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One Piece Premier Show 2017 is a live show that was performed at Universal Studios Japan’s WaterWorld stage from June 30 to October 1, 2017.

Short Summary

After the Summit War of Marineford and the Payback War, the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates scattered. A swordsman Hakuto from Ace's 2nd Division returns to his home of Tomoshibi Island, where a lighthouse flies Whitebeard's flag and a fire that Ace had lit still burns. The BIG Pirates come to the island, led by Bad One Gracie. Gracie worships Blackbeard as "Admiral Teach" and wants to destroy the remainder of the Whitebeard Pirates for him. Coincidentally, the Straw Hat Pirates stop at Tomoshibi Island at the same time. Luffy and his crew meet Hakuto and learn about his friendships with Ace, and they decide to help Hakuto defend the island from Gracie. Gracie uses his Ute Ute no Mi abilities to produce pistols and cannons everywhere, firing off shells one after another. His subordinate Neiro, uses his abilities to turn the Straw Hat Pirates fat, but they burn it off and continue to fight. Not afraid of death and driven to destroy Whitebeard's crew, Gracie fights the Straw Hat Pirates and Hakuto, but the BIG Pirates are defeated.[1]

Long Summary

There are two prefaces to the show. In the first, Franky and a group of dancers perform a musical routine. In the second, Neiro and Noir explain Gracie’s hatred for the color white and all things white. For example, he hates white bean paste and milk but likes black bean paste and coffee.

The show begins with a voiceover narrating Ace’s capture and escape with Luffy and Ace running away from the Marines and posing together centerstage. The two run off, and Teach appears on the upper bridge of the venue. His crew appears in the audience, and Marco, Jozu, Vista, and Izou appear at different spots on the stage, commencing the start of the Payback War. Marco is leading the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates against the Blackbeard Pirates, but the BIG Pirates have come to assist Teach. He spawns guns out of the water and fires his Great Rifle, scattering indiscriminate bullets. He is considered a big name to be fighting under Teach by the Whitebeard Pirates. Hakuto uses Spectral Slash to save Vista from Gracie, but Gracie spans a cannon from a wall and uses Great Cannon at them. The fight takes a turn for the worst for the Whitebeard Pirates when Teach uses his Devil Fruit powers.

Flash forward, the Straw Hat Pirates are running from and fighting off the Marines. They use Coup de Burst to escape to a nearby island. Luffy goes off by himself on the island and notices a fire at the top of it. He sees Hakuto being pursued by Pirates and overhears him mention Ace. Hakuto fights the pirates, and Luffy jumps in to help as Hakuto protects the flame at the top of the island’s tower. The enemy pirates realize who Luffy is and flee. The rest of the crew catches up to Luffy, and Nami scolds Luffy for running off. Hakuto realizes who Luffy is as well and apologizes, explaining that he used to serve under Ace in the Whitebeard Pirates. He apologizes for not being able to save Ace and for the injuries Luffy’s took during the Summit War of Marineford, but Luffy forgives him because he tried his best.

Hakuto and the people of Tomoboshi Island come together for a feast to welcome their guests, serving their island’s famous meat and sake. Luffy and Zoro enjoy the delicacies, and Hakuto and Luffy sit next to each other to talk about Ace. Sanji wants to talk to the island’s women but is hugged by a friendly male islander, annoying him. The islanders sing a song to the crew, which Robin explains is about giving thanks. Luffy refuses to give up his meat to Zoro or Hakuto, who both want some, and he claps with his feet to the song while he eats. Franky worries about the Thousand Sunny, so he and Chopper leave to check on it.

Meanwhile, Gracie dismisses a subordinate for trying to give him white daifuku. Neiro gives him black coffee instead. Neiro has to hold it for him because Gracie’s hands are guns. They believe that the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates are on the island, and Gracie decides to hire Germa 66 to help exterminate them.

Luffy asks Hakuto what happened to the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates, and Hakuto asks him if he knows about the Payback War. The scene changes to a flashback of Hakuto fighting off invading pirates. He chases one away from a young woman, and Ace appears on the island’s tower. Ace asks Hakuto if the island is his hometown and offers to fight with him. After the two defeat the pirates, Hakuto asks to join Ace’s division but worries about not being able to protect Tomoboshi Island if he leaves. Ace lights a fire in the tower and declares the island his territory. Marco tells Ace that he will get in trouble for claiming territory without Whitebeard’s permission. Whitebeard comes out, and though Ace apologizes, Whitebeard agrees to offer protection because the island’s alcohol is good. Hakuto explains Thatch’s murder to Luffy, and another flashback begins. Hakuto asks to go with Ace to pursue Teach, but Ace goes off on his own. Hakuto tells Luffy that the tower’s fire is a testament to the fact that Ace defended the island, and they both look at the flames. Hakuto believes that the Whitebeard Pirates will reunite again one day.

Suddenly, explosions occur around the celebration. The BIG Pirates attack Luffy and Hakuto, but Luffy mistakes their name for the “Pig Pirates”. They realize who Luffy is, and Hakuto rushes them. Noir attacks Hakuto’s blind spot before biting Brook and Usopp, revealing that he is a mink. Brook reacts with his 45-degree angle gag. Luffy and Zoro confront Neiro, but he turns the whole crew obese with his Cholesterol Ring Attack. He explains that he ate the Pocha Pocha no Mi, a fruit that allows him to make others obese and reduce their athletic ability. Sanji is angry that Neiro did such a thing to the crew’s ladies, and Zoro cannot pull his swords out of their sheaths. Franky and Chopper return from the Thousand Sunny, and Franky uses his Nipple Light to stop Neiro from using his abilities on Hakuto. Usopp recalls his time on Boin Archipelago and calls out to Heracles. Brook begins to cry, and when Franky asks why, the skeleton shares that he is happy to have flesh on his bones for the first time in 50 years. Zoro wants to burn the fat off with fire, but when the others warn him against it, Sanji sticks a cigarette in his forehead. Luffy can barely move around, and Gracie praises Neiro. He tells Hakuto he will put out Ace and calls Hakuto and his crew cowards for failing to save Ace. Luffy tries to punch Neiro, but he easily avoids it. Hakuto gets angered by Gracie’s criticism, but Franky uses Coup de Boo to make the BIG Pirates retreat before they can attack Hakuto.

Franky leads the crew in a dance routine to get back into shape, and Hakuto runs while the crew is preoccupied, swearing to protect Ace’s fire. The crew burns off the fat and returns to normal, but they realize that Hakuto is gone. He runs to Ace’s flame to protect it and finds Gracie. He draws his sword, but Gracie shoots at Hakuto, knocking him on the ground. Luffy comes to his aid, and Neiro is confused about how his abilities did not work. Luffy says that he digested the fat like meat, and he fights Neiro and Noir, pushing them back. Gracie calls in the Germa 66, protecting him with Wall. Burgess also appears in the background to watch. Zoro and Sanji fight the Germa while Luffy helps Hakuto stand. The rest of the crew arrives to fight the Germa and BIG Pirates.

Zoro confronts Neiro, who steals two of Zoro’s swords to put in his collection. Neiro uses Cholesterol Ring Rebound to reduce his body fat and create a near-body of steel to become stronger. Zoro defeats him with only a single sword, and Neiro says that he loves white daifuku. Noir bites and hugs Sanji, which the latter hates. Sanji gets him off with Sexy Fire and defeats him with Koi no Meteor Strike. Noir falls while saying that he loves soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Gracie calls Neiro and Noir pathetic for being defeated, and Luffy confronts him. Gracie reveals that he had awakened his Devil Fruit and covers the entire island with cannons. He bombards the crew with gunfire, using Great Four-Way Firing, and Luffy gets knocked down by the attack. Hakuto tries to protect Ace’s fire from the onslaught, but he fails and the fire goes out. Luffy gets back up to fight Gracie but is forced to his knees after being riddled with bullets. He is reminded of Ace’s death at Marineford and stands back up, ready to fight Gracie. Hakuto attacks Gracie with Spectral Slash to stop his firing, but Gracie declares that they have lost for failing to protect Ace’s fire. Luffy declares that he will protect the island, and Ace’s spirit appears, relighting the fire. Hakuto’s sword glows blue, and Luffy uses it and Ace’s flames to light his hands on fire. He attacks Gracie with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk and defeats him.

Luffy reunites with his crew, and Hakuto bows deeply to thank him. They all throw a party, and the scene flashes back to a similar party thrown by the Whitebeard Pirates. Burgess talks to Teach on a Den Den Mushi in the background, planning to attack Baltigo. Ichiji and Niji do not care about Gracie’s defeat after getting paid, and they leave for Whole Cake Island. Sabo and Koala appear at the tower, having had pursued Burgess from Dressrosa. They look at the fire, and Sabo sheds a tear for his brother’s legacy before leaving.[2][3][4]


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Staff List

One Piece Premier Show: Marionette
Executive Producer Mike Davis
Show Director Kaoru Kanaya, Yuda Takumi
Stunt Trainer Jun Yoshitake, Naoki Ogura
Stunt Director Peter Nelson
Stunt Coordinator Kris James
Live Saver Toru Suganuma, Akira Imamuro
Producer Taro Mineuchi, Makoto Ishida, Yagi Yutaka
Costume Coordinator Tomoe Nagao
Coordinator Hiromi Nishihara, Masako Furukawa, Nobuo Sasaki
Technical Director Tomoyoshi Nishimura, Keiichi Umei, Hiroyuki Nishida, Hideki Kozomi, Koji Ueda, Yoshinori Kobayashi
Production Stage Manager Ryunobu Matsuo, Nakano Akira, Aya Murakami
Projection Designer Bart Kresa, Vincent Rogozyk, Illana Marks
Projection Coordinator Shogo Iwamoto
Operation Techincal Director Shinya Tari, Kunihiko Ohashi, Satoshi Magata
Lighting Designer Tadashi Matsumura
Lighting Vendor Shunsuke Noda
Action Coordinator Takaka Suzuka
Assistant Tamie Omori, Junko Akimoto
Projection Engineer Tomoya Tani, Michiharu Senoo
Pyro Designer Shimofuku Fumito, Kazunobu Imada
Pyro Operator Yusuke Kuroda
Props and Costumes Vendor Fumitsu Murase, Shinichi Wakasa, Toshiya Tomita, Yasuaki Mizuno
Costume Vendor Hirosumi Saito
Technical Vendor Hitoshi Yoshida, Masayuki Wada, Tetsuya Sakagushi, Hideki Kusanagi
Sound Designer Yoshikazu Sakamotoman
Special Effect Vendor Honda Osamu, Toshihiro Enoki, Hiroshi Tsuta, Saki Suzuma, Dosei Akira, Miho Matsuo
Audio Technical Toshihiro Nakatsu
Lighting Technical Takayuki Fukushima
Operation Stage Manager Takehiro Nobuhiro, Eri Yamashita, Kyoko Sakamoto
Creative Assistant Naoya Nishimura, Tetsuya Miyoshi
Jet Ski Maintenance Hideki Oki, Katsumi Koyama, Takahiro Kawasaki, Hironori Morita, Takeo Tanno
Techincal Hayato Mukumoto, Yoshihiro Kanda, Yutaka Taniguchi, Makikawa Akinori, Yoshida Ace, Kyosuke Obata, Morita So, Hideyuki Narahara, Nakagawa Nobuhiro, Tomoya Maehata, Yuki Sato, Yuka Hara, Nishiyama Taiji, Satoshi Matsuo, Katsuhiko Matsushita, Yoshihiko Kubo, Hazuhiko Shimada, Noboru Ido, Taijiro Yoshida, Yasuhiro Terashita, Satoshi Yasuda, Takashi Mabe, Yukinari Yagi, Toru Yagi, Yoshiharu Mochizuki, Akinori Tanaka, Ai Hashimoto, Kenji Matsuda, Hirofumi Matsumoto, Sakai Noriten, Takeshi Saraike, Junpei Tominaga, Takahiro Iwamoto, Takanori Kishishita, Atsuhiko Ishido
Set Designer Yukiko Sasaki
Structure Calculation Tadashi Kitani, Toshiyuki Kakimi
Operation Daisuke Hamana, Nei Aya


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