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One-on-One is a sixth volume of One Piece School, including chapters 24 - 28.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover has a white background, with the title written in a blue-turquoise gradient. The author's name is written in light blue.

The cover displays Edward Newgate and Crocodile fighting, with Donquixote Doflamingo laughing behind them. Monkey D. Luffy stands in front, making a shocked face and wearing a copy of Donflamingo's glasses.

One Piece School Volume 6 Illustration
Illustration on page 3
One Piece School Volume 6 Inside Back Cover
Inside Back Cover

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
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Chapter 24[]

The Town's Charisma, Joker (街のカリスマジョーカー, Machi no Karisuma Jōkā?)
While Crocodile and Whitebeard prepare to battle, the students of Class 1-1 investigate the Student Council's claims of Donquixote Doflamingo attempting to bring New World Middle School to ruin. They meet him, but are won over by his charm, concluding that he may not be as evil as he seems. Meanwhile, the Student Council investigates a video about a student attacking people while claiming he can't control his body, with Lucci observing that it may be due to the Ito Ito no Mi.

Chapter 25[]

Outbreak of War (開戦, Kaisen?)
The students of Class 1-1 are informed of the battle between Crocodile and Whitebeard by Law. They rush to the beach to participate, not wanting to ruin their reputation, and witness the arrival of Baroque Works and the Moby Dick School. After a bit of banter, the battle begins.

Chapter 26[]

Battle Royale (大乱戦, Dai Ransen?)
The battle between the Moby Dick School and Baroque Works begins in full force, with Baroque Works getting backup from New World Middle School students. Ace arrives to help Whitebeard, but Crocodile distracts the Whitebeard's forces with the New World Middle School backup and attacks Whitebeard directly.

Chapter 27[]

One-on-One (一対一サシ, Sashi?)
Whitebeard and Crocodile begin their duel, and the fighting around them stops as the other students watch. However, Whitebeard is attacked from the sidelines by Donquixote Doflamingo, who reveals that he orchestrated the entire fight. He then tries to convince the New World Middle School students to gang up on Whitebeard. When they refuse, he argues that they do not live up to their title of "Worst School," before he is attacked by Crocodile, who is angry he interfered in the duel. Whitebeard offers to leave himself open to attacks from all students, and prepares a massive swing of his naginata, as Doflamingo prepares to use the opening.

Chapter 28[]

Win and Lose (勝ちと敗け, Kachi to Ma?)
As Whitebeard prepares his strike, the New World Middle School students and Donquixote Doflamingo attack him with their full strength. However, he simply ignores all the attacks, unleashing his blast and throwing them all back. Hurt from the attack, Doflamingo withdraws, warning Whitebeard that he will come back to destroy the Four Emperors. Crocodile withdraws as well, stating that he has no will to fight Whitebeard when he is injured.

Elsewhere, Rob Lucci gets in trouble with the New World Middle School administration, as he was unable to stop the battle. While talking over the events with the rest of the Student Council, he reveals that Doflamingo was in league with Onigashima Middle School, but since Whitebeard survived the battle, they will still be stuck in limbo.

Meanwhile, Arlong and the swimming club return from the national contest, revealing they won.


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