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One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure is a video game that was released on the Sony PlayStation Portable. It starts from the East Blue Saga and covers up to the Marineford Arc.


The gameplay style is similar to that of other RPGs. Players can use action commands during battle to make their attacks more powerful. It is also turn-based. It uses turn-based battles and action commands that help guide the player. The player commands the protagonist Luffy and other characters that are in his crew. The characters level up, and the player can strengthen attacks by obtaining points. All characters and enemies are from the One Piece series and play the same roles as seen in the source material. Cutscenes are told in a manga style.

Thirty minutes of brand-new anime was included. People who pre-ordered the game received a map for the special quest with Aokiji as seen in One Piece Film Z.[1]

A port of the game on the Nintendo 3DS console was announced in 2013.[2] In November 2013, the game was released in Europe for the 3DS. In February 2014, it was released in North America.[3] The game was released in physical form and as a download game on the Nintendo eShop. The 3DS version also has a limited edition release that includes the game itself in a special holographic package.





Common Enemies



The game contains a reanimated version of important scenes of the anime up to the Marineford Arc.


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