon, the user of the Hore Hore no Mi. The crew withdraws to formulate a plan to recapture Nami. Bartolomeo appears, having pursued Luffy since Dressrosa. They devise an "Operation SOS" (SOS作戦 Esuōesu Sakusen?) to use masks to infiltrate the wedding. Brook disguises himself as a wedding officiator, and he pretends to read through the vows between Bürst and Nami before ruining it and revealing his true identity. Luffy and the rest of the crew interrupt the wedding, making Bürst furious. Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Jeet, and Abdullah come to the crew's aide, and Bürst begins to rampaging, using his powers to take the appearance of a massive nitro dragon. Sabo and Koala also came to help the crew, and Luffy and Sabo defeat the Bürst Lab group with a combination of Luffy's Red Hawk and Sabo's Hiken.

​One Piece Premier Show 2016

In 2016, after the battle in Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Pirates travel to Promise Land, an island where keeping promises is more important than life. There, Vice Admiral Wilder had trapped Pokke's father and promises to release him if Pokke helps him capture the Straw Hat Pirates. Once they arrive, the crew is attacked by a number of previous enemies, all of whom were duplicated by Pokke's abilities. They are captured between the pressure of Wilder's heatwave attack and Fujitora's "gravitational sword". With the crew captured, Pokke asks for his father's release Wilder breaks his promise. The Straw Hat Pirates are freed from Fujitora by a group of Newkama who had pursued Sanji, and the crew starts fighting their previous enemies again. Law and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet rush to help Luffy, who is struggled to defeat duplicates of Magellan and Doflamingo. Luffy has to wait to reactivate Gear 4 after using it, but the Fleet continues to help. Wilder is ultimately cornered, and he activates his strongest attack, Ikazuchi Neppa, causing Promise Land begins to collapse. Pokke creates a duplicate of the Going Merry to save the crew, and the ship burns while protecting them from Wilder's powerful heatwave. Once Luffy recovers, he reactivates Gear 4 and defeats Wilder.

One Piece Premier Show 2017

In 2017, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of One Piece Premier Show at Universal Studios Japan, this show was inspired by Summit War Saga. Another story is about a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and a protector of Tomoshibi Island, Hakuto, who also bonds with Ace and teamed with the Straw Hat Pirates to fight against the BIG Pirates.

One Piece Premier Show 2018

In 2018, the Straw Hat Pirates tried to stop the Bounties Pirates, Prize and Bounty, who have the goal of getting the highest bounties in history, from killing all of the kings at Levely using a poison gas bomb developed by Caesar.

One Piece Premier Show 2019

In 2019, the show featured the Straw Hat Pirates reuniting with Bentham to escape Maze Island from Vice Admiral Balzac and his Prisoner Unit to go to the Pirates Festival.

The show begins with the Straw Hat Pirates singing a song. Bentham is then reintroduced as the queen of Level 5.5 in a music number. The narrator explains that Balzac was planning to use Impel Down's prisoners and guards to destroy the Straw Hat Pirates. On Maze Island, Comb, Glass, and Balzac come together and receive a transmission from Kizaru. Balzac details his plan to destroy the crew, and Kizaru signs off. Glass summons Hannyabal and Magellan, and Comb introduces the Impel Down prisoners who will make up Balzac’s Prisoner Unit: Diamante, Lao G, Smash, Bürst, Dandy, and Chameleone.

The Straw Hat Pirates and Bentham appear together and begin fighting Balzac and his unit. Sanji clashes with Glass while Bentham exchanges blows with Dandy. Zoro fights Comb. Smash and Diamante fight Brook and Nami, and Chopper, Usopp, and Robin fight Chameleone and Bürst. Franky fights Lao G. For his fight with Balzac, Luffy uses Gear Fourth Boundman and defeats Balzac using Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun. As the crew leaves Maze Island, Kizaru appears to stop them, but Sabo arrives to intervene. Luffy and Sabo combines their powers to use Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk and Hiken on the admiral, forcing Kizaru to retreat. Luffy tries to bring Bentham with them as they leave, but he decides that he cannot leave Level 5.5 and his Newkama followers behind. They go their separate ways, with Bentham returning to Impel Down and the Straw Hat Pirates heading to the Pirate Expo.

One Piece Premier Show 2021

From August 6 to October 31, 2021, the show featured the Straw Hat Pirates and Law in an original story in Wano Country. Ace and Rosinante also appeared. The show was originally planned to run from July 3 to September 27, 2020,[4] but it was delayed to summer 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.[5]

The Straw Hat Pirates have infiltrated Wano Country to defeat Kaidou, but a suspicious foe is after Luffy and Law. A former officer of the Donquixote Pirates, Kardia, is searching for an opportunity to take revenge on them for defeating Doflamingo. Kardia hunts down the crew using the power of the Nibi Nibi no Mi, a Devil Fruit that grants the power to produce the appearance of the deceased, as if reviving them.[6]

One Piece Premier Show 2022

In 2022, the show will tie into the story of One Piece Film: Red and feature the Straw Hats fighting the Age Age Super Marines led by Yehudi on Soil Island. The show will also reenact moments from the crew members' pasts.[7]

The Straw Hat Pirates are heading to the island of music, Elegia. On the way there, they stop by Soil Island, where the Age Age Super Marines led by Yehudi plan to confront them. Yehudi decides to show his power to the Marines by executing a the Straw Hats Pirates and a former Warlord of the Sea on a live broadcast. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats meet two boys named Shirotsu and Kuroba who made a promise together when they were young. However, the boys go their separate ways before the conflict between the Straw Hat Pirates and Age Age Super Marines begins.[7]


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  • The show takes place at the Waterworld arena at the park.


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