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One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense is a tower defense game released on Android and iOS on August 8, 2013. Service for the app was terminated on November 29, 2015.[1]


Players take control of over 100 characters including the Straw Hat Pirates and wipe out waves on enemy pirates attacking their base.

Players can customize their deck to prepare for battle in the Deck Room (デッキルーム Dekkirūmu?), choosing different members of the crew to use. Each unit can be leveled up to become stronger, and they have special moves that use up different point values, called “WP”. Special moves require players to perform different commands, like making a circle on their phone’s touchscreen.

During play, players will place their units and weapons on the map to stop enemies from entering the base. Bases have a fixed amount of HP at the beginning of each level. The rounds of enemies can be stopped by tapping Stop (停止 Teishi?). Players can switch speeds by tapping Constant Velocity (等速 Tōsoku?) or Acceleration (加速 Kasoku?). In-between round pauses can be skipped by tapping Skip (スキップ Sukippu?). When stopped, players can select Deathblow (必殺技 Hissawwaza?) to use a special, Depress (さげる Sageru?) to quit, or Return (戻る Modoru?) to go back to the previous options.

For each stage, players can choose to play on Easy, Normal, or Hard mode. Completing the stage on different difficulties will increase the player’s final score multiplier. Scores are calculated by the number of enemies defeated, the highest combo scored by a unit, the length of time it took to defeat them all, and the difficulty level multiplier.

The features three modes: Episode Battle, Pirate Dispatch, and Endless Battle. Episode Battle (エピソードバトル Episōdo Batoru?) follows different locations visited by the crew, and the story spans from the Orange Town Arc to the Fish-Man Island Arc. Arcs are released in paid packs. Pirate Dispatch (海賊派遣 Kaizoku Haken?) allows players to control defeated enemies to collect items. Endless Battle (エンドレスバトル Endoresubatoru?) is a continuous battle mode where players can compete for a high score.[2][3]

Players can also look at their collected units and weapons in their Reward Box (報酬ボックス Hōshū bokkusu?) and Treasure List (トレジャーリスト Torejārisuto?) and view their score in Score (スコア Sukoa?).

If players have both One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense and One Piece Moja!, they can compare high score rankings with other players online.[4]


Placeable Units



  • Big Hammer
  • Laser turret
  • Spinning flail
  • Squid-like turret

Story Arc Packs

Base Game

Pack 1: Adventure Beginning Pack

Pack 2: Drum Island/Arabasta Pack

Pack 3: Sky Island/Water 7 Pack

Pack 4: Summit War Pack

Pack 5: NEW WORLD Pack


One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense App Icon.png
One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense's app icon.
One Piece Straw Wars Start Screen.png
One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense's start screen.
One Piece Straw Wars Deck Room.png
The Deck Room
One Piece Straw Wars Orange Town.png
One Piece Straw Wars Buggy.png
One Piece Straw Wars Drum Island.png
One Piece Straw Wars Wapol.png
One Piece Straw Wars Crocodile.png


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