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One Piece Shirts is a series of custom patterned clothing created in collaboration between Viz Media and Original Stitch. The custom clothing was announced and first sold on March 16, 2022.[1]


Its initial release, the East Blue Edition, features 30 fabrics that customers can apply to two shirt styles, face masks, and bandanas.[2] A lookbook titled ONE PIECE × ORIGINAL STITCH Special Look - EAST BLUE EDITION - was released alongside the first collection, featuring pre-built products customers could buy as is. This lookbook was shot by Munehiro Hoashi and showcased models Amuru, Alaas, and Victoria Reton. Hair and makeup were done by Yuki Oshiro and Shino Ariizumi respectively.[3]

The series' second release became available for sale on May 18, 2022. It is a two-part collection: Winter Island and Alabasta. Winter Island introcudes four fabrics, while Alabasta includes 14 fabrics. Alongside the new fabrics, an additional product type, cushion covers, were released.[4] A lookbook titled ONE PIECE × ORIGINAL STITCH Special Look - WINTER ISLAND / ALABASTA EDITION - was released alongside the second collection, featuring the new fabrics in presented in various shirt styles. This lookbook was also shot by Munehiro Hoashi and showcased models Mads, Yuki Matsushima, and Kate O. Hair and makeup were done by Yuki Oshiro.[5][6]


East Blue Edition

One Piece Shirts The Going Merry.png
The Going Merry.
One Piece Shirts Luffy.png
One Piece Shirts Zoro.png
One Piece Shirts Nami's Dot.png
Nami's Dot.
One Piece Shirts Sanji's Cooking.png
Sanji’s Cooking.
One Piece Shirts Black Cat Pirates.png
Black Cat Pirates.
One Piece Shirts Sanji's Stripes.png
Sanji's Stripes.
One Piece Shirts Chopper’s Stripes.png
Chopper's Stripes.
One Piece Shirts Arlong.png
One Piece Shirts Usopp's Thin Check.png
Usopp's Thin Check.
One Piece Shirts Sanji.png
One Piece Shirts Alvida.png
One Piece Shirts Argyle Chopper.png
Argyle Chopper.
One Piece Shirts Luffy's Dot.png
Luffy's Dot.
One Piece Shirts Usopp Pirates.png
Usopp Pirates.
One Piece Shirts Nami.png
One Piece Shirts Chopper.png
One Piece Shirts Usopp.png
One Piece Shirts Buggy.png
One Piece Shirts Giant Slingshot Kabuto.png
Giant Slingshot Kabuto.
One Piece Shirts Straw Hat.png
Straw Hat.
One Piece Shirts Morgan.png
One Piece Shirts Wise-Saying.png
One Piece Shirts The Straw Hat Crew.png
The Straw Hat Crew.
One Piece Shirts Zoro's Sword.png
Zoro's Sword.
One Piece Shirts Baratie.png
One Piece Shirts Krieg Pirates.png
Krieg Pirates.
One Piece Shirts Coco Village.png
Coco Village.
One Piece Shirts Zoro's Wise-Saying.png
Zoro's Wise-Saying.
One Piece Shirts Nautical chart, Nami.png
Nautical chart, Nami.

Winter Island

One Piece Shirts Winter Island Wise-Saying.png
Winter Island Wise-Saying.
One Piece Shirts Dr.Hiriluk.png
One Piece Shirts Lapin.png
One Piece Shirts Chopper's Cotton Candy.png
Chopper's Cotton Candy.


One Piece Shirts Laboon.png
One Piece Shirts Crocodile.png
One Piece Shirts Vivi.png
One Piece Shirts Robin Fleur.png
Robin Fleur.
One Piece Shirts Kung-Fu Jugongs.png
Kung-Fu Jugongs.
One Piece Shirts Vivi's Paisley.png
Vivi's Paisley.
One Piece Shirts Mihawk.png
One Piece Shirts Baroque Works.png
Baroque Works.
One Piece Shirts Ace.png
One Piece Shirts Bon Clay.png
Bon Clay.
One Piece Shirts Pell.png
One Piece Shirts The Straw Hat Crew in Desert.png
The Straw Hat Crew in Desert.
One Piece Shirts Alabasta Wise-Saying.png
Alabasta Wise-Saying.
One Piece Shirts Robin.png

Plain Fabrics

  • White
  • Saxe
  • Yellow
  • Khaki
  • Navy
  • Black
One Piece Shirts White Fabric.png
One Piece Shirts Saxe Fabric.png
One Piece Shirts Yellow Fabric.png
One Piece Shirts Khaki Fabric.png
One Piece Shirts Navy Fabric.png
One Piece Shirts Black Fabric.png

Product Types

This collection includes four product types:

  • Casual Shirts are roomier, loose-fitting shirts.
  • Relaxed Hawaiian Shirts have a boxier shape. They are suitable for more motion and can be used as an overshirt.
    • Both shirt types start at $100 USD for adult shirts and $85 USD for kids' shirts.
  • Face Masks and Bandanas each come with a choice of four colored mesh linings, in medium or small sizes. Masks cost between $18-19.50 USD, while bandanas cost $18 USD.[2]
  • Cushion Covers are square pillowcases that come in either 18-inch or 20-inch sizes. They cost $39 USD and $41 USD respectively.
One Piece Shirts Casual Shirts.png
Casual Shirts.
One Piece Shirts Relaxed Hawaiian Shirts.png
Relaxed Hawaiian Shirts.
One Piece Shirts Face Masks.png
Face Masks.
One Piece Shirts Bandanas.png
One Piece Shirts Cushion Covers.png
Cushion Covers.

Mugiwara Store POPUP

A POPUP shop event series was announced June 10, 2022, to be held in One Piece Mugiwara Stores across Japan. It featured a variety of pre-made One Piece Shirts products, as well as a collection of new miscellaneous goods, the "ONE PIECE" x Original Stitch series, using the same fabrics.[7] The collection was released for sale in-store on June 9, 2022 and online on June 16, 2022. It includes the following products:[8]

  • Mini eco bag
    • Types: Straw Hat, Baratie
    • Price: ¥1,540 (tax included)
  • Eco bag
    • Types: Luffy's Dot, Usopp Pirates
    • Price: ¥1,650 (tax included)
  • Drawstring purse
    • Types: Morgan, Alvida
    • Price: ¥880 (tax included)
  • Cleaning cloth
    • Types: Luffy, Zoro, Chopper, Sanji, Sanji's Cooking, Wise-Saying, The Straw Hat Crew, Zoro's Wise-Saying
    • Price: ¥550 (tax included)
One Piece x Original Stitch Mini Eco Bag.png
Mini eco bag.
One Piece x Original Stitch Eco Bag.png
Eco bag.
One Piece x Original Stitch Drawstring Purse.png
Drawstring purse.
One Piece x Original Stitch Cleaning Cloth.png
Cleaning cloth.


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