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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
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One Piece Ready-Made Mugiwara Theater Figure ~Jingi-nai Time~ (ワンピース 組立式ワンピース麦わら劇場フィギュア ~仁義ないTIME~ Wanpīsu kumitate-shiki wanpīsu mugiwara gekijō figyua ~ jingi nai taimu ~?) is a Banpresto figure series dedicated to the Straw Hat Pirates as depicted in the Jingi-nai Time omake. It was released as three different sets of three figures each. Figures are about 10 cm tall and were available as prizes in Japanese UFO centers.

The term Ready-Made (組立式 Kumitate Shiki?) means that no paint application but minor assembly is required. Each figure comes with two parts: a main body and a pedestal.




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