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One Piece Straw Hat Pinball -Marineford Summit War- is a mobile pinball game released for Android on June 6, 2013 and iOS on July 10, 2013.[1] A trial version for PC was available on the game’s website.[2] Service for the game ended on November 29, 2015.[3]



The player takes control Monkey D. Luffy (and later Portgas D. Ace) in the form of a pinball. The player starts the game with 5 lives, and their score is accumulated in Beli.png as their bounty. The game stops once the player loses all lives, halting the story’s progression.[4]

The game functions like a standard pinball game with flippers at the bottom, bumpers interspersed on the playfield, drop targets, and enemies from the series as bash toys. Each enemy has a fixed amount of HP that is reduced when struck by the pinball. Some also have special abilities, like Smoker producing smoke bash toys to protect himself or Sakazuki walking down the playfield after Ace is freed. The playfield also includes canons that shoot cannonballs in a fixed line to intercept the pinball. The canons can be destroyed if hit by the pinball.[4]

This game differs in that a Slot Bonus!! (スロツトボーナス!! Surotsutobōnasu!!?) can be activated by hitting three spots on a slot. This bonus will trigger a corresponding effect linked to Luffy or one of his allies. Different bonuses are triggered by landing the pinball in the drop targets.[4]

One Piece Straw Pinball can connect to One Piece Moja! to compete online for high score rankings.[3]

Slot Bonuses

  • Monkey D. Luffy (Gigant Rifle) – Luffy’s pinball increases in size for 15 seconds, dealing more damage to enemies.
  • Luffy (Haoshoku Haki), Drop Target – Luffy’s pinball splits into 5 balls.
  • Buggy – Buggy spawns on the playfield as a bash toy that will give extra points to the player for hitting him.
  • Crocodile – Crocodile uses his sand to damage the main enemy and prevent it from attacking for 10 seconds.
  • Boa Hancock – Hancock launches a heart at the main enemy, dealing large damage.
  • Jinbe – Jinbe uses his Fish-Man Karate to place water in the outlanes, preventing the pinball from falling down them.
  • Emporio Ivankov – Ivankov gives one additional life to the player.
  • Marco – Marco prevents the player from losing a life when falling off the stage.
  • Buggy/Hancock/Edward Newgate, Drop Target – Damages all enemies on the playfield.
  • Portgas D. Ace, Drop Target – Ace’s pinball increases in size for 15 seconds, dealing more damage to enemies.

Story Progression

The plot is a condensed version of the Marineford Arc. In the first stage of the game, players fight Gecko Moria, Smoker, and Dracule Mihawk. In the second stage, they fight the three admirals. In the third stage, they fight Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku. After Luffy frees Ace, Ace fights Sakazuki again on the second field, which now has its own plunger and shooter lane.[4]


Pinball Characters

Slot Bonus Characters

Bash Toy Characters

Cutscene Characters


One Piece Straw Pinball App Icon.png
One Piece Straw Pinball's app icon.
One Piece Straw Pinball Menu.png
The game's start menu.
One Piece Straw Pinball Stage 1.png
The game's first stage.
One Piece Straw Pinball Stage 2.png
The game's second stage.
One Piece Straw Pinball Slot Bonus.png
Hancock's drop target Slot Bonus.
One Piece Straw Pinball Ace Freed.png
Ace after being freed by Luffy and Galdino.


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