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Entrance Ceremony is the fourth volume of One Piece School, including chapters 14 - 18.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover has a light yellow background. The logo is pink and yellow, and the author's name is light blue.

The cover displays Luffy punching towards the camera, with Trafalgar Law and Onigiri to his side. Behind him are Boa Hancock, Eustass Kid, and Killer.

The inside cover adds the Doskoi Panda mascot standing behind Hancock and Kid, and Koby on the right, with a shocked expression.

One Piece School Volume 4 Illustration
Illustration on page 3
One Piece School Volume 4 Inside Back Cover
Inside Back Cover

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
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Chapter 14[]

Decisive Battle!! Student Council
The First Year students, along with Crocodile and Mihawk, fight off the Class 1-1, managing to defeat them.

Chapter 15[]

I'm Hungry
Vivi is able to prove Luffy's innocence using a Tone Dial of Lucci admitting to his fake police report. When the Class 1-1 students are later eating lunch, they are joined by Student Council members, as well as Crocodile and Mihawk. The Student Council reveal that other schools are attempting to target New World Middle School to try and achieve the title of "Grand City's Most Powerful", as well as the aim of the Student Council: enforce the rules as much as possible and block any potential weaknesses. They also reveal that one of the "Seven Seniors", Donquixote Doflamingo, might be secretly working with other schools, though they haven't been able to confirm it.

Chapter 16[]

Middle School Empress Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock, with the Kuja Girls Junior High students, comes to New World Middle School to try and get close to Luffy. However, her meddling only ruins Luffy's fun time at school, and she resolves to become closer another way.

Chapter 17[]

Kid-kun's Hundred Good Deeds
Eustass Kid is told by a student fortune teller that if he does not accomplish 100 good deeds, he will die. However, he is unable to perform them, and Trafalgar Law offers to put him through the school's "re-education program". Kid, Luffy, and the other Class 1-6 students participate, which causes radical shifts in their personalities and turns them from delinquents into model students. However, as Kid completes his 100th good deed, he is attacked by a group of other students, and returns to his normal self.

Chapter 18[]

Entrance Ceremony
Nami and Usopp tell Koby about the New World Middle School entrance ceremony, and how Zoro and Sanji developed their rivalry.

The night after the ceremony, Buggy had manipulated the two into getting into a fight, planning to defeat them both at the last second and become the "leader" of the classroom. However, at the last second, Luffy arrived, stopping Buggy.


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Student Council Advisor! Spandam Sensei!!


  1. One Piece School Volume 4: Shueisha

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