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One Piece Premier Show is an annual event at Universal Studios Japan based on the story of One Piece. The event first premiered in 2007. The shows feature pyrotechnics, special effects, stunt work, mapped projections with 3D elements directed by Visual Effects Supervisor Maks Naporowski.[1]


The show primarily focuses on singing and dancing rather than story-telling, along with musical sections allowing for interactions with the crowd. Members of the crowd are also picked out to participate in mini games.[2]


The One Piece Premier Show features a different plot with each event.

One Piece Premier Show 2007Edit

In 2007, the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at the Atolls and set for a battle against Deacon and Buggy.

Deacon and his subordinates Ox and Crown come to Atolls, a water fortress, and take control of it by force. Hidden there is a treasure at the bottom of the seabed, including a golden necklace. As Ox and Crown begin searching, Buggy appears to find information about the treasure. On the other side of Atolls, the Straw Hat Pirates dock. Luffy is taste-testing food for Sanji on board the Going Merry when he discovers a golden necklace among uncooked fish they had caught. The Buggy Pirates creep aboard their ship and try to secretly cause rifts between the Straw Hat Pirates' members. When a fight breaks out among the crew, Deacon and Buggy try to steal the treasure. The crew devises a strategy to use Nami as a decoy to hunt down Buggy. Buggy tries to attack them with his Buggy Balls, but he gets ambushed by a group of birds and is left with only his head, hands and feet. When Deacon sees Nami holding the golden necklace, his emotion changes. He reveals that the necklace was a keepsake of his mother's and that the town sinking under Atolls is his hometown, and Nami gives it to him. The Buggy Balls that Buggy had set up explode and cause Atolls to collapse. Deacon is caught in the explosion and disappears into the sea with his mother's necklace.

One Piece Premier Show 2010Edit

Disco plans to capture Boa Hancock to make her a highlight of his Auction House. He and his subordinate Nepenta trick her by telling her that Luffy was inviting her and capture her and other members of the Kuja. Marguerite flees and runs into Luffy and his crew, asking them for help. Disco holds a special sale at the Auction House and invites World Nobles Charlos and Shalria, who are excited to see Hancock and spend a lot of money to purchase her. The Straw Hat Pirates try to save her, but Doflamingo appears and blocks them. He uses his abilities to manipulate the crew to right each other. After attacking Doflamingo, Brook disguises himself as an auction clerk and successfully rescues Hancock, but he is capture in the process. Hancock runs to Luffy and is pleased to see him, but Doflamingo demands that Luffy exchange her for his cremated. He manipulates Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper and Franky to attack Luffy. Ace appears to help Luffy, and they save the rest of the crew.

One Piece Premier Show 2011Edit

In 2011, the Straw Hat Pirates throw a party on their ship when they come across a Navy Base. They also come across Ivankov and the Kuja Pirates led by Hancock. The two begin to compete over the right to join Luffy's party. They compete using their knowledge of the crew and their physical strength. Suddenly, lightning strikes, and Enel appears. In addition, Arlong and Spandam appear as part of a Fish-Man Marine Alliance to exact revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates. Nami and Robin are taken away by the pair from the rest of the crew, and Luffy and the others chase after them. They follow them to Charlos and Shalria, who tricked Enel into capturing the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy is captured using Seastone handcuffs. Bentham, who had been captured previously, helps Luffy escape and saves the hostages. The Straw HAt Pirates defeat Arlong and Spandam and chase a fleeing Charlos. The three admirals Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru appear before them. However, Bentham disguises himself as a member of the Marines and tells them to withdrawal due to Charlos being in serious condition. With the admirals gone, Luffy confronts Enel and defeats him.

​One Piece Premier Show 2012Edit

In 2012, the Straw Hat Pirates were on a mission to stop Chameleone from taking over Samba Island that was once controlled by Whitebeard. But with the help from Marco, they aimed Chameleone before he can take control of the Island.

​One Piece Premier Show 2013Edit

In 2013, the Straw Hat Pirates set sail on the last sea "New World" reaches Paradise Island, famous for "KANAEMA - SHOW". "KANAEMA - SHOW" is a contest competing for performance such as dance and martial arts, and the one of pirates has participated for the huge winning prize money. Meanwhile, kidnapping cases also occurred frequently around Paradise Island, and G-5 such as Smoker was also under investigation. The conspiracy of Lambor Bukini hosting 'KANAEMA-SHOW', Trafalgar Law that captured the secret movement of Donquixote Doflamingo behind it. Luffy and his crew who fall into a stalemate by the absurdity of the "devil fruit" ability of Lambor Bukini on this island where the capabilities intersect complicatedly.

One Piece Premier Show 2014Edit

In the spring of 2014, the plot saw Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates being kidnapped by Disco by order of Donquixote Doflamingo and being sold to the World Nobels. [3]

In the summer of 2014, the plot featured the Straw Hat Pirates and Trafalgar D. Water Law working together against the DX Marines (Smash and Bildy), Eustass Kid, Boa Hancock, Rob Lucci, Hody Jones, Crocodile, Buggy, and Galdino.[4]

One Piece Premier Show 2015Edit

In 2015, the plot focused on the bonds between Portgas D. Ace, Sabo and Monkey D. Luffy.[5] The Straw Hats battled the three scientist brothers (Bonbon, Burst, and Misutta) with the help of Sabo, Koala, Kin'emon, Bartolomeo, and Cavendish.[6]

​One Piece Premier Show 2016Edit

In 2016, the show featured various stories such as Sanji leaves Baratie to join the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro's battle against Mihawk, and Shanks gives Luffy his hat when Luffy was a kid. With new characters such as Vice Admiral Wilder and Pokke.

One Piece Premier Show 2017Edit

In 2017, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of One Piece Premier Show at Universal Studios Japan, this show was inspired by Summit War Saga. Another story is about a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and a protector of Tomoshibi Island, Hakuto, who also bonds with Ace and teamed with the Straw Hat Pirates to fight against the BIG Pirates.

One Piece Premier Show 2018Edit

In 2018, the show feature Nefertari Vivi making her first appearance, including the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Bounties Pirates (Bounty and Prize).

One Piece Premier Show 2019Edit

In 2019, the show feature Bentham, including the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and Vice Admiral Balzac.

One Piece Premier Show 2020Edit

In 2020, the show will feature the Straw Hat Pirates and Law in an original story in Wano Country. Ace and Rosinante will also appear. The show will run from July 3 to September 27, 2020, though these dates may change due to the coronavirus pandemic.[7]


One Piece Premier Show 2007
One Piece Premier Show 2007.
One Piece Premier Show 2011
One Piece Premier Show 2011.
One Piece Premier Show 2012
One Piece Premier Show 2012.
One Piece Premier Show 2013
One Piece Premier Show 2013.
One Piece Premier Show Spring 2014
One Piece Premier Show Spring 2014.
One Piece Premier Show Summer 2014
One Piece Premier Show Summer 2014.
One Piece Premier Show 2015 Poster
One Piece Premier Show 2015.
One Piece Premier Show 2016
One Piece Premier Show 2016.
One Piece Premier Show 2017
One Piece Premier Show 2017.
One Piece Premier Show 2019
One Piece Premier Show 2019.
One Piece Premier Show 2020
One Piece Premier Show 2020.
Punk Hazard One Piece Premier Show
Punk Hazard stage.
One Piece Premiere Summer Pamphlet
One Piece Summer Premier Promotion
Promotional gallery from the website.
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Portgas D. Ace rendering from the website.
One Piece Premier Show 2015 Logo
One Piece Premier Show 2015 Logo.
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One Piece Premier Show 10th History Book
One Piece Premier Show 10th Anniversary History Book


  • The show takes place at the Waterworld arena at the park.


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