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Genius Student Council Presidnet is the third volume of One Piece School, including chapters 10 - 13 and one bonus chapter.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover has a yellow background. The logo is light blue and yellow, and the author's name is pink.

The cover displays Luffy in the center, with Nami and Zoro to his left and right, respectively. In front of him stand the members of CP9, with the exception of Spandam.

One Piece School Volume 3 Illustration
Illustration on page 3
One Piece School Volume 3 Back Cover
Back Cover
One Piece School Volume 3 Inside Back Cover
Inside Back Cover

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
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Chapter 10[]

Cultural Festival 〜Main Festival Arc〜
The students of Class 1-1 participate in the cultural festival, and try to win the competition for best stall. However, Vivi collapses from exhaustion, and the other students have to try their hardest to win before she transfers to a new school.

Chapter 11[]

Cultural Festival 〜Closing Party Arc〜
Cobra visits the festival, telling the students of Class 1-1 that if they win first place, he won't force Vivi to switch schools. They win second place, but Luffy convinces the Student Council to allow multiple first place winners, letting Vivi stay at the school.

Chapter 12[]

New World Middle Hunting Monster
An unknown person is attacking the students of New World Middle School. Meanwhile, the students of Class 1-1 go to an arcade, meeting a new student named Hattori Hyoutta. However, when Luffy, Zoro, and Nami go to the bathroom, he reveals himself as Lucci, the Student Council President, and punishes the other students for breaking the school rules. When the three others return, they prepare to fight Lucci, defending their friends.

Chapter 13[]

Genius Student Council President
Lucci convinces the staff that Luffy attacked him, and they call the police. The students begin fighting, and the rest of the Student Council members arrive to back up Lucci, while Crocodile and Mihawk arrive to back up the Class 1-1 students. All the students prepare to have an all-out fight.

WJ Business Trip Edition: Law-kun's Secret[]

Gaimon brings rescue animals to New World Middle School, and the Class 1-1 students take care of them in Trafalgar Law's operating room. When he kicks them out, they accidentally leave a dog behind, which Law begins secretly taking care of. However, he's shy and closes off his room, causing the teachers to think that he's planning on destroying the school, and they (with the Student Council attack, destroying his room. He protects the dog, and Luffy ends up naming him "Onigiri".


Title Pages
Class 6's Daily Life
Brook's Short-Term Study Abroad

New World Middle School Uniform Talk: Conformity Discussion[]

New World Middle School Uniform Talk: Conformity Discussion (新世界中学校制服談義せいふくだんぎ, Shin Sekai Chūgakkō Seifuku Dangi se ifu kudan gi?) is a bonus section that focuses on the New World Middle School uniform. It is narrated by Mr. Kuzan Aokiji.


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