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One Piece Soundtracks[]

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Title Important Appearance Time
Ace Luffy declares that he is Ace's brother in Marineford.[1] 01:13
Sad tone music rarely used in the anime. Using violins, chore singers and other instruments, it gives away a tone of determination and will.
After eating, Grand Line! Used in Law's Speech about the new Era after the Marineford Battle.[2] 02:20
Arrangement with strings, accompanied by flutes in the first part and drums and brass in the second.

The first part is hopeful and soothing. It usually plays in scenes that show the main conflict of the recent plot being solved. The second part has a feeling of determination and foreshadowing to it and is often played at the very end of an episode when there is a cliffhanger.

Angry Franky trying to stop Puffing Tom.[3] 02:08

A fairly jazzy number with electric bass, finger snapping, piano and synthesizer. As the name suggests it is played during serious conversations when one party is annoyed or mocking the other. It is splits in two parts, the first being used more often than the other. The first part gives a more menacing-bad situation idea to the viewer, while the second the idea of a situation of big importance and deep trouble.

I'm Here With You Too At the end of the episode, when Luffy is standing on top of the courthouse and the rest of the Straw Hat crew catches up to him. They walk forward to stand beside Luffy and face Robin and CP9, signifying their determination to challenge the assassins to save her.[4] 02:08

Beginning part has high-pitch violins and is soothing, about 30 seconds in more of a bass sound begins. Has a high feeling of determination and the introduction of a battle theme.

Can't escape, fight Don Krieg is defeated (1st part)-Luffy starts attacking Krieg (2nd part)[5] 03:06
A fanfare kind of piece. The first part is playing during the climax of a fight when the protagonists are already sure to win and during take offs from an island.

The second part is also used during fights, when things go to the main casts favor.

Chopper's past Kureha talks to Nami about Chopper's past, asking if they (the Straw Hats) can cure the hole in his heart.[6] 02:03
A melancholic, dramatic tune mainly with guitar, bells and piano; supported by an echo effect. Basically one motive played over and over with slightly different accompaniment. As the name suggests it is played during Chopper's serious or sad flashbacks.
Koby's speech Plays as Koby makes a speech at the Summit War of Marineford on how the marines and pirates should stop fighting.[7] 01:04
A quite tune that builds up over the song. Uses violins and stringed instruments. Used to build the solemn tone of the speech. It is very serious.
Desperate Situation Used almost every time there is a suspenseful or rough battle/scene. A good example of this is the Aokiji vs Doflamingo fight.[8] 04:19
Uses drums and synthesizers to produce a serious but elusive tone. Uses the flute and violin later on. There are hints of a trombone near the end. Also uses the bass.
Difficult Shanks and Whitebeard clashes their weapon and divided the sky into two.[9] 03:20
Orchestrad dramatic tune by trumpet, sax, and compilation of orchestrad instrument.
Dr. Hiriluk Used when Dr. Hiriluk makes a speech about being a doctor.[10] 01:40
Consist of a flute beginning with a piano and violin later on. Uses chimes and trumpet near the end.
Explosion, Sonic wave Used in the Skypiea Arc frequently. One specific example is when the "monsters" appear.[11] 01:51
Uses trumpet, violin, trombone, drums, to build a tension set tone. Very serious and meant to build up suspense. Uses piano later on.
Facing the Admirals Luffy facing the Marine Admirals and previously used when Whitebeard 's coated ships surface at Marineford[12] 01:18
Grand soundtrack, used when a built-up feeling of positive emotion is to be presented to the viewer. 
Fierce battle! Zoro Vs. Sanji This is used often when Zoro and Sanji have an argument or fight. A notable example of this is One Piece Film: Gold. 01:57
An intense piece that uses the electric guitar, synthesizer, and drums to build a heated song. This builds up the serious but playful mood when used.
Fight back Used rarely, mainly when Sanji unleashes his fury at an opponent after either long awaited revenge or rescue. Possesses a jazzy theme meant to excite viewer.[13] 02:32
Uses sax, snaps, drums, bass, piano, and trumpet to make a classy Sanji theme song.
Fury 03:23
Giant Stronghold, takeoff 02:52
Golden and oden 02:31
Gomu Gomu is ineffective 01:12
Gomu Gomu no Bazooka 04:01
Huge reversal Luffy 01:23
I'm becoming the Pirate King 02:10
Luffy's fierce attack / Luffy moukou Luffy stops Rayleigh from telling him more about One Piece.[14] 01:08
Pumpimg up music often used in battles,or other scenes with a lot of suspence and action.Using various aerophones and drums it gives a actioned-filled sensation to the viewers.
Marines attack the village 01:01
Mezase 05:00
Minato Mura Shanks and Mihawk celebrate Luffy's fledgling pirate career.[15] 1:02
A light-hearted ragtime piece often played during celebrations and/or following intense battles. (Usually heard during the epilogue of an arc, though it was also heard during the gift exchange between the Whitebeard and Roger pirates.[16])

Composed using only a piano.

Mother Sea Going Merry 's funeral[17] 3:24
Sad tone music often used in flashbacks or emotional moments. Composed using various instruments like piano, violin, xylophone and what appears to be a flute and a harp.
One hour evacuation 2:13
Overtaken Walk to Arlong Park[18] 2:00
Suspenseful music used mainly during noteworthy entrances (Franky House and Arlong Park as stated above)

Composed of various instruments such as drums (or other percussion instruments), various trumpets and violins

Overtaken 2 1:06
Pirate 3:33
Pirate 2 1:01
Run Away 2:01
Sanji in a big pinch 1:03
Senseless war 0:44
Shichibukai 1:53
Shizuka Na Ikari 1:26
Straw hat counter attack Shanks arrival at Marineford. 1:26
The the the strongest/The Very, Very, Very Strongest Zoro and the others infiltrate Enies Lobby on Rocketman 01:49
Battle type theme used on scenes made to have big impact for the viewers. Composed of violins, drums and pandeiro, it makes the viewers interested in the scene and adds a struggling or winning feeling to the one watching. It is one of the most recognizable soundtracks in the anime.
Three Towers 1:28
Battle type song. Usually used during battles with CP9. (Commonly referred to as Cipher Pol 9).
To the Grand Line Bon Kurei's sacrifice at Impel Down[19] 3:45
Umi no namamono 3:24
Woonan and Ganzo
(ウーナンと岩蔵, Ūnan to Ganzō?)
Brogy's last stand[20] and Hannyabal's speech to Luffy[21] 2:04
The song is named for Woonan and Ganzo. It is often played during sad moments or behind speeches.
Usopp! It's dangerous 3:09
Zoro vs. Sanji 1:57


Arashi mo Areba Hoshi mo Aru Momonga kills a Sea King while waiting to see Boa Hancock[22]

Movie soundtracks[]

Title Important Appearance
The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle
The Marine Swordsman's battle Cry A notable soundtrack used in The Cursed Holy Sword. It was also used as an effective tension-builder when Marineford's preparation for the upcoming war was revealed.
Karakuri castle-Deploy
Karakuri castle-Transform
Luffy vs. Ratchet Round 1

Before Luffy uses Gear 4 for the first time during his fight with Doflamingo.

In the middle of one of the fights between Luffy anc Lucci when Luffy is trying to get up.

Usually used in the middle of a fight nearing the end of an episode.
Luffy vs. Ratchet Round 2



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