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Ruffian is the seventh volume of One Piece School, including chapters 29 - 33.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover has a pink background, with the logo in red and yellow. The author's name is written in blue.

Luffy stands in the center of the cover in his physical education uniform, with Uta and Yamato flanking him and the Flower Capital in the background. In front of him, Zoro and Tashigi stand shoulder-to-shoulder, looking at each other through the corner of their eyes.

One Piece School Volume 7 Illustration
Illustration on page 3
One Piece School Volume 7 Inside Back Cover
Inside Back Cover

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
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Chapter 29[]

Transfer Student (転入生, Tennyūsei?)
Uta transfers to New World Middle School, joining Class 1-1. Jealous of her closeness to Luffy and her overall popularity, Hancock quickly develops a one-sided rivalry with her; however, after working together to score a goal in soccer, she calms down and seems to get over it.

Chapter 30[]

Student Teacher (教育実習生?)
Aiming to recover all the Meito in possession of bad students, Tashigi joins New World Middle School as a teacher-in-training. However, on her second day, she trips and gets handcuffed to Roronoa Zoro, and the two of them discover a secret lab under the school run by the science teacher, Caesar Clown. With the help of an accidental distraction by Luffy, Tashigi manages to handcuff Caesar in Seastone cuffs and exposes his plan of poisoning the students and teachers.

Chapter 31[]

Oni (, Oni?)
The students of Class 1-1 go on a summer study camp to the Wano Country. While touring the country, they get into a fight with students of Onigashima Middle School, but are saved by Yamato. He reveals that after becoming friends with Ace, he has decided to transfer to New World Middle School, and wants to join both Class 1-1 and Ace's class in the Moby Dick School. However, before he joins, he warns them that his father, Kaidou, intends to wage war between New World Middle School and Onigashima Middle School.

Chapter 32[]

Ruffian (ならず者, Narazumono?)
The Class 1-1 students, now joined by Yamato, continue touring Wano Country. Yamato gets approval to transfer from Mr. Aokiji, and other New World Middle School students enjoy their own study camps across the Wano Country. Meanwhile, Kaidou attacks other schools, preparing an army. That night, while studying with their classmates, Robin notices that Mr. Aokiji has been absent for too long. Usopp and Vivi go to check on him, but mysteriously disappear.

Chapter 33[]

Classmate (クラスメイト, Kurasumeito?)

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Uta's After School Sometimes Gordon

Yamato's Secret Tools for Visiting the Wano Country's Capital[]

Yamato's Secret Tools for Visiting Wano Country's Capital (ヤマトのワノ都おでかけ秘密道具, Yamato no Wano-to o Dekake Himitsu Dōgu?) is a segment where Yamato covers the four tools he uses to run away from Onigashima Middle School. These four tools include:

  • The Kaidou Alarm (カイドウアラーム, Kaidou Arāmu?), a small alarm created by the school's engineering department that rings when Kaidou returns to the school.[2] It is one of Yamato's "must-have" items when going out. The alarm is blue, and is powered by one AA battery.
  • The Voiced Niseyamato (ボイス付き二セヤマト, Boisu-tsuki Siseyamato?), a doll of Yamato that he leaves in his futon when he runs away. It includes a voice box made by the school's technical department, and is accurate to Yamato's height. It is capable of saying "I'm sleeping" (僕は寝ているよ, Boku wa nete iru yo?).
  • The Yamato Maru, the ship Yamato uses to run away. Yamato found it washed up on the shore of the school, and disguised it as a cargo ship.
  • Fireworks given to Yamato by Ace. They are used to distract guards, if needed.


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